Typewise brings intuitive typing to your fingertips @ CES 2021

Typewise mobile keyboardDavid Eberle, CEO and Co-Founder of Typewise, joined us at CES 2021 from Switzerland to talk about his company’s unique take on the mobile keyboard.

Typewise is a smartphone keyboard that works on iPhone or Android devices, promises up to five times fewer typos, and safeguards your privacy in the process. The keyboard system, developed in partnership with is ETH Zurich, is AI-powered and completely customizable.

Typewise was developed to help improve productivity by overcoming the slow and cumbersome traditional keyboard system, that’s over 140 years old. The keyboard consists of a honeycomb interface with hexagonal keys that are 70% larger than standard mobile device keyboard keys. Space keys are in the center, conveniently situated for thumbs. While it lacks shift and backspace keys, those functions are replaced with more intuitive gestures that complement the capabilities of touch screens. The result is 80% fewer typos, a number the company arrived at by replicating a 2018 Cambridge University study that analyzed the behavior of over 30,000 users across a variety of keyboards.

Where typically every fifth word typed using a standard keyboard contains a typo, the Typewise system drops that number down to one in every 20 words, on average. Future releases will integrate autocorrect technology with voice-to-text, so the keyboard knows how the user spells certain words when typed, and the voice-to-text engine will be able to type spoken words as the user would. The keyboard will eventually work on desktops, VR and wearables, and any device where you have to input information.

The app is completely free, with no advertising, and is available in 40 languages. A premium version is available as an in-app purchase for those who type in multiple languages at the same time, enabling the keyboard to switch easily between the languages.

Visit the company’s website to learn more or download the free app at the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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