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Wonder Painter – Tech Podcasts Network Best of CES 2020 Award

Wonder PainterThe Tech Podcasts Network team awards its TPN Best of CES 2020 Award to Wonder Painter.

As a kid, almost everyone imagined themselves as the protagonist in their favorite stories. Heck, most adults do it when they read. However, those picture books never actually feature your face, right? Wonder Painter has created a technology that can directly bring any drawing or photo to life. The technology can allow publishers to use the reader’s drawing or photo as an integral part of their storytelling experience.

Imagine a story about two kids going on an adventure – it’s a fairly standard kids book concept. However, using Wonder Painter’s technology, that story can feature you and your best friend as the kids going on said adventure. During the story, the two of you need a horse to get across a large field. Simply draw your own horse and the drawing comes to life as your transportation. This is nearly every kid’s dream scenario and it is now a possibility.

The company has published a few demo apps to the Apple App Store to show off the basics of what their technology can do. While these demos are a ton of fun, the really important part is the technology. It is available in a platform-agnostic way, making it possible to build for the web, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and more. The company licenses this technology to content creators to allow them to make their own products and services more interactive. They are currently working with LG, Baidu, Alibaba, and more to make interactive applications a reality.

If you want to see the technology in action, check out the Wonder Painter apps in the App Store or the company’s website. You can also learn about the SDK, Cloud service, and ask for a private demo of the development tech.

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Grabbing pick up game has never been easier than with Javelin Sports

Javelin Sports Game FinderSo many of us live for sports. We love to watch and cheer on our favorite teams, and we also love to play. Getting out and active is important for so many reasons. It helps to keep us fit, of course, but it also keeps us engaged in social settings with like-minded peers. The benefits of getting out there and staying active are important to our physical, mental and emotional well being. So whether your favorite sport to play is basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball or any/all of another myriad of athletic choices out there, you’re going to love this next app.

Maybe you are new to the city and don’t have your usual crew to meet up with for a quick game. Or maybe your work schedule has changed and that is keeping you from being as active as you would like. Justin Ford, Founder and CEO of Javelin Sports has just the solution that will bring you closer to your goals and will connect you with players of any sport you wish. Javelin Sports is a mobile application designed to help users find sports leagues as wells as pick up games in their area to fit their busy schedules.

Justin discusses how he felt it was becoming more and more challenging to stay active playing the sports that he had come to fall in love with. He decided to work with his co-founder, Coleman Chan to develop an easier way to keep up with your active life with an easy outlet to join leagues and meet sports enthusiasts in your local community. Javelin Sports includes cool features such as being able to chat with your teammates, receive game notifications, schedule your games on your own time, as well as sharing your experiences with your friends that may want to play.

Javelin Sports is currently live in Toronto, Canada on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. To find out more about this application, you can visit their website.

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4-channel podcasting on iPad, iPhone, and Mac with Griffin Technology’s StudioConnect HD

Griffin Studio Connect HDProduce your audio podcast from home or remotely from your iPad or computer with StudioConnect HD. Griffin Technology—a leader when in accessories for home, mobile, and technology—recently launched an exciting new product that will bring your podcasting into a new level.

The StudioConnect HD is an all-in-one audio interface with two TRS/XLR combo inputs, where each inputs is its own individual channel, allowing the StudioConnect HD to support multi-track recording. Each inputs also has its own gain knob and phantom power. At the back of the unit are a 5-pin MIDI connection, a USB MIDI connection for USB keyboards, and balanced stereo output for studio monitors. The StudioConnect HD is compatible with iOS (30 pin & Lightning) and OS X (USB), with future support for Windows. Plus, you can use not just your laptop or iPad, you can also use your iPod Touch or iPhone, making it even more convenient when you air your audio podcast.

Using the two stereo inputs, you can record 4-channel audio by selecting which instruments you want to use from the left and right stereo inputs. This also allows you to use multiple instrument or microphones at the same time with this USB 2.0 device. And with only $199.99, you can already own this audio interface starting this Fall. Learn more about StudioConnect HD and see how it can take your podcasting into a new height.

Interview by Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast.


ARIN on the Update of IPv6

ARIN IPv6John Curran from American Registry for Internet Numbers (known as ARIN)  joined us to update the IPv6 sphere. This is a crossover from IPv4 (which is running out of IP addresses) to IPv6  which offers more IP addresses than we can use. Many countries have run out of IPv4 addresses which they have to port through a gateway, which will slow down a website.

In June, IPv6 was turned on with many providers. Some of the top content is IPv6 enabled. Mobile phone data is IPv6 enabled – which are individual IP addresses. These phones are also backwards compatible.

Comcast is rolling out IPv6 (for example). If you are using an IPv6 device on the system you can turn it on and see your device run faster.

To learn more about IPv6 and for you to lobby manufacturers – www.ARIN.net


Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Nicholas Dimeo of F5 Live

Ride with Style and Hop on a Zboard, the Electric Skateboard

The Zboard, another Eureka Park work of art, is made by Intuitive Motion and is a new, fun way to travel. It’s a skateboard that is powered by a motor, but more importantly, is controlled by your feet. Simply lean on the front foot pad to accelerate and the back foot pad to brake, and how fast or slow you go is all dependant by how hard you press on the pads. The idea for Zboard came to the team while they were brainstorming for their senior project for the University of Southern California. One of the co-founders said he was tired of having bikes being stolen and was over having to push a skateboard around the hills and annoyingly uneven streets of Los Angeles. The Zboard is like a skateboard, except it’s faster and easier to ride, and it’s much more portable than a bicycle. You can reach speeds of up to 17MPH but when you ride it, it makes you feel like The Flash.


Video by Allante Sparks of F5 Live.

Energenie Power Packs for Smartphones

Energenie logoIf your smartphone is not an Apple product, you may be in luck to be able to use the standard micro-USB connector for your power. This ergonomic adapter from Energenie combines a 1400 mAh or 2000 mAh power pack with a stick on surface and a holder that’s ideal for use on a train or during a flight to watch a video or play games. If oil and fingerprints accumulate on the surface, a quick clean with soap and water will restore the tackiness of the surface. The company also has portable power packs up to 40,000 mAh.
TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Jaime Davis, .


ION has Gadgets for Many Types of People, Whether You’re Musical or Practical

ION Duo Deck Portable Turntable
ION Duo Deck Portable Turntable
ION introduced a bunch of products at the 2013 International CES. Some of the highlights include the DuoDeck, which is small and extremely portable turntable, where the vinyl record is larger than the device itself. This gadget is great for sampling, runs on batteries or USB power and needs no additional wires or drivers to work.


Something else ION debuted at CES was AirCopy, a world’s first and something that makes you wonder why it wasn’t invented sooner. It’s a wireless scanner that generates its own Wi-Fi network so users can send any image over to their tablet or computer without needing to connect to an actual Internet network, or without having to load them into a computer, then sideload them to a mobile device. Call up the app from any device, slide the document in and off you go. It simply runs off a rechargeable battery that can charge via USB and gives you about four hours of use time in about half the time to charge and it works across almost every platform, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.

Chrysler Introduces Via Mobile Package, Brings Integrated Life Into Your Vehicle

Chrysler Introduces the Via Mobile Package
Chrysler Introduces the Via Mobile Package

Talking with Chrysler at CES this year inside of a 2013 Dodge Ram took us on a very cool journey. Chrysler Group introduced the Via Mobile package, which allows full Internet radio into your vehicle from your phone. AM/FM, HD Radio and SiriusXM are all included, as expected, except Chrysler will be the first to offer the fully merged and integrated SiriusXM lineup into their vehicles with exclusivity for a limited time. There is also a media hub available in the center console. A USB port, SD port, aux port, USB charge-only port and Bluetooth streaming all compliment the 8.5″ resistive touch screen that resides in the dashboard.


Enhancing the experience is a brand new navigation system that takes up the entire screen, complete with 3D models, pan-and-zoom, traffic (through SiriusXM). One cool, subtle feature that brings the entire nav together is called One-Step Destination Entry, where you can use your voice and give a command in one breath, such as “Navigate to (address).” You can also give the system points of interest, which commands such as “Find Nearest (name of place).”

Apps, with Buttons

What’s cool about the Apps Button is that all of your embedded apps, plus all of the apps from your phone, are displayed together through the dashboard screen, fully integrated using the Via Mobile package. Apps like iHeartRadio and more all connect to the dashboard, forcing the phone to turn off when the vehicle is in motion, which reduces distracted driving. Chrysler has partnered with Sprint as well and has embedded a 3G radio into their 2013 vehicles. With that, pressing the 911 button will take you immediately to a 911 dispatcher and not to a call center and queue. Better yet, it’s using Sprint’s integrated signal to make the call without tying up your cell phone line. Using the Assist app will display three different call centers: roadside assistance, uConnect to answer questions about your online account and smartphone app and the vehicle-specific call center to answer questions about problems you may have with your vehicle.

No announcements on timing, vehicle availability or pricing has been announced yet, but Chrysler said to stay tuned for news on that very soon.

Video by Scott Ertz of F5 Live.

TVman Wireless DTV Tuner by Dediprog

TVman Do you want to watch over the air TV on your laptop or tablet while traveling, then the TVman Wireless DTV Tuner by Dediprog maybe what you are looking for. It is a digital TV receiver that allows you to watch over the air TV. It transfers the signal to any computer or tablet by Wi-fi. So there are no extra wires to carry around. The cord is the antenna. Because it doesn’t depend on 3G connectivity you get a full high def signal. Unlike other options available now which depend on the 3G signal and are often compressed. Dediprog distributes the product themselves and also through other vendors. They expect to sell it in the US for around $100.00. It is available now in Japan and South America. They hope to have it available in Europe within 3 months and the US by end of the year.

Dediprog also showed off a second item which combines the wireless DTV tuner with 3G. The device can be used as a mobile hotspot or a digital TV receiver. Dediprog is trying to build partnerships with various mobile service providers which would provide the 3G connectivity. They also need to get FCC approval for both devices.

Both products are small enough to fit into a man’s front pocket. You carry them with you and as long as there is an over the air signal available you can watch TV. Not sure how long the battery last or how far the wi-fi signal travels. I expect you need to be in the same room as the device, but that is an assumption on my part. Both products will works with Android, iOS and Windows. I would love to get a hold of the device to test it, to see what kind of signal it picks up

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Steve Lee of Wave of Tech


Skifta by Qualcomm

Skifta Qualcomm which is known for its silicon and wi-fi technology for handsets and tablets is spreading into software and service. One of the consumer products they are currently developing is called Skifta. It is a media shifting platform which works through DLNA-certified and UPnP -compatible devices. DLNA protocol has been around for about eight years. Most TVs today which are over 36 inches and Internet enable are DLNA capable. The Web site of your TV’s manufacture should let you know if your TV is DLNA capable. DLNA is a nonprofit trade organization which enables the sharing of digital media between various consumer devices by defining interoperability guidelines. Because DLNA is a nonprofit organization they don’t have the money to spend on advertising and promotion, so its adoption has been slow but steady. The growth of the Smart or Connected TV market has help to increase its popularity over the last 12-18 months. Its biggest rival is Apple’s Air Play.

Qualcomm was showing off its software platform Skifta at CES 2012, which works with the DLNA platform. Think of Skifta as Airplay for Android. Once Skifta is installed on your Android device, it will go out and find any DLNA enabled device including TV’s, computers and the Playstation. You can then sending any media that is available on your network to that device. Skifta also gives you access to various Internet providers including Revision3, Ted Talks, Facebook and others.

Qualcomm is also developing a Skifta audio adapter which you attach to a receiver that is not DLNA enable and enable it. They are also making a DLNA platform that can be installed easily by the manufacture into a receiver. I installed the Skifta application on my Android phone and it almost immediately connected and found the media on my network. Once I set up an account it also let me pick up media from Revision3 and Ted Talks among others. Unfortunately I don’t have a connected TV, so for me its use is limited, but I love its possibilities.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Steve Lee Wave of Tech