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SECURAM: From laser switches to biometric door locks @ CES 2024

SECURAM smarthome securitySECURAM, a leading company in the security industry, recently announced the launch of its new suite of smart switch products. The Director of Marketing, Steve Davidson, shared insights about the unique features of these products.

Smart security switch with beam

The suite includes three types of switches, each designed with a specific focus on security. One of the standout features is a laser sensor located on the front of the switch. This sensor, which is thin and measures no more than three millimeters, can detect motion up to 15 feet away in both dark and bright settings.

The laser sensor is designed to trigger alarms or turn on lights when motion is detected. It is positioned at a height that is unlikely to be triggered by pets or children, ensuring that any motion detected is intentional.

Added security for emergencies

One of the key features of the smart security switch is its ability to make phone calls in case of emergencies. This means that users can set it up to automatically call emergency services if they do not respond to a notification. While there is no information about whether this service will be subscription-based, the company is considering different options.

One of the standout features of the smart security switch is its ability to function even without an internet connection. While certain features may not be available without internet access, the switch can still communicate with other devices within the house. This is made possible through the switches’ ability to talk to each other, creating a network of communication within the home.

The smart security switch also has programmable features. Users can program the up and down buttons to control multiple switches in their home. This allows for convenient control of lights and other devices throughout the house.

Using the switches together

While it is not necessary to have multiple switches, SECURAM recommends grouping them for optimal security. The company offers a regular switch without the laser sensor, a dimmer switch, and a programmable version of the security switch. These switches can be used to secure common entry points for intruders, such as front and back doors or patio doors.

Davidson confirmed that the ideal setup would include a switch near each door, but the final decision depends on the individual’s home layout and needs.

The switches are controlled through the SecureAMGuard app, which allows users to group and manage all their switches in one place. The app offers various scenes, automations, and triggers that can be set. Users can even set up the switch to notify the police or a specific person if motion is detected.

Simple installation for everyone

The installation process for the smart security switch is straightforward and can be done by anyone who is comfortable installing a regular switch. The switch simply pinches the wires, making it easy to install. However, it is important to turn off the breaker before installation to ensure safety. The company provides an installation video on Amazon to guide users through the process.

Biometric door lock with app

Another security product in the family is the EOS lock. This is a biometric door lock that offers a high level of security. It features a fingerprint reader and a durable aluminum metal housing. Users can also enter a passcode to unlock the door. The EOS lock is available in both Wi-Fi and standalone models. The standalone model does not require an internet connection and operates mechanically.

The EOS lock can be connected to the Guard app, which allows users to remotely open and close the door. This feature is particularly useful for granting access to guests when the homeowner is not at home. The app also provides a history of when the door was opened and closed, as well as alerts for when the door is left open.

What sets the EOS apart?

While there are competitors in the market offering similar products, SECURAM differentiates itself through its extensive experience in the lock industry. With over 30 years of experience in the lock and safe lock industries, SECURAM has established a high standard of quality and reliability. This expertise gives users confidence in the security and durability of the EOS lock.

Overall, the biometric door lock with app offered by SECURAM provides a convenient and secure solution for enhancing home security. With its programmable features, remote access capabilities, and high-quality construction, it is a reliable choice for homeowners looking to protect their property.

Conclusion: Unique security in an expensive package

The pricing for the smart security switch is reasonable, with the regular switch priced at $24.95 and the dimmer switch priced at $59.95. This makes it an affordable option for enhancing home security. The MSRP for the smart EOS lock is $269.

In conclusion, SECURAM’s smart security switch with a beam is designed to enhance home security by detecting motion and triggering alarms or lights. It can be grouped with other switches and controlled through the SecureAMGuard app, which offers a range of customization options. The SECURAM smart lock is a reliable and convenient solution for enhancing home security. With its biometric capabilities, remote access features, and solid construction, it offers homeowners peace of mind and ease of use.

To learn more about SECURAM and its product offerings, check out their website or Amazon store.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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Revolution Cooking: The future of heating technology @ CES 2024

Revolution Cooking Macrowave OvenEverything is smart these days. Phones, watches, automobiles, and even refrigerators. So, what else is out there? Well, a few years ago Revolution Cooking answered that question with a toaster. That’s right a smart toaster. This year, the company has taken what they learned with the Revolution Toaster and applied it to something bigger: the Macrowave Smart Oven. We stopped in and had a chat with Tom Klaff with Revolution Cooking at CES Unveiled.

Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology

Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology is a groundbreaking innovation that aims to revolutionize the way we cook and heat food. The technology was developed by Tom Klaff, the co-founder and CEO of Revolution Cooking, who sought to address the common issues faced in traditional toasters, ovens, and microwaves.

The inspiration behind InstaGLO came from Klaff’s observation of the slow heating process in toasters and ovens, as well as the lackluster taste of microwave-cooked food. He identified the Calrod, which is a thick wire made of nichrome, as the culprit behind these problems. The Calrod takes a long time to heat up, resulting in prolonged toasting and preheating times, as well as subpar food quality in microwaves.

Creating the Revolution Toaster

To overcome these challenges, Revolution Cooking invented InstaGLO, a new heating system that offers faster and more efficient heat transfer to food. Unlike the Calrod, InstaGLO heats up rapidly, allowing for quicker toasting and cooking times. This core technology was first integrated into a toaster in 2019, resulting in the launch of the popular Revolution Toaster, which quickly became the number-one-selling toaster on Amazon.

The Revolution Toaster features a sleek design with a touchscreen interface, making it both visually appealing and user-friendly. Users have praised its ability to toast bread quickly and effectively, thanks to the InstaGLO technology.

Beyond toasters: Introducing the Macrowave

Building on the success of the Revolution Toaster, Revolution Cooking has now introduced a new product called the Macrowave. The Macrowave combines the best qualities of a microwave, an air fryer, and a conventional oven into a single appliance. By retrofitting the core heating system of InstaGLO into a larger cavity, Revolution Cooking has created a versatile cooking appliance that can cook food faster, better, and tastier.

The Macrowave boasts a one cubic foot interior, making it comparable in size to a standard microwave. However, it offers much more functionality and cooking options. With its intuitive touchscreen interface, users can operate the Macrowave as a best-in-class microwave, air fryer, oven, baking system, rotisserie system, or even a pizza oven. The appliance also comes with preset recipes, allowing for easy and convenient cooking.

One of the key advantages of InstaGLO technology is its ability to heat and crisp food simultaneously. Unlike traditional ovens that require preheating, the Macrowave can achieve both heating and crisping without the need for preheating. This is made possible by the efficient heat transfer of InstaGLO, which utilizes standard 120 volt, 15 amp power commonly found in homes.

The Macrowave’s versatility and efficiency make it an ideal appliance for various cooking needs. It can handle complex recipes that require timed heating and crisping, such as puff pastry. With its smart oven capabilities, users can program their own recipes and even perform tasks that typically require both microwaving and oven preheating in a single step.

Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology is a game-changing innovation that addresses the limitations of traditional toasters, ovens, and microwaves. By utilizing a new heating system that heats up rapidly and offers efficient heat transfer, Revolution Cooking has created appliances that can toast bread faster, cook food better, and provide a superior culinary experience. With the success of the Revolution Toaster and the upcoming launch of the Macrowave, Revolution Cooking is truly redefining the way we cook and heat our food.

Macrowave Smart Oven launching in Q4

While the Revolution Toaster is already available on the market and has gained significant popularity, the Macrowave is still in production. However, with its impressive features and capabilities, it is poised to be another game-changer in the cooking appliance industry.

Revolution Cooking is set to launch their new oven, the Macrowave Smart Oven, in the fourth quarter of this year. The company sees a natural fit for their product in the extended stay hotel market, where guests often need the ability to cook everyday food without relying on delivery services like DoorDash. The Macrowave Smart Oven is designed to take up very little space in a suite, making it an ideal option for hotels.

However, Revolution Cooking also recognizes the potential for their oven in other markets. They mention interest in the micro markets and commercial side, particularly in front of house settings. Additionally, they believe that people who use the oven in hotels will want to have it in their own homes as well. As a result, Revolution Cooking plans to market and sell the Macrowave in the residential market.

In terms of timing, Revolution Cooking expects both the consumer and commercial versions of the oven to be available by the end of the year. This suggests that the development and production processes for both versions are relatively similar.

In Conclusion

As for pricing, Revolution Cooking plans to crowdsource information in the next couple of weeks to gauge demand and determine the appropriate price point. They estimate that the oven will cost between $1,200 and $1,800, including all accessories and updates. The oven is a connected system, making it an evergreen product that can be continuously updated.

Overall, the Macrowave Smart Oven is making exciting advancements in heating technology. Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology offers a rapid heating system with efficient heat transfer, addressing the limitations of the toasters, ovens, and microwaves that we currently use. With the success of their Revolution Toaster and the upcoming launch of the Macrowave Smart Oven, they are well on their way to revolutionizing the overall cooking process.

To stay updated on the launch and Kickstarter campaign, Revolution Cooking encourages interested individuals to visit their website. They plan to make an announcement about the Kickstarter soon and will provide updates on their website. If you’re interested in owning a smart toaster of your own, you can pick one up on Amazon.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Linxura Smart Controller: A game-changer for smart homes @ CES 2024

Linxura Smart ControllerLinxura, a smart controller for home automation, can manage up to 52 smart devices, including lights, shades, and door locks. The controller is equipped with a screen that can simultaneously display four devices. By rotating a wheel, one can navigate between different devices. It provides various control options, such as a single click for activation, a double click for deactivation, or a toggle function. For instance, the volume of a speaker or the intensity of a light can be adjusted by clicking and rotating the wheel.

Smart controller for home automation

The Linxura Smart Controller can directly control a wide range of devices, and it can also be integrated with popular smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Additionally, the controller will soon support Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and the Matter Protocol. This compatibility ensures that users can control thousands of devices, with more being added regularly.

To configure the controller, users need to download the Linxura app and connect the controller to their Wi-Fi network. The app supports direct control of certain devices like Sonos, Philips Hue, and LIFX. For devices not directly supported, users can set them up through other platforms like Alexa or Google Home. Users can create actions or routines to control their devices by connecting the app to these platforms.

In terms of battery life, the Linxura Smart Controller offers a long-lasting battery that ensures users can rely on it for extended periods without needing to constantly recharge. This is especially important for those who heavily rely on their smart devices and want a controller that can keep up with their daily needs.

A vast array of compatible devices

One of the standout features of the Linxura Smart Controller is its compatibility with various platforms. Users can connect and control their smart devices from different brands and platforms, making it a versatile and convenient tool for managing their smart home. Whether it’s controlling lights, thermostats, security cameras, or other smart devices, the Linxura Smart Controller can seamlessly integrate with them all.

Additionally, the Linxura Smart Controller boasts extensive device support. This means that users can connect and control a wide range of smart devices, ensuring that they can manage all aspects of their smart home from a single device. The ability to control multiple devices from one central hub simplifies the user experience and eliminates the need for multiple apps or controllers.

Flexibility in your hand or on the wall

Another exciting feature of the Linxura Smart Controller is its programmable capabilities. Users can customize and create their automation routines, allowing them to set specific actions or schedules for their smart devices. Whether it’s turning on the lights at a certain time, adjusting the thermostat based on the weather, or activating security features when leaving the house, the Linxura Smart Controller offers flexibility and personalization in home automation.

The controller is designed with convenience and flexibility in mind. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop, and it has a backlight for easy visibility in the dark. The device has a long battery life, lasting up to three months on a single charge.

The company is also working on a new feature that provides real-time feedback on device settings. For example, if a user adjusts the thermostat, the controller will display the current temperature percentage. This feature enhances the user experience and allows for precise control over devices.

Conclusion: An inexpensive controller for your whole smart home

Overall, the Linxura Smart Controller offers a comprehensive solution for controlling and managing smart devices in the home. Its compatibility with various platforms, extensive device support, and programmable features make it a convenient and powerful tool for home automation. With its user-friendly interface and long battery life, the Linxura Smart Controller provides a seamless and efficient way to control and customize the smart home experience.

The Linxura Smart Controller is priced at $99.99 and comes in multiple colors. To purchase one for yourself, check out their website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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IoTize: French startup’s journey into IoT-connected designs @ CES 2024

IoTize IoT development systemIoTize, a French startup, provides a no-code solution for IoT (Internet of Things) through a small module. Steve Gessenhoven, the marketing communications manager for IoTize, shares that the company initially supplied tools for designing embedded systems. As they began to receive customer inquiries about IoT-connected designs, they recognized that their embedded systems technology could streamline the design process and remove the need for complex coding.

No-code IoT solution with module

The core of the IoTize solution is a module that can be plugged directly into a microcontroller to retrieve and transmit data without modifying the original code. To demonstrate the capabilities of the module, the company’s designers integrated it with a robot. They configured the module with the addresses where the desired data resides, allowing them to control the robot without any coding required.

The core of the module itself is its I/O (input/output) interface. I/O is used to connect the module to the debugging port of the microcontroller of an electronic board, in the provided example this was the robot, providing full access to all the memory. However, for final products, where leaving a debugging port open is not feasible, the same pins reserved for the debugging port can be used to create a secured access based on the module’s configuration.

Software to streamline the process

In addition to the module, IoTize provides a simple configuration environment and a mobile app that serves as an off-boarded human-machine interface. The mobile app allows users to create a dashboard with different controls associated with the variables identified in the system. For example, buttons can be assigned to turn left, turn right, move forward, or move backward. The app also includes settings for different sensitivities and a monitoring screen that displays data from sensors, such as a radar that detects obstacles.

The main goal of the no-code solution is to provide a plug-and-play, configuration-only approach. However, there are instances where additional coding may be required for more advanced functionalities. To address this, IoTize provides an environment called IoT App Creator, which runs on a PC and offers a drag-and-drop interface for associating variables with buttons, sliders, and graphs. This environment also includes a data flow editor that allows users to combine variables and apply conversions, as well as add Java code for more specialized tasks.

Once the user interface is created and configured, IoTize’s app builder, based on the Ionic toolset, generates native apps for iOS, Android, or web apps that can run on a PC browser. These apps can also be used as cloud dashboards to bring data to the cloud. The generated apps contain all the necessary code, allowing users to further customize and work with the code if desired.

Conclusion: A small device with a robust impact on IoT

When it comes to pricing, IoTize offers a competitive range for their industrial modules. The development kit for these modules is priced at $49, making it accessible for businesses and individuals looking to experiment and develop IoT applications. For small volumes of the device, the price per piece is around $15, which further makes it an affordable option for industrial applications.

For those interested in learning more about IoTize’s platform and its offerings, the company’s website is a valuable resource. It provides information on all their product lines, recently released software, and other relevant details. The website serves as a one-stop destination for anyone looking to explore and engage with IoTize’s solutions.

Overall, IoTize’s industrial modules offer a practical and cost-effective solution for businesses in need of IoT integration. With their availability through popular distributors and competitive pricing, these modules present an accessible option for a wide range of industrial applications. IoTize’s commitment to expanding their product line and providing a comprehensive ecosystem further solidifies their position as a leader in the IoT industry. Their no-code solution and user-friendly approach make it easier for individuals and businesses to harness the power of IoT technology and drive innovation in their respective industries.

In conclusion, IoTize’s no-code IoT solution offers a streamlined approach to designing, implementing, and retrofitting IoT-connected systems. The solution empowers users to create innovative IoT applications more efficiently by eliminating the need for extensive coding. With its user-friendly configuration environment and mobile app, IoTize provides a comprehensive ecosystem for developing and controlling IoT devices. This solution has the potential to revolutionize the IoT industry and enable a wider range of individuals and businesses to harness the power of IoT technology.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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myrow: Transforming the Concept 2 rower with connected tech @ CES 2024

myrow connected rowingmyrow is a company that aims to transform the Concept 2 Rowing Machine into a connected fitness device. The CEO and founder, Gary Simpson, came up with the idea during the pandemic when he found himself using the Concept 2 machine more frequently. However, he felt that the machine’s four-inch by four-inch monitor was boring and lacked engagement. He searched for apps that could enhance his rowing experience but found nothing that provided a fully integrated experience like a connected fitness bike.

myrow transforms Concept 2 into connected fitness

Recognizing the need for a more immersive and interactive rowing experience, Simpson decided to build a tablet add-on product for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine. The myrow tablet is a 22-inch tablet that offers all the content and features typically found in a connected fitness machine. By connecting the tablet to the Concept 2 machine’s monitor, users can access a more engaging and intuitive interface. The tablet displays workout data in a meaningful and useful way, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple buttons on the Concept 2 monitor.

One of the key advantages of the myrow tablet is its ability to provide real-time analytics and performance data. This feature is particularly beneficial for rowers who want to improve their technique and track their progress. Rowing is a learned technique that requires proper form and stroke metrics. By following along with instructors and mimicking their movements, users can learn and refine their rowing technique. The tablet provides visual cues, audio instructions, and even form guidance, such as the force curve, to help users optimize their workouts.

Additionally, myrow offers the option for coaches to deliver specific workouts through the Create Your Own Workout Custom Workout feature. Users can also share their workouts with friends, allowing for a collaborative and supportive fitness community. This flexibility in workout options and the ability to share and receive workouts from others adds to the overall versatility and inclusivity of myrow.

Beyond its instructional features, the myrow tablet also offers a range of other options for experienced rowers who prefer non-video workouts. The application includes preset workouts, the ability to create custom workouts, group rowing sessions with friends who also have the tablet, and training plans. This versatility caters to rowers of all skill levels and preferences.

Training virtually with friends

One of the key features of myrow is its ability to facilitate virtual rowing with friends. Through an internet connection, users can row together and see each other’s stats and metrics on the screen. This allows for friendly competition and the ability to set up group rows at any time and date of their choosing. This feature is particularly useful because it enables rowers to continue training year-round, even in adverse weather conditions such as winter with ice. Instead of relying on traditional biometric trackers in a lab setting, myrow provides real-time metric data for each individual person.

Conclusion: myrow enhances the at-home rowing experience

Overall, myrow’s goal is to enhance the Concept 2 Rowing Machine’s capabilities and provide users with a connected fitness experience. By integrating a larger and more interactive tablet, myrow transforms the Concept 2 into a fully immersive and engaging fitness device. Whether users want to follow along with instructors, track their performance data, or simply enjoy a challenging workout, myrow offers a comprehensive solution for rowers of all levels.

As for pricing, the myrow tablet with the mounting arm is priced at $499, and there is a monthly subscription fee of $29.99. At launch, the tablet will offer around 85 video workouts, a couple of hundred preset workouts, and the ability to create custom workouts. myrow plans to expand its video workout library over time.

To sign up for myrow, interested individuals can visit the website and join the mailing list. While orders are not being taken yet, they will be available by the end of February. The release date for the product is dependent on the arrival of the boat from overseas, but the company is confident that they will be able to deliver the product to customers by mid to late April.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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BeamO: The future of personal health monitoring unveiled @ CES 2024

Withings BeamO health monitorWithings has unveiled BeamO, a groundbreaking device that offers a thorough health assessment in just 60 seconds. This innovative gadget is equipped with four distinct sensors, each designed to evaluate different health parameters.

What is BeamO by Withings?

The device’s main objective is to empower users to take control of their health. BeamO synchronizes data to a user-friendly application, allowing individuals to track their health records, log symptoms, and monitor medication adherence. The data can be easily shared with healthcare professionals via PDF or a link, facilitating remote consultations and enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

The versatility of BeamO is important, as it can be used by individuals, families, and those with chronic diseases. The device allows for the creation of multiple profiles, enabling users to track the health of their loved ones and provide longitudinal data to healthcare professionals. This proactive approach to health management aims to detect changes in baseline health and alert doctors to any concerning developments.

The BeamO device is designed to be user-friendly, with the app guiding the different positions for cardiac and lung sounds. This ensures that users can associate their recordings with the correct position, providing doctors with all the necessary information for diagnosis. The device can be used to measure heart sounds on the front of the chest and lung sounds on both the front and back.

BeamO: A revolutionary health checkup device

The first sensor is a one-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) that allows users to measure their heart activity. With an integrated algorithm, BeamO can detect atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder. This feature provides users with valuable insights into their cardiac health.

The second sensor is a pulse oximeter, which measures respiratory health. It assesses the efficiency of the lungs in transferring oxygen to the blood. This information can be crucial in monitoring lung function and detecting any potential respiratory issues.

The third sensor is a digital stethoscope, enabling users to listen to their heart and lung sounds. This feature is particularly useful when assisted by a doctor, as they can identify any abnormal sounds that may indicate underlying health conditions. Users can either listen directly with headphones or live stream the sounds to their doctor, enhancing remote diagnostic capabilities.

The final sensor is a contactless temperature sensor. By scanning the forehead, users can obtain their body temperature within a few seconds. This feature is especially relevant in the current global health environment, as monitoring body temperature is a crucial step in identifying potential illnesses.

BeamO versus a fitness watch

One of the initial questions is regarding the difference between BeamO and an Apple Watch. While both devices utilize similar technology for detecting atrial fibrillation, BeamO offers additional features such as the integrated stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and temperature sensor. These features make BeamO an all-in-one health monitoring device, providing a more comprehensive health assessment compared to an Apple Watch.

Another important question revolves around the quality and regulatory approvals of BeamO. Withings are in the process of obtaining FDA approval and a CE mark for the European market. These regulatory steps ensure the device meets safety and efficacy standards. These approvals do not put it on the same level as a medical-grade device but do put it into a category of high-quality home health monitoring.

The BeamO device is being developed with input from doctors to ensure that it meets clinical standards. Doctors are reportedly happy to see a solution that can assist with telemedicine visits and improve the quality of stethoscope auscultation. The teams working on the BeamO device in Paris are striving to make it of clinical-level quality.

Conclusion: BeamO will be a great home health monitor

In conclusion, the BeamO health checkup device by Withings is a revolutionary product that aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their health. By incorporating multiple sensors and a user-friendly application, BeamO empowers individuals to take control of their health and enhance remote diagnostic capabilities.

At this time, BeamO is still in the prototype stage. Withings is awaiting regulatory approvals before launching the device on the market, though is expected to be released in six to eight months and is poised to be another cool product from Withings. The estimated retail price at launch is $250, with no additional monthly fees for the accompanying application.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Nutrix AG: Unveiling a game-changing cortisol sensor @ CES 2024

Nutrix AG cortisol sensorIn modern society, one of the few constants is stress. Whether it’s a big presentation at work, a growing family, financial concerns, or even a business trip to Las Vegas for CES, stressors are everywhere. Our bodies respond to this stress in a few ways, including by releasing certain hormones into the body. Being able to measure and track these hormones can help you track and properly respond to the stressors we live through every day. Nutrix AG has a sensor to do just that.

What is Nutrix AG?

Maria Hahn, CEO & Founder of Nutrix AG, introduces a revolutionary technology in the field of healthcare – cortisol monitoring using artificial intelligence (AI). She explains the game-changing nature of their Swiss cortisol monitoring sensor and its integration with their digital health platform.

Cortisol is a stress hormone, and the sensor developed by Nutrix AG allows individuals to monitor their cortisol levels easily and conveniently. The process involves placing a small saliva sample on the sensor, which is then analyzed using the device. The data is transferred via Bluetooth to the Nutrix AG software, where it is analyzed by AI.

Using AI to reduce stress

The AI analysis provides valuable insights into an individual’s cortisol levels, allowing them to understand their stress levels and take necessary actions. This technology is unique because it allows users to visualize their cortisol curve and identify potential stress-related issues or sleep quality. Nutrix AG’s medical team also provides personalized assessments and support based on the information gathered.

The data collected from the cortisol monitoring sensor is not the only aspect of Nutrix AG’s ecosystem. They also gather information about physical activity, diet, and body composition to provide comprehensive support and personalized treatment plans. The AI analysis plays a crucial role in processing and interpreting this vast amount of data, saving time for doctors and enabling them to assist more patients.

When asked about the superiority of AI analysis over human doctors, Maria explains that the AI analysis is faster and automates the process, reducing the manual work for doctors. However, she emphasizes that Nutrix AG’s approach combines the expertise of their medical team with the efficiency of AI analysis. The goal is to make doctors’ lives easier and provide accurate and timely information to assist patients effectively.

Maria expresses her confidence in the validity and accuracy of the AI analysis, comparing the current state of AI in healthcare to the disruption seen in the fintech industry a few years ago. She believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient care by streamlining processes and providing valuable insights.


Maria the significance of cortisol monitoring using AI and its potential impact on the healthcare industry. Integrating advanced technology with medical expertise can enhance patient care, enable personalized treatment plans, and improve overall well-being. As AI continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, its role in healthcare is expected to grow, leading to further advancements and innovations in the field.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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Triple4s smart pepper spray: Revolutionizing self-defense @ CES 2024

Triple4s smart pepper spraySelf-defense has remained fairly unchanged for a long time, regardless of the advancements in other industries. For personal protection, there are a small number of non-lethal protections, but few of them are as effective as Mace. The problem is that standard pepper spray is only an in-the-moment solution – for now. That is where Triple4s comes in.

About Triple4s

Matt Rogien, the founder of Triple4s, introduced a groundbreaking innovation in the self-defense industry – connected pepper spray. This high-tech device, powered and manufactured by Mace, aims to revolutionize the way individuals protect themselves and notify others in emergency situations.

The inspiration behind this innovative product came from Matt Rogien’s personal experiences. With family members who frequently faced dangerous situations while commuting in South Side Chicago, Rogien wanted a way to ensure their safety and provide immediate assistance when needed. Thus, the brainchild of Triple4s was born.

What is Triple4s?

The Triple4s pepper spray device connects to a user’s phone via an app. One of the key aspects of this connected pepper spray is its ability to notify others when it is used. When the trigger is pulled, the user’s phone sends a notification stating the user’s location and the time of the incident. This crucial information enables quick response times from emergency services and ensures that help is on the way as soon as possible.

The device also offers an upgraded subscription feature that connects users directly with a 24/7 emergency monitoring service. This service dispatches emergency responders and provides real-time monitoring of the situation. By combining the power of technology and self-defense, Triple4s aims to enhance personal safety and ensure timely assistance when needed.

Triple4s also plans to offer situational awareness training through their app, providing users with the knowledge and skills to navigate various scenarios effectively. By gathering geographic statistical data, the company aims to identify high-risk areas and educate users on how to stay safe.

The changing personal safety industry

This connected pepper spray device is just one example of the growing trend of interconnected self-protection products. As technology advances, we now have the ability to inform friends and emergency contacts with a simple tap on our phones. This newfound connectivity empowers individuals to take control of their safety and provides peace of mind in potentially dangerous situations.

However, it is important to note that not all states permit the carrying of pepper spray. Potential users should check their local regulations before purchasing this device. Triple4s understands the importance of adhering to local laws and encourages responsible use of their product.

Pricing and availability

In terms of pricing, the connected pepper spray device is expected to range from $75 to $100. This places it in the high-end luxury category, reflecting the advanced technology and features it offers. Additionally, the device allows for cartridge replacement, ensuring its longevity and usability for up to three years.

While an exact release date has not been specified, Triple4s is actively working on resolving supply chain issues and conducting product testing. The company aims to launch the connected pepper spray device in 2024, providing individuals with a powerful tool for self-defense and emergency notification.


In conclusion, Triple4s’s connected pepper spray device represents a significant advancement in the self-defense industry. By combining technology, personal safety, and immediate notification, this innovative product revolutionizes the way individuals protect themselves and seek assistance in emergency situations. With its ability to connect with emergency contacts and provide real-time location updates, the connected pepper spray device empowers users to take control of their safety and ensures help is on the way when needed. As technology continues to evolve, products like these pave the way for a safer and more connected future.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Smarter FridgeCam helps to prevent spoiled and wasted food @ CES 2023

Smarter FridgeCam prevent food wasteNo one likes to find spoiled food in the fridge, especially when you are expecting to prepare a meal. Food waste these days is not something that should happen, especially for families with several children, as the price of groceries seems to be increasing on a daily basis. However, it can be a challenge to remember when you bought certain items, and certain to know how long each item lasts. This is where the Smarter FridgeCam and Smarter FoodCam come in.

What is Smarter FridgeCam?

The Smarter FridgeCam is a camera that goes either on the fridge door or the door shelf. It takes pictures every time you open or close the fridge door. Using those photos, FridgeCam will tell you what’s in there and if it needs to be tossed.

The camera then pairs with the app that works with deep learning algorithms that detect what is there and when
it was added. Using that information, the system can determine the freshness of each item and whether or not it’s time to use it up or throw it away. This is great for managing easily spoiled items, such as yogurt and milk, but also veggies that get lost in the back of the fridge.

What is Smarter FoodCam?

The FoodCam is a smart item that goes in your cupboards to help keep track of non-perishable food items. The camera is the smaller sibling to the FridgeCam, but is designed to go into your cupboards, rather than the refrigerator. Because of the warmer environment, the camera uses a smaller battery, since rechargeable batteries lose power in cold environments.

The camera adds to your kitchen management, allowing you to keep track of items such as soups, bread, cereals, and more. These can often be the forgotten parts of our kitchens since they are more hidden away from us than even the items in the fridge. People try to use them well past their expiration date because they simply don’t know when they bought them or when they go bad.

How can you use the data?

One of the connected aspects of the system is Kitchen Sync. This feature allows you to connect various inputs, including the data from your cameras, but also smart speakers, like Alexa. In addition to knowing when it’s time to buy milk because of the expiration date, you can also enter data using Alexa, saying, “Alexa, I need milk” and she will add it to your shopping list.

This feature is great for when you are going to be using more than usual, such as around the holidays. It’s also helpful if you’re about to get into baking, where you would need more eggs, milk, etc.

In addition, the system integrates with Chefling, which Smarter recently acquired. Chefling is an app that helps you find and execute recipes. When integrated with Smarter and KitchenSync, it helps you to use up your food by suggesting recipes with what’s available so your food doesn’t spoil and go to waste.


It will be available for pre-order soon. The cost is $99.00 for the FridgeCam and $69.00 for the FoodCam. For more information go to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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ADT pairs the power of Google Nest and monitored security @ CES 2023

ADT Smart Home SecurityHome security is a top focus for a lot of people. The problem is that creating a safe and secure home can be challenging. You can buy pre-fabbed kits with connected sensors, but you end up locked into their ecosystem, but you’re required to monitor and respond to the alerts yourself. The other option is to go with an installed and monitored system, but you’re usually locked into their proprietary hardware, so if you ever want to change, you’re pretty much out of luck. Luckily, ADT has found an excellent middle-ground for consumers.

Who is ADT?

ADT is one of the biggest names in monitored home security. The company helps people to protect their homes without having to worry about installation, monitoring, or managing a home security system. The biggest advantage of one of the company’s systems is that emergency response is 8 times faster when managed by ADT as opposed to other competitors or even self-monitoring.

For those who are interested in their own installation, either for privacy reasons or a DIY spirit, ADT offers self-setup systems. Even if you install a system yourself, you had the ability to use the company’s monitoring services to improve peace of mind.

ADT’s connected home

In the spirit of self-installation and expanded options, ADT has begun offering connected home options. The company’s monitoring system can now be integrated with Google’s Nest product line. This means that Nest Cams, Nest Doorbells, Nest Thermostats, and even Nest Wi-Fi can be connected to ADT monitoring. In fact, you can use these connected devices while also having professional setup from the company’s installers.

One of the benefits of using consumer smart devices as part of your professional security setup is that you get all of the benefits of a smarthome while also getting all of the benefits of an ADT system. Using the Nest product line means that you can connect to your cameras, thermostat, and more while you are away. So, if someone rings your doorbell, you can see who is at the door even if you are on vacation. But, if there is a problem, an agent is able to respond and call the authorities if needed.

In addition, by using regular consumer hardware, you have the ability to make a change to your setup if needed. A change in life circumstances might mean you need to discontinue active monitoring. In that event, you are able to still access your Nest devices on your own and maintain security for your home on your own. This gives some flexibility in the hardware you have installed, as opposed to being stuck installing hardware that only works with the service provider that installed it. This gives owners more choices and reduces electronic waste in the event of a change.


ADT’s traditional security hardware and Google Nest integration are available for professional and self installation now. For more information about the company’s product and service offerings, you can head to their website or call (800) 750-0372.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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