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AGIGA is tackling electronic component shortages and excess @ CES 2024

AGIGA electronic component marketplaceAGIGA is a unique marketplace designed to address the issue of excess electronic inventories. The platform serves as a conduit between industrial electronic companies, enabling them to sell their surplus inventories and purchase necessary electronic components.

AGIGA is a marketplace for excess electronic inventories

The concept of AGIGA was conceived from the founder’s extensive experience of 25 to 30 years in the electronic industry. He identified the significant challenges faced by electronic companies, particularly the substantial size of their excess inventories. These surplus inventories often lead to a revenue loss of 1%, which directly translates to a 1% decrease in profit.

The operation of the AGIGA platform is straightforward. Companies with surplus electronic components send their inventory files to the marketplace. The platform then handles the pricing, considering the fluctuating value of electronic components. The proposed pricing is shared with the companies, and upon agreement, the inventory is listed online. Other electronic companies can then search for and purchase the required components through the platform. Once an order is completed, AGIGA coordinates the shipping of the parts from the seller to their warehouse, thoroughly inspecting the parts to ensure their quality before shipping them to the buyer.

Hard to find becomes easier

The marketplace is significant for individuals and companies seeking hard-to-find electronic components. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, certain parts often become obsolete or difficult to obtain. AGIGA serves as an alternative and additional channel, providing access to a wide range of components from various distributors, saving time and effort.

For designers and purchasers, AGIGA offers a centralized location to find specific electronic parts. This simplifies the process of sourcing components, especially when dealing with hard-to-find parts. Instead of searching through multiple suppliers or spending time and resources on finding the right components, designers can turn to the platform for a wide selection of options.

Connecting companies to reduce costs and waste

AGIGA stands out for its ability to connect vendors and buyers in a challenging market. The platform has established a network of independent distributors, referred to as brokers, to facilitate this process. However, they differentiate themselves from standard brokers by aiming to sell all types of electronic components, not just those in high demand or shortage.

They also provide transparent pricing, allowing customers to see the prices for different quantities of the components they are interested in. AGIGA operates on a margin model, with a relatively smaller 15 point margin compared to traditional markups, ensuring competitive prices while covering their costs.

Beyond profit, AGIGA recognizes the environmental impact of excess stock being discarded after a certain period, typically around five to six years. By facilitating the sale of these surplus components, AGIGA aims to reduce waste and minimize the negative environmental consequences, aligning with the growing importance of sustainability and responsible consumption.

AGIGA is reducing waste and helping users buy components

In conclusion, AGIGA’s marketplace for excess electronic inventories addresses the challenges faced by industrial electronic companies with surplus stock. The platform connects vendors and buyers, allowing them to sell and purchase electronic components. Their transparent pricing, margin model, and commitment to reducing waste make it a unique and valuable resource in the electronic industry. By providing a centralized location for hard-to-find components, AGIGA simplifies the process for designers, product testers, and other professionals in need of specific electronic parts.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Snyper: Empowering communities through social shopping @ CES 2024

Snyper social shoppingA groundbreaking social shopping application is transforming the landscape of affiliate marketing by establishing an equitable and inclusive platform for individuals to monetize product endorsements. The creators of this application, known as Snyper, identified the prevailing influence of major influencers in the existing market and sought to extend opportunities to all, encompassing friends, family, and community members, to engage in affiliate marketing.

Social shopping app revolutionizes affiliate marketing

The application showcases a feed where users can peruse and observe products that their connections have purchased. This engenders a sense of trust and familiarity, as users can depend on the endorsements of individuals they know and trust. For instance, a user is more likely to trust a five-star review from a well-known acquaintance who frequently travels and stays at resorts, and consider booking the same resort.

In addition to this, the application furnishes supplementary information about the product, such as product specifics, related products, and amenities. This empowers users to make informed decisions before making a purchase. Upon deciding to book a product, users have the option to pay using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrency. The application monitors the user’s journey and the sources that influenced them to make the purchase.

Affiliate marketing for all

A key innovation of Snyper is the affiliate fee system. Vendors can designate a percentage as an affiliate fee for each product they offer. When a user makes a purchase through the application, this fee is divided between the individual who directly influenced the purchase and others who indirectly contributed to the user’s decision. For example, if a user clicked on a link shared by a friend and made a purchase, the friend would receive a larger portion of the affiliate fee, while others who also shared the product would receive smaller portions.

This social shopping application is revolutionizing affiliate marketing by democratizing the process. It eradicates the necessity for individuals to own a website or a substantial following on major platforms to participate in affiliate marketing. Instead, it emphasizes the power of personal connections and word-of-mouth endorsements. By providing everyone the opportunity to earn money through product endorsements, Snyper is fostering a more inclusive and equitable affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Passive income through everyday activities

Snyper allows users to monetize their lifestyle by simply doing what they already do on a daily basis. Whether it’s ordering a burger, buying new shoes online, or shopping for everyday items, users can earn passive income by doing these activities on the Snyper platform. The app acts as a middleman, connecting users with businesses and brands that are looking for product recommendations and reviews.

The slogan of Snyper, “monetize your lifestyle, influence to earn,” encapsulates the essence of the platform. It emphasizes the idea that users can continue to live their lives as they normally would, but by using the Snyper app, they can turn their everyday activities into a source of passive income. The app taps into the power of personal influence and word-of-mouth recommendations, recognizing that everyone has the potential to inspire others through their actions.

When can I use Snyper?

In terms of release, Snyper plans to launch on both the App Store and Google Play. The initial focus will be on Argentina, with plans to expand throughout South America. The founders acknowledge that building a successful platform will require hard work, dedication, and effort. They are aware that they are not a large conglomerate with massive resources, but they are committed to making Snyper a success through growth hacking strategies.

Conclusion: A new approach to affiliate marketing

In conclusion, Snyper is a social shopping app that enables users to earn passive income through their everyday activities. By leveraging personal influence and word-of-mouth recommendations, users can monetize their lifestyle and become affiliate marketers without the need for a website. With its upcoming launch in South America, Snyper aims to empower individuals to earn passive income and create meaningful connections between users and businesses.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Stacksync: Simplify data syncing, streamline CRM integration @ CES 2024

Stacksync CRM integrationReal-time database integration has become essential in today’s data-driven business environment, offering the capability to access and analyze data promptly. However, integrating databases with customer relationship management (CRM) systems has historically been complex and time-consuming, demanding extensive coding and development efforts. Real-time data integration has emerged as a revolutionary concept reshaping the business landscape. Leading this transformation is Stacksync, a company at the forefront of real-time data integration. The company’s product allows for faster integrations and syncing of data, giving all aspects of a company access to crucial data they wouldn’t traditionally have access to.

Real-time data integration for CRMs: Revolutionizing business operations

Traditionally, linking a CRM with various databases and systems involved extensive coding and time-consuming efforts. Developers had to invest months in crafting intricate workflows to ensure seamless data sharing. This not only consumed time but also incurred significant costs. Stacksync, however, introduces a groundbreaking no-code solution, enabling the connection of CRMs and databases within just five minutes.

But how does Stacksync achieve this code-free integration seamlessly? The company encapsulates complexity into a user-friendly interface, delivering robust data without the need for developers to manually resolve database or CRM issues. Stacksync guarantees a real-time, two-way sync, ensuring data is consistently up-to-date and accurate.

The implementation time for Stacksync is impressively fast, with businesses able to integrate the platform within 10 days, even for projects that typically take six months. This swift turnaround time underscores the efficiency and user-friendliness of Stacksync.

A different approach to handling data

Stacksync’s real-time and two-way sync capabilities set it apart from other integration solutions. By transforming the database into a read-and-write interface, Stacksync facilitates the seamless flow of real-time raw metrics, computed metrics, and AI-processed data insights to CRM systems. This eliminates the need for complex workflows and significantly reduces the time and budget required for integration.

Stacksync also includes real-time batching, which optimizes API usage and reduces costs. Instead of numerous API calls for each modification to the database, Stacksync batches these changes, making only a few API calls. This enables businesses to modify large amounts of data while consuming fewer API credits, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Real-time data improves the customer experience

The implications of real-time data integration for CRMs are profound. Businesses gain access to the most current customer information, allowing for immediate action. For instance, a B2B SaaS company can monitor a customer’s platform interactions within the last 24 hours, identify usage issues, or detect cart abandonment. This real-time data enables direct engagement within the CRM or marketing platform, eliminating the reliance on additional data sources.

But, the platform also gives access to this data to areas of the company that would not have had it previously. In our previous example, if the customer had called for support, the agent likely would not know that there had been a cart abandoned the day before. Having this info, and the contents of that abandoned cart could help the agent solve the customer’s issue that previously would have been a void.

Furthermore, the impact extends to artificial intelligence (AI). Real-time data analysis enables AI algorithms to identify customer preferences, interests, and behaviors, allowing businesses to tailor their offerings and marketing messages. This not only reduces reliance on Salesforce but also amplifies the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Who is Stacksync designed for?

The use cases for Stacksync’s real-time data integration platform are diverse, primarily benefiting companies with 30 to 250 employees actively utilizing CRMs and maintaining sales teams. Real-time data access empowers businesses to make informed decisions, personalize marketing efforts, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Stacksync’s platform is scalable, meaning it can handle large data sets and millions or billions of records. This makes it suitable for companies of all sizes, from small startups to massive enterprises with extensive Salesforce instances. The platform ensures that real-time data integration remains efficient and effective, regardless of the scale.

One of Stacksync’s key advantages lies in its ability to handle large and unstructured datasets. As businesses accumulate vast amounts of data in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), Stacksync allows users to input this data into its platform seamlessly. The platform then writes the data back into the database, enabling businesses to leverage AI for processing and analyzing data, extracting valuable insights without the need to touch the API.


To summarize, Stacksync serves as a game-changer by making real-time database integration easy for businesses. The platform’s no-code solution simplifies the integration process, saving time and money. Access to real-time data empowers businesses to make informed decisions, personalize marketing efforts, and enhance customer satisfaction. With Stacksync’s scalability and customizable features, businesses of all sizes can harness the power of real-time data integration, positioning themselves for success in the data-driven era, especially as AI continues to evolve. Stacksync stands as a leader in providing businesses with the essential tools to thrive in this data-centric revolution.

To learn more about Stacksync, to get a demo, or to sign up for yourself, head over to their website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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FlowIt: Transforming HR employee reviews and training @ CES 2024

FlowIt HR systemFlowIt offers revolutionary B2B SaaS software that is transforming the human resources landscape. This software is designed to enhance people development and minimize attrition costs. It tackles common HR challenges such as annual reviews, surveys, skill management, succession planning, and the integration of learning and management into everyday life.

HR software that reduces attrition

Traditionally, many companies have relied on inefficient methods like paper-pencil processes, Excel files, and Word files to manage personal development. These methods are perceived as inefficient, painful, and disliked by employees and leaders alike. FlowIt recognized the need for timely solutions that are agile, engaging, and integrated into the workflow with minimal effort.

FlowIt’s system aims to make people development fun for users, engaging for leaders, and effective and powerful for the board and HR. By providing a user-friendly interface and streamlining processes, the software frees up time for leaders and HR professionals to focus on tasks they love. It also reduces the cost of attrition by addressing the pain points that often lead to employee turnover.

Simplifying the onboarding process

One specific pain point that FlowIt addresses is the onboarding process. Onboarding new employees involves paperwork, document verification, and ensuring they have the necessary resources and training. FlowIt’s software offers a Learn Management System (LMS) that guides new employees through a comprehensive onboarding journey.

The system includes training, safety protocols, welcome messages from CHROs and COs, and all the necessary resources and links. By providing a structured onboarding experience, FlowIt aims to make new employees feel comfortable and engaged, reducing churn in the first few months.

Employee reviews are no longer a pain

FlowIt’s software also tackles the annual review process, which often poses challenges for both employees and managers. Traditional methods, such as lengthy Word files with numerous questions, often result in employees disliking the process and the discussions being overlooked. FlowIt’s digital system engages all employees, including frontline workers who are often underserved.

The software is designed to be agile, intuitive, and multilingual, ensuring everyone can participate. By capturing ongoing highlights and lowlights throughout the year, the software eliminates the need for employees to recall their achievements from months ago during the annual review. This ongoing process allows for a more accurate and comprehensive review, focusing on tangible actions rather than friction and pain points.

Brag sheet for employee evaluations

One specific feature of FlowIt’s HR software that stands out is the “brag sheet” for employee evaluations. This feature allows supervisors to track and document the accomplishments and achievements of their team members on a quarterly basis. The supervisor provides each employee with a brag sheet, where they can highlight their accomplishments and successes during the quarter. This information is then stored in the employee’s file and used to build their annual evaluation.

The brag sheet serves multiple purposes. First, it allows employees to showcase their achievements and contributions to the organization. This not only boosts their morale and sense of accomplishment but also provides a clear record of their performance over time. Second, it provides supervisors with valuable information when it comes time to make decisions about promotions and career advancement. By having documented evidence of an employee’s accomplishments, supervisors have the ammunition they need to advocate for their team members and ensure that deserving individuals are recognized and rewarded.

Furthermore, the brag sheet feature helps solve the challenge of identifying top performers and differentiating them from underperformers. With a clear record of each employee’s accomplishments, supervisors can easily identify the top workers and make informed decisions about promotions and career development opportunities. This eliminates the need for subjective evaluations and ensures that promotions are based on merit and documented evidence.

FlowIt’s HR software takes the concept of the brag sheet even further by providing a digital platform where all feedback, results, and evaluations are stored and accessible to employees, managers, and HR professionals. The software uses AI to analyze the data and create dashboards that provide valuable insights for proactive decision-making. This includes career plans, recommendations for actions, and even anonymous employee feedback.

Conclusion: A simplified HR experience

Overall, FlowIt‘s HR software is revolutionizing the way companies approach people development and reducing attrition. By addressing pain points, streamlining processes, and providing an engaging and user-friendly experience, the software empowers HR professionals to effectively manage and develop their workforce. With the ability to measure audience engagement, host audio and video content, and provide detailed analytics, software platforms like FlowIt’s offer a comprehensive solution for HR departments seeking to improve employee satisfaction, reduce attrition, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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ADAM: The digital asset manager for your post-life planning @ CES 2024

ADAM digital asset managerIn today’s digital age, we have become increasingly reliant on our smartphones and computers to store and preserve our precious memories, important documents, and personal information. However, have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to all of these digital assets if something were to happen to you? This is where ADAM comes in.

ADAM – Securely pass on digital assets

ADAM, which stands for All-Life Digital Asset Manager, is a revolutionary app developed to address the question of what happens to your digital assets when you die. The CEO, Michael Okoye, explains that if something were to happen to you, all of your photos, videos, passwords, and files stored on your phone would be lost forever if you haven’t shared your password with anyone. This is a common dilemma faced by many individuals who prioritize their privacy and don’t want to grant access to their entire digital lives to others.

To solve this problem, ADAM offers a secure way to pass on your digital assets to the individuals you choose, ensuring that they have access to them when you want them to. The company has patented two key features that make this possible: the executor key and the release timer. When you create an ADAM account, you are given a unique 32-digit alphanumeric executor key. This key is then shared with the person you designate as your executor, granting them access to your account.

However, to prevent unauthorized access while you’re still alive, ADAM has implemented the release timer. If someone tries to enter the executor key into the executor portal while you’re still around, you will be notified. That notification acts as a confirmation of life, and if you respond, their access will be denied. Only after your passing and the predetermined release timer duration has elapsed will your executor gain access to everything in your account.

In terms of pricing, ADAM offers a free version with limitations on the amount of data that can be uploaded, as well as advertisements. For users who require more storage and want to remove ads, there are paid options available. The monthly subscription costs $5.95, while the yearly subscription is priced at $49.99. Additionally, the company offers a lifetime subscription for just $299, which seems like a very reasonable and affordable option for those who want to secure their digital assets for the long term.

Sharing only what you think is relevant after you’re gone

One of the key features of ADAM is that it allows you to manually upload specific photos, passwords, files, and other important digital assets that you want your executor to have access to. This ensures that they don’t have to sift through irrelevant or unimportant content, making their job easier when you’re gone. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with large amounts of data, as it allows you to curate and organize the most critical and personal items for your loved ones.

The significance of ADAM extends beyond personal memories and sentimental items. As Okoye points out, there are often important documents, such as insurance policies or legal papers, stored on our devices that would be crucial for our loved ones to access after our passing. ADAM provides a secure and organized platform for storing and sharing these critical documents, ensuring that they are readily available when needed.

Furthermore, ADAM offers the ability to bulk download all the content stored in the account. This means that once your executor gains access, they can easily download all the digital assets to their phone or computer, providing them with a comprehensive backup of your important files and memories.

Secure cloud storage service

One of the main concerns when it comes to storing data in the cloud is security. As users are likely to store their most important documents and memories on the platform, it is crucial to ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot access this sensitive information.

ADAM uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for encryption and storage. The company and its employees cannot see anything that users upload onto their ADAM account, and they leave the encryption and security to AWS, a reputable and trusted company that deals with big companies. This ensures that the data is stored at rest encrypted, providing an additional layer of security.

Conclusion: Preserving your memory is easy with ADAM

In conclusion, ADAM is a groundbreaking app that addresses the issue of what happens to our digital assets when we die. By securely passing on our photos, videos, passwords, and files to designated individuals, ADAM ensures that our memories and important documents are preserved and accessible to our loved ones. With features like the executor key, release timer, and the ability to curate specific content, ADAM simplifies the process of transferring digital assets and provides peace of mind for the future.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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BeAware: Accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing @ CES 2024

BeAware Deaf Assistant appThe Deaf Assistant app is a revolutionary tool that aims to improve accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. Developed by BeAware, this app serves as a personal assistant for deaf people in their everyday lives, providing them with a range of functionalities that enhance their security and ease of communication.

Deaf assistant app for accessibility

Deaf Assistant, developed by BeAware, is a groundbreaking app that offers free accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. The app provides various features and services that aim to improve communication and inclusivity for the deaf community.

The app offers a free version of its services, making it accessible to a wide range of users. BeAware understands that individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing already face hurdles in their everyday lives, and the app aims to eliminate any additional barriers by providing free accessibility. This commitment to inclusivity is commendable and reflects the company’s mission to enable people and ensure equal opportunities for all.

In addition to its free accessibility, Deaf Assistant also offers premium features for users who require more extensive services. For example, the app provides API access for enterprise users, allowing them to integrate the app’s transcripts into their own applications. This is particularly useful for developers creating apps for smart glasses or other wearable devices. By utilizing Deaf Assistant’s APIs, developers can easily incorporate speech-to-text capabilities into their applications without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Transcribing and translating real life

One of the key features of the Deaf Assistant app is its ability to convert any live in-person event into an accessible experience for the deaf within just 15 seconds. This feature, known as Conference Captioning, is particularly useful for events where sign language interpreters may not be available or for older individuals who may not be familiar with sign language.

For example, imagine attending a church service where older individuals struggle to understand and follow what is happening due to their hearing impairment. With the Deaf Assistant app, event organizers can provide live captions for the entire service, ensuring that everyone feels included and connected. This eliminates the need for hearing aids, which may not work effectively in noisy environments or with air interference.

To utilize Conference Captioning, event organizers simply need to wire themselves into the app and provide a unique URL or QR code to the hearing-impaired attendees. These attendees can then either download the app or access the captions directly through the provided URL. The app can be customized with the organizer’s branding colors, creating a seamless and personalized experience.

Additionally, the Deaf Assistant app offers live translation capabilities. This means that events can be made accessible not only to the deaf community but also to individuals who speak different languages. For instance, if an event organizer wants to cater to French-speaking attendees, they can simply provide a link for live captions in French.

People are already loving it

The app was launched in 2021 and has already garnered a significant user base, with over 13,000 users across 50 countries. According to analytics, these users utilize the app at least four times every day, highlighting its immense value and popularity within the deaf community.

The Deaf Assistant app has received recognition and acclaim, being featured by Apple and reaching the number-one spot on Hacker News. Its success can be attributed to its simplicity and effectiveness in addressing the accessibility needs of the deaf community.


In conclusion, the Deaf Assistant app developed by BeAware is a game-changer in improving accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. Its Conference Captioning feature allows for live captions at events, ensuring that the deaf community can actively participate and engage. With its user-friendly interface and live translation capabilities, the app is a valuable tool for enhancing communication and inclusivity. By providing a simple and effective solution, the Deaf Assistant app is revolutionizing accessibility and empowering individuals with hearing impairments to navigate their everyday lives with ease.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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ATBHASH is using blockchain to provide safety and security @ CES 2023

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of companies implement platforms based on blockchain technology. However, these platforms are often not enhanced by the permanent and unalterable nature of the technology. But, there are a lot of places where blockchain technology can be of use, and Parisian company ATBHASH is implementing them for safety and security purposes.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary form of distributed ledger technology that enables secure and efficient transactions without the need for an intermediary. It is a decentralized system that keeps track of data across a network of computers, using cryptography to ensure the integrity and security of all transactions.

Put simply, blockchain is a digital ledger system where records or blocks are secured by cryptography and can be shared across a vast network of computers. Each block contains a timestamp, transaction data, and the digital signature of the previous block – creating an unchangeable chain. This makes it virtually impossible to modify or delete any data stored on the blockchain without having access to every node in the network.

The immutability of records stored on the blockchain provides a robust platform to store data securely and transparently. It is widely considered to be the most secure form of ledger technology, with potential applications in a vast range of industries from shipping and logistics to finance and healthcare. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize how we do business by eliminating intermediaries, reducing transaction costs, increasing trust between parties, and streamlining the process of transferring assets.

ATBHASH for construction

The company began its blockchain journey in the construction space. By using blockchain technology, the company was able to produce a platform that creates a way to track a building project without the risks inherent in digital data. The platform is called CEERTIF. As the project proceeds, all steps are logged into the system. This gives auditors and inspectors a detailed and step-by-step insight into the building project.

Because of the blockchain backend, everyone involved can be assured that the data has not been changed within the CEERTIF platform. However, if it has been changed, then an audit log is available to show every change and when it happened. This way there are no questions about the integrity of the data being presented – a problem that happens normally in construction.

ATBHASH for domestic violence victims

Using the same core technology that made CEERTIF possible, ATBHASH has launched another blockchain product called NANSHE. This product focuses on the victims of domestic abuse rather than the construction industry. Using NANSHE, victims can safely and securely present evidence of domestic abuse.

The safety and security of the platform is the most important part in this case, as victims are often scared to come forward because of the potential backlash from reporting the crime. The platform, however, allows them to do so in a way that the abuser cannot find out about, and therefore cannot respond to.

In addition, because of the blockchain technology, there is no way for someone to hack in and change the data or delete it entirely. This is because blockchain data is immutable. This protects the victim’s safety and ensures the authorities can pursue the case without fear of loss.


Both platforms – CEERTIF and NANSHE – are available t use now. To learn more about the company and its products, head over to their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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GlobalM is upgrading the way broadcasters transmit video @ CES 2023

GlobalM Television Streaming SystemIf you are trying to broadcast an event around the globe with multiple unrelated endpoints, the infrastructure can be difficult and expensive. Traditionally, this has required satellites and hard links on both the transmitter and receiver’s side. This means that smaller production houses would be unable to take advantage of the ability to transmit to a global audience and also prevent them from being able to receive these feeds, as well. GlobalM has taken this concept and moved it off of satellites and onto the internet.

What is GlobalM?

GlobalM is a point-to-multipoint content distribution platform that removes the need for satellite connections. It does this by utilizing SRT, a low-latency streaming protocol originally developed by Haivision. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to provide live streams to multiple unrelated endpoints around the world, allowing even small production houses to reach their desired global audience.

GlobalM also allows for the scalability of your network, which means that you can use one source pod and scale it up to multiple destination pods. Each stream destination will have its own unique SRT stream URI that you can use to access the broadcasted content. Moreover, GlobalM works with any encoder or decoder that supports SRT, as well as with its own integrated mobile app for iOS and Android.

How does GlobalM work?

GlobalM works by taking a single source stream and encoding it into multiple SRT streams that are sent to each individual receiving device. This means that the broadcaster is only sending out one stream, but it is being received simultaneously by every receiver in the network. The main benefit of this approach is that GlobalM can deliver low-latency live video with an extremely high picture quality even over long distances due to its optimized network topology.

Overall, GlobalM provides a great solution for event broadcasting on a global scale. It allows production houses to easily reach their target audience without having to worry about expensive satellite connections or hard links – all while providing low latency, high-quality streaming at a fraction of the cost. With its scalable network and integrated mobile app, GlobalM makes it easy to broadcast any event around the world.

Who is GlobalM for?

GlobalM is for any organization or individual wanting to broadcast their event to a global audience. It is perfect for live-streaming events such as conferences, sports tournaments, concerts, religious ceremonies, and more. With GlobalM, you can easily reach viewers around the world without having to worry about the cost and complexity of satellite connections. Moreover, it allows your stream to be delivered with low latency and high quality even over long distances due to its optimized network topology. Whether you’re looking to reach a large international audience or just stream a small event locally, GlobalM has you covered.


In short, GlobalM provides a reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use platform for distributing content to multiple unrelated destinations around the globe. With it, you can reach a larger audience with ease. GlobalM is available for broadcasters to use now. To learn more or get a demo of the technology, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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EveryDose: A passionate solution to medication management @ CES 2022

EveryDose medication managementIf you have ever dealt with a chronic illness, you know that the amount of medication you have to keep track of can be a challenge. Some in the morning, some in the evening, and then sometimes pills in the middle of the day. Trying to remember which pills to take at which time is not easy and usually requires reading every bottle every time. Luckily EveryDose (previously Groove Health) is here to take some of the challenges off of your shoulders.

If you’re a caretaker for someone taking a lot of medications, it can be just as challenging. It gets more frustrating when you can’t be physically near the other person. With EveryDose, friends and family get access to the medication information, as well as the ability to help manage the other person’s medications.

What is EveryDose?

EveryDose is a medication management solution that utilizes Conversational AI to provide personalized support to patients. The platform was created with the belief that every patient is unique and deserves tailored care. Maxwell, the AI-powered medication assistant, is a friend to all and provides the advice, encouragement, and support that patients need to stay on track with their health. The system is changing the way we think about medication management by providing individualized care for each and every patient.

Who is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-powered medication assistant that provides personalized support to patients using Conversational AI. He was created with the belief that every patient deserves tailored care, and he provides the support and encouragement that patients need to stay on track with their health. With Maxwell by their side, patients can finally get the personalized support they deserve!

How does EveryDose work?

EveryDose utilizes Conversational AI to provide personalized support to patients. This means that Maxwell will chat with each patient individually, learning about their unique needs and preferences. By providing tailored support, the app helps ensure that each patient feels supported and encouraged on their path to better health.

EveryDose also gives family members a view into how their loved ones are doing. EveryDose’s Family View feature allows family members to see how their loved ones are progressing and offer support from afar. This way, patients always have a support system cheering them on!

EveryDose provides many benefits to patients, families, and clinicians. For patients, the system offers personalized support, encouragement, and advice. For families, the platform offers a view into how their loved ones are doing and the ability to offer support from afar. For clinicians, the app offers an easy-to-use solution that provides tailored care for each patient.


The EveryDose app is available now for iOS and Android. The best part of the whole thing is that it is free for patients and their families. The company generates revenue through partnerships with medical institutions who also get to use the platform to manage patient medications. To learn more about EveryDose or to download the app, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Fittingbox: The future eyewear shopping experience today @ CES 2022

Fittingbox eyewear shoppingIf you’re like most people, you probably dread the idea of going to the optometrist. It’s always a hassle to find time in your schedule, and then you have to deal with trying on all those glasses until you find the perfect pair. Fittingbox is changing all that. This company has developed cutting-edge technology that allows you to try on glasses virtually, in real-time. You can even do it from your desktop or mobile device!

What is Fittingbox?

Fittingbox is a company that specializes in Augmented Reality (AR) and frame digitization in three dimensions. They developed the “virtual mirror” technology that allows you to try on glasses virtually, in real-time. This technology is used by the largest optical and luxury groups worldwide. Fittingbox represents the largest database of three-dimensional frames. Fittingbox generates over 95 million virtual fittings per year!

What are Fittingbox’s products?

Fittingbox develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision, and now diminished reality (DR). FittingBox offers a comprehensive range of AR solutions for the eyewear industry.

Virtual Try-On (Remote)

Virtual fitting rooms which allow you to try on glasses virtually in real-time using augmented reality technology from any device such as computers or mobile phones. This allows customers to see what they look like with different frames before making an expensive purchase decision! The platform is used by brands around the world directly on their websites and mobile apps. It is designed to enhance the shopping experience for the user while reducing returns to the company.

Virtual Try-On (Onsite)

An in-store optical experience where customers can use pick their favorite frames while a stylist helps them narrow down options based on face shape, skin tone, and style preference. It is perfectly designed to be integrated into the office of Opticians, Optometrists, ECPs to add their own catalog of frames for their customers and patients.

Photo Studio

A digital platform that provides retailers with a full library of frame models. This allows you to immediately integrate different models of glasses into your offerings on the web or mobile apps. The Photo Studio includes standard photos and 360-degree views. The company produces professional renderings with strong attention to the little details of each model.

Model Studio

This offering is designed to go along with the Photo Studio. It takes the renderings of the glasses and places them on nearly any model’s face. This way you can generate consistent examples of the products you offer on your own collection of models, in nearly any position.


A visual search engine that allows customers to find frames based on color, style, or shape. This is an invaluable tool for those who have trouble describing what they want in words but can see it clearly when shown pictures! It’s also helpful if you’re shopping online because sometimes there are no descriptions of the product at all!


To learn more about Fittingbox and the products and services that are available, you can check out the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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