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Perovskia Solar’s innovative tech: Harnessing indoor light @ CES 2024

Perovskia Solar indoor solar panelsPerovskia Solar AG, under the leadership of CEO Anand Verma, has revolutionized the way electronic devices are powered by introducing indoor solar cells. These solar cells can be customized to any shape, size, and design, making them versatile and adaptable to a wide range of electronic devices.

Indoor solar cells power devices

While solar cells have traditionally been designed to harness the power of sunlight outdoors, the majority of electronic devices are used indoors. This necessitated the development of solar cells capable of generating electricity from indoor light sources, a feat successfully achieved by Perovskia Solar.

The company’s solar cells can operate with any light source, including natural light, fluorescent light, and LED light. Despite sunlight being more potent than indoor light, these solar cells are designed to be highly sensitive and efficient in capturing and converting indoor light into electricity.

One of the remarkable features of these solar cells is their flexibility. They can be integrated into everyday devices such as smartwatches, keyboards, cameras, and IoT systems, allowing users to have solar-powered devices that never require charging. This is made possible through partnerships with companies like Apple and Samsung, who incorporate the solar cells into their products.

A new material for a new usage

Perovskia Solar’s solar cells are based on a new material called perovskite. This material, combined with their fully printed technology, enables the solar cells to be printed in any shape, size, and design. This not only makes them functional but also aesthetically pleasing. A testament to their innovation is the CES Innovation Award won by their customer, Baracuda Group, for a self-sustainable wristband powered by Perovskia’s solar cells.

The efficiency of perovskite solar cells is also impressive. These solar cells have the ability to absorb a significant amount of visible light, making them highly efficient at converting light into electricity. This means that even in low light conditions, such as indoors, perovskite solar cells can still generate enough power to keep devices running.

In addition to their flexibility and efficiency, perovskite solar cells also offer aesthetic appeal. The black border of the solar cell blends seamlessly into the design of devices, making it almost invisible to the user. This means that devices can be powered by solar energy without sacrificing style or functionality.

Furthermore, perovskite solar cells have the potential to power IoT sensors, which are becoming increasingly important in various industries. These sensors can be used to monitor and collect data in real-time, and the ability to power them with perovskite solar cells makes them even more versatile and efficient.

While perovskite solar cells are not yet capable of powering high voltage devices such as televisions, the technology is rapidly advancing. As researchers continue to enhance the performance and efficiency of perovskite solar cells, it is only a matter of time before they become a viable option for larger devices.

In terms of lifespan, these solar cells are designed to outlast the life of electronic devices, providing users with a long-lasting solution without the need for replacements or maintenance.

Who is Perovskia Solar panels for?

Currently, Perovskia Solar serves customers from various parts of the world, including the US, Japan, Europe, and Asia, and collaborates with global industry players. While the technology is not yet capable of providing power backup for an entire house, the company is working towards that goal.

Conclusion: Indoor solar can power your daily needs

In conclusion, Perovskia Solar’s indoor solar cells have ushered in new possibilities for powering electronic devices. They offer a sustainable and convenient alternative to traditional power sources, thanks to their ability to generate electricity from indoor light sources. The flexibility, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of these solar cells make them a promising solution for powering consumer electronic devices and IoT sensors. As technology continues to evolve, the potential of indoor solar cells in transforming the way we power our homes and offices is indeed exciting.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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Dyness keeps you powered during adventures and emergencies @ CES 2024

Dyness portable power stationA portable battery pack for camping is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay connected and powered up while enjoying the great outdoors. During CES 2024, Spencer Thompson from Dyness introduced their E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack, a product specifically designed for camping and other outdoor activities.

Portable battery pack for camping

The Dyness E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack boasts a capacity of 1000 watts, making it suitable for charging a wide range of devices such as laptops, phones, and even small appliances like tiny fridges. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and transport during camping trips. Thompson mentioned that it is a popular choice among campers in Utah, where camping is a common recreational activity.

The E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack stands out from other similar products in the market in a few ways. Firstly, it has a handle that makes it more comfortable and mobile compared to other models. Additionally, as Dyness is the manufacturer, they are able to offer the product at a competitive price point. The retail price for the Dyness battery power pack is around $900.

While the Dyness battery power pack is not designed to power an entire house, it is more than capable of providing enough power for a day or day and a half at a campsite. It can easily charge devices like cell phones and provide lighting without draining the battery too quickly. For those who require more power, Dyness also offers a larger model with a capacity of 1,500 watts.

A variety of power options

One of the standout features of the Dyness battery power pack is its versatile charging options. It includes a 60-watt USB, a normal USB 2.4 amp, and a quick-charge 18-watt port. It also has the ability to power devices using a standard power outlet. This means that you can power just about any device that you have or need, whether it be a small cooking surface while camping or a cell phone during a power outage.

As for charging the power pack itself, it has the capability to be charged through solar input, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for campers who want to harness the power of the sun. It can also charge using a wall socket or a DC plug, like in a car. With these options, you can power the pack off of a vehicle or generator in an emergency, or directly from the sun while out camping.

Conclusion: A powerful battery for outdoor adventures

In conclusion, the Dyness E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack is an excellent choice for campers looking for a reliable and portable power source. With its high capacity, versatile charging options, and competitive pricing, it offers a convenient solution for staying connected and powered up while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it’s charging devices, running small appliances, or providing lighting, the Dyness battery power pack is a valuable companion for camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

For those interested in purchasing the Dyness battery power pack or exploring their full line of products, their website is the place to go. The website showcases their range of portable battery packs and home battery systems, making it easy for customers to find the product that suits their needs.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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STM Goods makes traveling in style and security a snap @ CES 2023

STM Goods Simple Travel SuppliesFor the regular traveler, trying to find the right travel supplies can be a priority. Limiting the number of items, and finding the right travel bag is important. Luckily, STM Goods (short for Smarter Than Most) makes a line of bags and accessories for any traveler.

STM Goods’ bags and backpacks

STM makes a line of backpacks and bags for any traveler and outdoorsman. The bags allow you to carry your gear safely and securely while giving you easy access to your stuff. Whether you are backpacking in the great outdoors or fighting your way through the boardroom, STMbags have you covered.

STM Goods Dux bags

We got a close look at the Dux line of backpacks and bags. The backpack line comes in two sizes: 30 liters and 16 liters, so there is an option no matter how much you’re carrying, while the messenger bag comes in 16 liters. For the avid traveler, all three sizes are able to fit under the seat on a plane, or of course overhead, so it is a great travel companion.

Our favorite feature of the bags was the ability to access your gear from several angles. If you’ve got your bag on the ground, you can access all of the contents from the top or back, giving you access to everything in the bag. However, if you’ve got the bag on your back or over your shoulder, you can access the items through smaller zippered openings on the sides.

For example, this is a great feature for photographers and videographers. Imagine holding a digital SLR in one hand, with the strap around your neck. On your back, you’ve got your STM Goods Dux backpack. You want to transition from closeup photos to long-distance photos, so it’s time to swap lenses. Without having to put down the camera or the backpack, you can open the side pouch exposing only the lens you need access to. You can remove the lens, swap them on the camera, and put the first one back in the bag.

The 30-liter backpack is available for $250. The 16-liter backpack is available for $230. The 16-liter messenger bag is available for $250. All three bags are available in 4 color options.

STM Goods’ mobile accessories

In addition to a full lineup of bags, STM Goods also makes mobile accessories to enhance your travel experience. From phone rings and holders to stands and selfie sticks, the product line really has a lot of options.

ChargeTree Go

If you’re deep in the Apple mobile ecosystem, you’ve got a lot of devices to charge while traveling. This can mean bringing 3 chargers, plus probably a power strip to plug them all in. The ChargeTree Go, however, combines all of the normal charge points into a single device.

On the front is a Qi charger for your iPhone. On the side is a pop-out charging surface for an Apple Watch. On the back is a platform for AirPods. Using the one device, you can charge all three. The best part is that you can flatten the device so that it fits easily into your bag without getting damaged. The ChargeTree Go is available now for $120.


The MagSafe line offers a number of products that connect to an iPhone using the magnetic connector on the back of the phone. The MagLoop is a small ring that connects to the phone and gives you an easy way to hold the device, especially on long uses. It can also be flipped down to be used as a stand. It’s more flexible than other phone holders because it is removable without ruining the product. The MagLoop is available in 2 colors for $30.

The MagPod is a magnetic tripod stand that can hold your iPhone in nearly any position. This is because the ball joint on the head, which gives a nearly 180-degree range of motion. The legs on the stand can also be pulled in to turn it into a short selfie stick. The MagPod is available in two colors for $50.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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Elysie is a backpack with power for people on the go @ CES 2021

Elysie smart backpackWhether you’re a photographer, writer, journalist, or podcaster, there is one very common thread – the need for portable power. Heck, even regular device users know that, by the end of a long day, your phone is likely dead or nearly so. Portable battery packs can solve the problem for some people, but for many, we need more. Fortunately, we’ve got a more powerful solution in Elysie.

Elysie is, on the surface, a backpack. But, in reality, it is so much more. It’s got power storage built into it, with 2 separate 25,000 mAh batteries. In the outer shell, which is a polycarbonate material, are photovoltaic cells (solar cells) to charge the internal batteries. While the cells will charge best in the sunlight, they will also charge inside under decent lighting. The straps are reinforced, which makes the backpack great for carrying equipment, and feature photoluminescent straps, one at the top and bottom of each side (a total of 4).

The Elysie bag has a ton of smart technology integrated into it. Using the connected mobile app, you can check on the bag’s battery level. It can also tell you the current air quality in your current location. It’s also got a number of tracking systems built-in. Obviously, this is a bag you’re not going to want to lose. Fortunately, it has integrated geolocation tracking, so if you leave it behind somewhere, you can find out where.

One of the really interesting aspects of the Elysie bag is its ability to track what is inside. Using RFID tags attached to items, you can log what you regularly carry, like a laptop, camera, and headphones. When they are in the bag, it can let you know. More importantly, when they are missing, the app can also let you know.

The company is currently working on distribution and hopes to bring the Elysie bag to market soon. To learn more about the bag and the company, head over to the Elysie website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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GoSun is bringing the solar revolution to your home @ CES 2021

GoSun Solar Revolution productsAt CES 2016, we met Patrick Sherwin, the founder of GoSun. The company was announcing a fascinating new solar stove that was built through inspiration from Patrick’s experience working with roofing. It uses solar directly to cook food in a tube, and can be used with 12-volt power for use at night or in bad weather. Since 2016, Patrick and GoSun have expanded their product line, staying focused on solar-powered products and the camping community.

This year, we are introduced to the current GoSun product lineup. It now includes nearly everything that regular campers could possibly want. The core of the product line is the power solutions. You can get small, portable solar panels in 10-watt and 30-watt options. You can use these solar panels to power many devices, but the most obvious is a power bank. Charging one of the GoSun banks, like the Power 144, allows you then power your devices and charge the bank at the same time.

One of the really intriguing product categories on offer was focused on water. These newer products have won a CES Innovation Award for 2021, which indicates a unique and useful product. In this case, you can get a solar-powered water purifier and pump, and a portable sink and shower that connect to the pump. The purifier is small enough to fit into a backpack, runs on solar, and can filter up to 99% of pathogens from water.

While the obvious target here is camping, it was hard for us to also focus on the usefulness in the event of natural disasters. This comes from much of the team living on the Gulf Coast and knowing what happens after a hurricane. The water filter would mean being able to trust the water we hoard in our bathtubs ahead of the storm, and possibly other water we receive after a storm.

The GoSun product line, which is wider than we have covered here, is available from the company’s website or on Amazon.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Nomadplug makes traveling a breeze for your devices @ CES 2021

nomadplug foreign travel adapterA hardware startup is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are numerous obstacles out there just waiting to slow you down, such as currency fluctuations, your certifications, selecting your manufacturer, or even a global lockdown! Now there is a great product called Nomadplug, created by Ryan Silberman. Nomadplug is an international travel adapter that has been in development for 3 years. It’s sleek and small, making it very lightweight to travel with. Speaking of travel, it functions in all of the 195 countries!

Nomadplug is a slick new product for many reasons and these are what sets it apart from other travel adapters. Unlike most travel adapters that have an individual piece for each plug type, Nomadplug does it with one interlocking connection. You simply disconnect the stack at the location you need and plug it into the wall. It also uses a rare earth magnet for keeping all the interlocking modules together.

On the backside is a universal plug so you can use almost any device from any country in any outlet in any country. The only limitation is that the device must support the voltage of that particular country. This makes traveling with modern phones, tablets, or computers easy. The plug features an easy to use hinge that prevents it from falling out of sockets.

In addition to the adapter, there will be three USB-C chargers that can also be used for your laptop and mobile phone. That means no more traveling with extra power bricks! The model that is available now provides 18W and a single USB port. Future models will be available with 30W and 65W, both offering more than one USB port. You can currently purchase the current model in a variety of colors for $76.44. For more information go to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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