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Familink makes a truly connected photo frame for families @ CES 2023

Familink Connected Photo FrameDigital picture frames are not a new product category. In fact, they’ve existed nearly as long as LCD screens have been affordable. However, as time has gone on, new features have been added to these products in order to make them easier to use for those to whom we really want to give them. The biggest issue has been giving a photo frame to an older member of the family and never being able to change the photos. The team at Familink looks to fix that with a truly connected device.

What is Familink?

Familink is a company that specializes in creating products that allow families to share photos. In particular, the company focuses on allowing family members to share photo experiences with their older loved ones. There are currently 2 product offerings for the company: The Magazine and The 4G Photo Frame. The Photo Frame is the product that was shown off at the show this year. It is a traditional digital picture frame, but with a few added features.

Familink’s 4G Photo Frame is a great way for families to make sure that their elderly loved ones are able to enjoy photos even when they don’t have access to the latest technology. With its simple setup and easy use, it’s an ideal choice for those who may not be tech-savvy. As a bonus, it’s also a great way for families to stay connected even when miles apart.

Why choose Familink?

Firstly, the frame works without Wi-Fi, making it perfect for elderly individuals who may not have access to such technology. However, if the family member does have Wi-Fi at home, then the frame can be connected to that network instead of relying on cellular connectivity.

Secondly, it is made ready to use right out of the box and requires minimal setup. This is ideal for a family member who is technically challenged. If everything is ready to go right out of the box, it means that there is no need for a phone call or a trip to visit just to help setup the frame.

Thirdly, it has an automatic switch off at night so that you don’t have to worry about it running all night long. This is a feature we have begun to see in smart screens, allowing the screen to reduce power consumption as well as ambient light created within the house.

Fourthly, the photos are displayed instantly and can be changed from any smartphone or tablet via the Familink app. This allows family members from around the world to send new photos to the screen to update your family on their lives. The updates can also be done without installing an app, by either sending photos to a special email address or even through Messenger.


The Familink team looks forward to continuing to bring innovative solutions to families everywhere and connecting families together in ways that have never been done before. In today’s world of technology, it’s nice to have a product that allows us to keep the important people in our lives close even when they are far away. To learn more about the company or to purchase the frame for $149, you can go to the company website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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TWT Audio makes durable headphones for music and gaming @ CES 2023

TWT Audio Durable HeadphonesWhen you work with audio hardware, you know that it can be fragile. This is especially the case when you take something like headphones and put them into a public space, like a school, library, or gaming center. When people don’t have to pay for something, they don’t have a lot of respect for it. This is known as the tragedy of the commons. However, sometimes a company comes along to tackle these common issues, like TWT Audio.

Who is TWT Audio?

TWT Audio is a brand that designs and produces headphones. The brand started out in the educational space producing headphones for schools. The top challenge that they experienced in schools was the durability of the headphones. Kids didn’t have any interest in maintaining headphones that weren’t theirs, especially in an environment they might not want to be in. So, the company took on this challenge to help reduce costs for schools.

Today, the company has taken what it learned in the educational sphere and has applied it to the consumer market. By bringing the concept of durability to consumer headphones, they have entered into an interesting space that has been sorely lacking for years. In addition, the company also focuses on keeping the cost of the products down while also making them visually unique.

TWT Audio’s focus on design

The initial products from the product line are focused on standard headphone use – music and speech. These headphones are comfortable and durable, while also sounding great. But the company has another differentiator – modular design. Many of the products have the ability to replace the pieces that take the most damage through usual use. For example, if your ear cups wear out or start to shred, which they will, you can unclip them and replace them.

Another aspect of modular design is in the cabling. The cable itself can be removed, allowing you to replace it in the event the cable wears out. We know that these cables, no matter what you do to prepare, are going to wear out, so this is a nice option. However, it also gives the ability to change the type of cable. Want to hook up to a headphone jack? No problem. Connecting to a computer? That’s an option. Looking to connect to a Hi-Fi system? That cable exists, too. So, one headset to rule them all.

In addition to the standard audio headphones, the company is also releasing their Victory series – a line of gaming focused headphones. They feature the same focus on quality and durability, but with different tuning. Rather than tuning the headphones for speech and music, the Victory series is tuned for foley. Foley is an term for the physical sound effects in media, such as snapping celery to create the sound of a punch.

In this case, the tuning allows a gamer to hear things like gunfire and footsteps in more detail than other sounds. With that focus, a player can get a better feel for where another player is in relationship to themselves.


TWT Audio products are available for purchase now. Headphones range in price from around $20 to $180. To learn more about the company, you can go to its website. To purchase one for yourself, you can find them on Amazon.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Skyted is a noise isolation mask for calls and streaming @ CES 2023

Skyted Noise Isolation MaskToo often these days, we are forced into places that are not conducive to conversation. This is exacerbated when you’re on the phone or computer. This happens because microphones, in general, do not discriminate between sounds. These microphones pick up whatever sound they hear and push it to the other side of the call. In a loud area, this means it’s nearly impossible for the person on the other side of the call to hear anything you say. This is the problem that Skyted is hoping to solve.

What is Skyted?

Skyted is a headset, of sorts, intended to improve sound quality while in a loud environment. At first sight, it might appear to be a little odd. However, the design is well-tested for years. That’s because the device is modeled after the systems used on fighter jets. The device fits over the mouth as a full mask, allowing for sound to be isolated and directed toward the microphone.

Skyted is different than other headsets because it is designed to block out background noise. This means that when you are in a loud environment, such as a game center, or simply talking on the phone in public, your sound will be isolated and clear for the people you’re speaking with.

Other headsets may attempt to filter out environmental sounds, but they are limited in what they can do. With the Skyted headset, you can be sure that your sound is clear and crisp even in a loud environment.

Who is Skyted for?

One of the great strengths of Skyted is its versatility. Because the mask microphone is designed to work with Bluetooth, it can be used for a variety of purposes. The original purpose is to allow for public phone calls – limiting the background noise, but also preventing people around you from having to listen.

In the past few years, however, other types of public calls have become commonplace. in particular, Teams and Zoom calls have become a regular part of doing business, especially while traveling. But, working in public has become a normal situation, even for those not traveling.

In addition, gaming in public has become more common. Gaming centers, like our friends at STRYKE eSports in Tampa, are popping up in more places. Online gaming is enhanced by live chat, which is equally difficult in public. But, with the Skyted system, you can chat with other players without having to hide in a pod and without disrupting the gamers around you.

Another aspect of public speech where the Skyted can really be a benefit is streaming. Obviously, if you’re streaming a game in a game center, the benefits are clear. However, there’s a lot of In Real Life (IRL) streaming, where people stream their experiences with games outside of a studio. This applies to games like Pokémon GO, where you have to be in the wild to play. Once again, this device will help you isolate yourself from the people around you while streaming.


Skyted is planning to be made available through pre-orders starting in March 2023. To learn more about Skyted or to pre-order one for yourself, you can go to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Toniebox makes story and music time easier for young kids @ CES 2023

tonies kids' smart speakerChildren enjoy music and stories, but younger kids need help. Things like CDs or even streaming services require too much interaction and knowledge – plus they usually require a screen. This is where the Toniebox comes in, producing a smart speaker that allows kids to listen to music and stories on their own in a safe and easy way.

What is the Toniebox?

It’s an innovative audio system designed specifically for little listeners. With its soft, rugged construction and low-maintenance charging, Toniebox is the perfect companion for your child’s music adventures. It also comes with a select compilation of traditional children’s songs preloaded, so there’s no need to search through endless libraries of music!

Just turn it on and pop a Tonie on top, and your child can be off to explore the audio world! With its long-lasting battery life of up to 7 hours, you can be sure that Toniebox will keep kids entertained all day long. So, set your little ones free with this speaker – they’ll love it!

The Toniebox is a fantastic way to introduce children to music, stories, and sound effects in an interactive and engaging format. Get your kids’ imagination running wild with this fun and an easy-to-use audio system!

How does the Toniebox work?

Simply turn on the Toniebox and pop a Tonie on top. The device then automatically starts playing audio content from the chosen Tonie. If this is the first time that the Tonie has been placed on the box, it will go out to the internet and download the associated audio file. This means that you’ll need to be connected to the internet the first time you use a new Tonie. After that, the audio is stored on the Toniebox for future listening. In fact, the speaker has the ability to hold around 100 audio files and has an algorithm to determine what to remove based on how frequently and recently a Tonie has been used.

When your child is done listening, just take off the Tonie and the Toniebox will power down automatically. With its easy-on, easy-off charging system, you can be sure that your Toniebox is always ready for those long listening sessions. This makes it easy for the kid to use the box and not have to worry so much about charging.

What audio is available?

There are some great options available, including children’s songs, stories, and sound effects – so there’s something for everyone! The company produces a variety of Tonies based on existing and original characters. These characters include everything from Sesame Street to Disney to Peter Rabbit. Some of these Tonies have licensed content that already exists, while others have original content.

For example, the company has worked directly with the voice actors for several Sesame Street voice actors in order to create exclusive stories within the Sesame Street experience. The company also has its own characters available. This allows them to expand the offering beyond just licensing.


The Toniebox is currently available in several various markets. The starter sets run $100 which includes the Toniebox and a variety of Tonies depending on the set. Additional Tonies are available generally running at $15. Some of the more unique Tonies, such as the nightlight, cost more. To learn more about Tonies and the Toniebox, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Skinetic adds haptic feedback to virtual reality and more @ CES 2023

Skinetic Haptic Feedback VestPlaying a videogame is intended to extend the experience of entertainment into a more personal connection. With a movie or TV show or even a play, you watch what is happening and pretend to put yourself into the action. With a videogame, however, you are in control over the experience – sometimes in small ways and others in large ways. However, we’re still generally separated from the game in a variety of ways, but Actronika wants to bring you directly into the game experience with Skinetic.

Who is Actronika?

Actronika is a company specializing in haptic technology. While we all think of haptics as the phone vibrating when we touch it, there’s much more to the technology. In this case, the company focuses on a more high-definition version of haptics. The more focused technology allows for the creation of different haptic zones as well as different textures.

This technology has come together to form Skinetic – a haptic vest that can provide feedback during an entertainment session. The vest is able to replicate the sensation experienced by the character on the screen while not intentionally hurting the one experiencing it. The best part is that this is not limited to gaming. In fact, it can be used across nearly any type of entertainment.

Skinetic in gaming

The Skinetic vest is a perfect companion for gaming. When you’re playing a game and a grenade goes off nearby, being able to feel that explosion makes the game a more immersive experience. But, because of the detail of the vest, you can also have a smaller experience, such as being tapped on the shoulder.

While this seems like a perfect companion for traditional gaming, it’s even better for virtual reality. VR glasses are specifically designed to place you in a first person perspective for your entertainment experience. By adding Skinetic into the mix, the experience truly does become more personal as well as more immersive. The game can bring you into the action and leave you with more of a consequence for failure.

Skinetic in movies and television

While interactive entertainment is the most obvious place for Skinetic, it can also work well for passive entertainment. The inclusion of haptic feedback into movie and television can help to pull you more into the entertainment. In gaming, you’ll have consequences for your own actions, while in this example you’ll have consequences for the actions of the characters on screen.

How does Skinetic work?

Skinetic has to be integrated into the development of the entertainment experience. For example ,a videogame developer must know about Skinetic and build for it. Fortunately, we’ve already seen some big titles get on-board, including the VR experience Half-Life: Alyx, which many consider to be one of the definitive VR games.

Development is made easy, though. Unlike many gaming tools, Skinetic support can be built outside of the game.development tools, you can create and test the individual textures and feelings.ect and quicker development. Once you have your texture, you can import it into your game.

The vest is incredibly detailed in design. There are 20 action zones, meaning that if someone taps you on the left shoulder, you can feel it only on the left shoulder. This is something that sets it apart from other VR vests, in that the experience can be tailered to the game environment.


The Skinetic is still under development, but developers can get ahold of a prototyping kit or evaluation kit. For consumers, you’ll have to wait only a little while, as the pricut is intended to hit the market in May 2023. To learn more about Skinetic and Actronika, head over to the company’s website.

GlobalM is upgrading the way broadcasters transmit video @ CES 2023

GlobalM Television Streaming SystemIf you are trying to broadcast an event around the globe with multiple unrelated endpoints, the infrastructure can be difficult and expensive. Traditionally, this has required satellites and hard links on both the transmitter and receiver’s side. This means that smaller production houses would be unable to take advantage of the ability to transmit to a global audience and also prevent them from being able to receive these feeds, as well. GlobalM has taken this concept and moved it off of satellites and onto the internet.

What is GlobalM?

GlobalM is a point-to-multipoint content distribution platform that removes the need for satellite connections. It does this by utilizing SRT, a low-latency streaming protocol originally developed by Haivision. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to provide live streams to multiple unrelated endpoints around the world, allowing even small production houses to reach their desired global audience.

GlobalM also allows for the scalability of your network, which means that you can use one source pod and scale it up to multiple destination pods. Each stream destination will have its own unique SRT stream URI that you can use to access the broadcasted content. Moreover, GlobalM works with any encoder or decoder that supports SRT, as well as with its own integrated mobile app for iOS and Android.

How does GlobalM work?

GlobalM works by taking a single source stream and encoding it into multiple SRT streams that are sent to each individual receiving device. This means that the broadcaster is only sending out one stream, but it is being received simultaneously by every receiver in the network. The main benefit of this approach is that GlobalM can deliver low-latency live video with an extremely high picture quality even over long distances due to its optimized network topology.

Overall, GlobalM provides a great solution for event broadcasting on a global scale. It allows production houses to easily reach their target audience without having to worry about expensive satellite connections or hard links – all while providing low latency, high-quality streaming at a fraction of the cost. With its scalable network and integrated mobile app, GlobalM makes it easy to broadcast any event around the world.

Who is GlobalM for?

GlobalM is for any organization or individual wanting to broadcast their event to a global audience. It is perfect for live-streaming events such as conferences, sports tournaments, concerts, religious ceremonies, and more. With GlobalM, you can easily reach viewers around the world without having to worry about the cost and complexity of satellite connections. Moreover, it allows your stream to be delivered with low latency and high quality even over long distances due to its optimized network topology. Whether you’re looking to reach a large international audience or just stream a small event locally, GlobalM has you covered.


In short, GlobalM provides a reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use platform for distributing content to multiple unrelated destinations around the globe. With it, you can reach a larger audience with ease. GlobalM is available for broadcasters to use now. To learn more or get a demo of the technology, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Dog-E is the robotic companion you’ve been waiting for @ CES 2023

Dog-E by WowWeeIf you’ve been in the electronics world for a while, you know that robotic pets have been a popular product category for a long time. However, they generally come with some problems. Generally, they are too expensive, don’t do anything actually interesting, or both. One company has tried to tackle this problem for years and has hit upon a robotic companion that people will want – Dog-E from WowWee.

Who is WowWee?

WowWee has been around for a decade and is dedicated to creating unique robotic toys. The company is best known for the Roboraptor and Robosapien, which have both become iconic toys. These products created a new product category for kids and families, with the ability to interact with the robots and, in some instances, do some basic programming. However, the skill sets were still fairly limited, so, while popular, the devices remained niche.

What Is Dog-E?

Dog-E is a unique robotic pet that comes with a variety of personalities and temperaments for you to choose from. From the moment you begin interacting with your companion, it mints a unique personality just for you. And, as you continue to interact with it, the personality is revealed in bigger and more obvious ways. For example, the eyes might light up a particular color early on to indicate a certain characteristic. In addition, Dog-E’s tail has the ability to show personality traits through LED-powered icons.

However, if you would prefer to customize your companion, as opposed to using the one minted for you, you have the ability to change characteristics through the companion mobile app. Whether you’re looking for a licky & loving dog or one that’s protective & hungry – Dog-E has it all! It also features artificial intelligence so it can learn how to respond better to your commands the more it interacts with you. Plus, its adorable appearance makes it an irresistible companion.

Interaction With Dog-E

The best part of having a robot pet is that you get to watch as it develops its own unique personality and interacts with you in different ways. Dog-E comes equipped with a variety of sensors that help it interact with you, including touch sensors to detect when it’s being touched, infrared vision to bounce light off objects, and an array of microphones to pick up sounds. Once it starts interacting with you, Dog-E can become playful & energetic or sweet & lazy depending on your interaction style.


Dog-E is the perfect robotic companion for anyone looking for a pet that is both fun and interactive. With its customizable personalities and artificial intelligence, this product has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a licky & loving friend or one that’s protective & hungry – Dog-E has it all. Plus, its adorable appearance makes it an irresistible companion that you’ll love interacting with!

Dog-E is expected to come onto the market just in time for Holiday 2023 and will retail for $79.99. To learn more about Dog-E or pre-order your own robotic companion, you can head over to the product page.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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ION3 makes entertainment more real through scent technology @ CES 2023

ION3 Virtual ScentsWe’ve all seen movies where someone smells something, and it transports them to another time or place. Whether it’s the smell of freshly baked cookies that takes you back to your childhood or the smell of a summer rainstorm that reminds you of a romantic moment, scent can be a powerful trigger for memories. Now, thanks to OVR Technology‘s ION3, we can experience smell through our entertainment.

What is OVR Technology and how does it work?

OVR Technology’s ION3 merges the virtual reality experience with actual reality through scent. Using an ION3, users can attach scent capsules to their existing virtual reality headsets. When the user is in a particular environment or playing a game, the scent capsule will activate and release the chosen scent. This makes for a more immersive experience as you can smell and sense what’s happening around you like never before.

Imagine being in a cooking game, and while cooking, the game was able to produce scents to represent the virtual food being cooked. Or, in a game like Left 4 Dead, you can smell the environment around you. This would allow you to know when a zombie has approached you based on the strength of the scent. Or you can identify Special Infected because of a change in scent around you. Of course, the smell would not be pleasant, but it would be effective.

How does OVR Technology’s ION3 work?

The system uses a scent cartridge, similar to a printer cartridge. In this cartridge are what the company describes as the eight “core scent profiles.” From these 8 scents, a developer can create a large variety of scents in various strengths. The technology can be integrated into nearly any type of media type, including games and movies, enhancing the experience.

The scents are programmatically created, meaning that the application or media property must be involved in the creation of these scents. This means that developers, directors, and producers are going to have to buy into the concept in order to see this concept gain momentum.

Fortunately, the concept has a long history in entertainment – especially in live entertainment. If you’ve ever been to a theme park, you might have been on one of the 4D experiences. While the majority of the experience is based around a 3D movie, the enhancements come from air, water, and smell. These experiences are scripted and controlled under the constraints of the movie experience, making the technology a little easier.

However, OVR Technology’s ION3 has managed to take the concept and make it universally applicable outside of the controlled environment. In addition, they have made the technology small enough that it can be included into a home rig, but powerful enough to be included into professional experiences.


The ION3 from OVR Technology is currently planned to be launched publicly during 2023, though plans can always change. To learn more about the company, the ION3, and how this technology might fit into your life, you can head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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Bleujour MOVE Ultimate: The gaming PC for the traveler @ CES 2022

Bleujour MOVE UltimateBleujour unveiled a new PC that is sure to capture a rapid and steadily growing market: the traveling gamer. To be specific, the MOVE Ultimate gaming PC was specifically designed to be powerful, upgradable, and also portable! The MOVE Ultimate is built on Intel’s brand new Modular Computing Systems platform, the Intel NUC Elements Extreme, and Bleujour was sure to keep compatibility with long form-factor graphics cards in mind.

This PC is built to be mobile and part of that is possible due to being built on Intel’s brand new Modular Computing Systems platform, the Intel NUC Elements Extreme. This allows the MOVE Ultimate to have powerful components, giving the consumer choice of said components, and fitting them all into a small form-factor chassis. This design choice also allows you to have a powerful gaming and streaming PC that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk. We are becoming used to the idea of massive, powerful machines, stationary gaming machines but Bleujour is aiming to shake up those norms.


The MOVE Ultimate’s chassis was designed with a carry handle built right onto it. This along with being built small enough and light enough to be an easy carry-on for flights makes this the perfect choice for travelers. Streamers that like to stay on the move, military personnel that relocates frequently but loves to game, and tournament organizers that find themselves in different locations while needing their gaming rigs handy, this PC is built for you. Bleujour even added the option to have the handle built on with either a right-handed or left-handed orientation, but the handle is also optional entirely.

You may also notice the beautiful etching along the sides of the chassis. Though these maze-like patterns are pleasing to look at, they are actually integrated into the PC’s cooling system. Lots of research went into designing a cooling system for these powerful, hexagonal-shaped PCs and the maze-like wholes turned out to be the perfect choice for maximum airflow.

What’s in the box?

M.2 NVMe SSD, DDR4 up to 64Gb, 9th and 11th Generation Intel Core processors, Nvidia GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon RX graphics card compatibility, (2) Thunderbolt 3 ports (40 Gbit/s speeds), Wi-Fi 6, and Dual Lan capability.

Price and availability?

Prices vary widely, for reasons that may be obvious. The components you choose will change the price of the PC but with a 9th Gen i5 processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, an Intel UHD 630 graphics card and a 1TB M.2 SSD, you’re going to spend about €1014,00 (about $1,125.64 USD) and they currently available for purchase from their website.

Is that all?

Bleujour also unveiled their line of work-grade PCs with some similar design philosophies. The Kubb Essentielle line is a small, cube-shaped PC meant to keep a small footprint on your desk, easy to move, simple to set up but still powerful enough to get the job done. These cubed workstations run on current generation i3, i5, and i7 processors, DDR 4 memory, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and more specs that you would come to expect in powerful laptops.

These are your perfect PCs for the office, especially for things like meetings and presentations involving powerful development or creative software. Despite being designed for work, this line comes in a very wide variety of colors and they are even available in different textures, like chrome and wood! The Kubb Essentielle workstations are also currently available for purchase from their website.


To learn more about Bleujour and its lineup of computers, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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The 8K Association: Advancing the technology of 8K video @ CES 2022

8K AssociationIf you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of 8K video. But what is 8K video? Simply put, 8K refers to the resolution of the video – in other words, the number of pixels. 8K video has a resolution of 7680 x 4320, which is 16 times the resolution of 1080p HD! With consumer interest in 8K on the rise, now is the time for businesses to get on board and capitalize on this growing market. That’s where the the 8K Association (8KA) comes in.

As 8K content becomes more prevalent, it’s important to have an organization that promotes the advancement of 8K video. The 8K Association is dedicated to accelerating industry-wide adoption of 8K content, products, and services. Their mission is to ensure the 8K ecosystem thrives, and they’re doing this by establishing Work Groups to provide information about the state of the 8K ecosystem to consumers, organizations, and standards development groups.

The history of the 8K Association

The 8KA was founded in 2017 by a group of key technology companies in the consumer and professional 8K ecosystem. These companies saw the potential for 8K and its impact on the future of video and wanted to create an organization that would help promote the adoption of 8K.

What does the 8K Association do?

The 8KA has several initiatives underway to promote 8K and help businesses make the transition to this new format. They offer resources such as white papers, webinars, case studies, and more to educate businesses about 8K and its benefits. They also advocate for standards development groups, such as SMPTE, to ensure that 8K is properly represented in industry standards.

What are the limitations?

The 8KA is still a relatively new organization, so they are limited in the resources and manpower they have available. However, they are quickly making progress and gaining support from businesses within the 8K ecosystem.

4K vs 8K resolution

When it comes to 8K, there is a lot of confusion about the difference between 8K and other resolutions such as UHD and HD. UHD has a resolution of 3840 x 2400, which is twice the resolution of 1080p HD. HD has a resolution of 1280 x 720, which is one-quarter the resolution of 8K.

So what does this mean for businesses? Simply put, if you’re not already making the transition to UHD, you need to start thinking about making the jump to 8K. The benefits are clear – higher resolutions lead to better image quality and a more immersive viewing experience for your customers.

When will this come to market?

The 8K Association is working hard to promote the adoption of 8K, but it will still be a few years before we see widespread adoption. The first 8K TVs are already on the market, but they’re very expensive and there’s not a lot of 8K content available yet. Most businesses will probably wait until 8K becomes more affordable and mainstream before making the switch.

In the meantime, the 8KA is working to educate businesses about 8K and its benefits so that they can be prepared for when this new format takes off. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, keep an eye on the 8K Association website and their work to promote 8K!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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