Signal Cortex simplifies task management for staff & managers @ CES 2021

Signal Cortex task managementMatt Crowley CEO of the start-up, Signal Cortex, is the former CIO for Philadelphia and Cleveland airports. During his time with the airports, he became accustomed to working in complex situations with large traffic flows and heavy background work done by frontline employees – everything from mopping floors to moving chairs around to directing customers. Current systems for managing these tasks, he says, are very complicated. For example, for janitorial staff trying to clean up a spill, they need to carry multiple devices and complete a long questionnaire after completing their task, so management can make proper deployment decisions going forward. It is a messy system with inconsistent results.

Signal Cortex addresses the bulkiness of these challenges through a system they’ve developed that simplifies complex enterprise environments, getting tasks to staff members more easily and results back to management more efficiently, to help them make better logistical decisions. The company’s first product is a simple phone app that can use commodity Bluetooth devices and convert routine tasks that employees need to do into audio-based notifications.

The system automatically dispatches and manages work for individuals, groups, or teams, empowers staff by streamlining data collection, reduces training time and process complexity, and is easy for everyone from staff to management to use.

Originally developed for airports, Signal Cortex pivoted because of COVID-19 and redirected their enterprise solution as a building management tool for building service contractors. Building service contractors typically lose half of their customers each year due to bad data, says Crowley, with either employees not receiving information about their tasks, or failing to report the tasks completed, resulting in dissatisfied customers. Their solution eliminates both those problems.

Ultimately Signal Cortex views itself as both a business and a consumer product as well. The company officially launched publicly at the end of January.

To learn more about Signal Cortex, visit their website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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