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SECURAM: From laser switches to biometric door locks @ CES 2024

SECURAM smarthome securitySECURAM, a leading company in the security industry, recently announced the launch of its new suite of smart switch products. The Director of Marketing, Steve Davidson, shared insights about the unique features of these products.

Smart security switch with beam

The suite includes three types of switches, each designed with a specific focus on security. One of the standout features is a laser sensor located on the front of the switch. This sensor, which is thin and measures no more than three millimeters, can detect motion up to 15 feet away in both dark and bright settings.

The laser sensor is designed to trigger alarms or turn on lights when motion is detected. It is positioned at a height that is unlikely to be triggered by pets or children, ensuring that any motion detected is intentional.

Added security for emergencies

One of the key features of the smart security switch is its ability to make phone calls in case of emergencies. This means that users can set it up to automatically call emergency services if they do not respond to a notification. While there is no information about whether this service will be subscription-based, the company is considering different options.

One of the standout features of the smart security switch is its ability to function even without an internet connection. While certain features may not be available without internet access, the switch can still communicate with other devices within the house. This is made possible through the switches’ ability to talk to each other, creating a network of communication within the home.

The smart security switch also has programmable features. Users can program the up and down buttons to control multiple switches in their home. This allows for convenient control of lights and other devices throughout the house.

Using the switches together

While it is not necessary to have multiple switches, SECURAM recommends grouping them for optimal security. The company offers a regular switch without the laser sensor, a dimmer switch, and a programmable version of the security switch. These switches can be used to secure common entry points for intruders, such as front and back doors or patio doors.

Davidson confirmed that the ideal setup would include a switch near each door, but the final decision depends on the individual’s home layout and needs.

The switches are controlled through the SecureAMGuard app, which allows users to group and manage all their switches in one place. The app offers various scenes, automations, and triggers that can be set. Users can even set up the switch to notify the police or a specific person if motion is detected.

Simple installation for everyone

The installation process for the smart security switch is straightforward and can be done by anyone who is comfortable installing a regular switch. The switch simply pinches the wires, making it easy to install. However, it is important to turn off the breaker before installation to ensure safety. The company provides an installation video on Amazon to guide users through the process.

Biometric door lock with app

Another security product in the family is the EOS lock. This is a biometric door lock that offers a high level of security. It features a fingerprint reader and a durable aluminum metal housing. Users can also enter a passcode to unlock the door. The EOS lock is available in both Wi-Fi and standalone models. The standalone model does not require an internet connection and operates mechanically.

The EOS lock can be connected to the Guard app, which allows users to remotely open and close the door. This feature is particularly useful for granting access to guests when the homeowner is not at home. The app also provides a history of when the door was opened and closed, as well as alerts for when the door is left open.

What sets the EOS apart?

While there are competitors in the market offering similar products, SECURAM differentiates itself through its extensive experience in the lock industry. With over 30 years of experience in the lock and safe lock industries, SECURAM has established a high standard of quality and reliability. This expertise gives users confidence in the security and durability of the EOS lock.

Overall, the biometric door lock with app offered by SECURAM provides a convenient and secure solution for enhancing home security. With its programmable features, remote access capabilities, and high-quality construction, it is a reliable choice for homeowners looking to protect their property.

Conclusion: Unique security in an expensive package

The pricing for the smart security switch is reasonable, with the regular switch priced at $24.95 and the dimmer switch priced at $59.95. This makes it an affordable option for enhancing home security. The MSRP for the smart EOS lock is $269.

In conclusion, SECURAM’s smart security switch with a beam is designed to enhance home security by detecting motion and triggering alarms or lights. It can be grouped with other switches and controlled through the SecureAMGuard app, which offers a range of customization options. The SECURAM smart lock is a reliable and convenient solution for enhancing home security. With its biometric capabilities, remote access features, and solid construction, it offers homeowners peace of mind and ease of use.

To learn more about SECURAM and its product offerings, check out their website or Amazon store.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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myFirst: Real tech solutions for kids in a grown-up world @ CES 2024

myFirst kids' tech productsIn today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in our lives, and it has become an integral part of our daily routines. However, the benefits and opportunities offered by technology should not be limited to adults only. Children, too, deserve access to real tech that empowers them to explore, learn, and create. myFirst has embraced this reality and developed tech products that are fully functional but designed for kids.

The birth of myFirst

myFirst is a company dedicated to creating a kids’ tech ecosystem. The inspiration behind this venture was the realization that there was a gap in the market for real technology designed specifically for children. The founders, who were tech-savvy individuals themselves, embarked on a mission to empower kids by providing them with devices, apps, and a social platform that mirrors what adults can do with technology.

Kid-friendly camera with social sharing

One of the innovative products offered by myFirst is a kid-friendly camera with social sharing capabilities. This camera is designed specifically for children, with a focus on simplicity, durability, and safety. The company understands that children have unique needs and considerations when it comes to technology, and they have created a camera that addresses these needs effectively.

The camera is lightweight and easy to use, with simple buttons and a user-friendly interface. This ensures that children can operate the camera without confusion or frustration. Additionally, the camera is built to withstand the rough handling that is often associated with children. It is robustly built and durable, making it suitable for active kids who may drop or throw it unintentionally.

One of the standout features of this camera is its social sharing capabilities. Children can choose which photos they want to share on social media platforms, giving them control over their digital presence. The camera automatically syncs photos to both the SD card and the cloud, allowing for easy access and sharing. This feature encourages children to engage responsibly with social media and teaches them the importance of privacy and consent.

In terms of pricing, the camera is reasonably priced at around $100 US. This makes it accessible to a wide range of families and ensures that quality technology is not limited to adults. myFirst understands the importance of affordability when it comes to empowering children with tech devices, and they have made it a priority to offer their products at a reasonable price point.

The camera is designed to be cloud-based, meaning that it relies on Wi-Fi connectivity for storage and access. While the camera itself may have limited storage capacity, the cloud-based system allows for easy uploading and access to photos. This ensures that children can capture and store as many memories as they want without worrying about running out of space.

A Smartphone with smart limitations

myFirst also offers a wearable smartphone for kids, which is 4G driven and allows for even more connectivity and functionality. The smartphone is designed to be durable and waterproof, making it suitable for active kids who may engage in water-related activities. The smartphone operates on an eSIM, eliminating the need for an open hole and ensuring that it is water-resistant.

In terms of connectivity and plans, myFirst has partnered with AT&T to offer a $12 per month plan that includes unlimited data and calls. This allows parents to have peace of mind knowing that their child’s connectivity needs are taken care of without any additional costs or limitations.

Empowering features and parental control

myFirst’s devices are accompanied by a social platform that allows children to connect with their peers and share their creations. However, the company recognizes the importance of parental intervention and provides robust parental control features. Parents have control over who can contact their child and can moderate the content their child sees. This ensures a safe and secure online environment for children while still allowing them the freedom to explore and connect with others within predetermined circles of trust.

The social media platform associated with the camera and smartphone can be accessed through the smartwatch or downloaded as an app on Apple or Android devices. This allows children to engage with the platform using devices they may already have, such as smartphones or tablets. Parents have control over their child’s account and can determine how much information is shared, ensuring privacy and safety.

The importance of empowering children through real technology

The concept of “real tech for kids’ empowerment” holds significant importance in today’s society. Empowering children with age-appropriate technology not only enhances their digital literacy but also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By providing children with real tech devices, they can actively participate in the digital world, learn about technology’s potential, and develop the necessary skills to thrive in the future.

The response to myFirst’s products has been positive, with a strong presence in North Asia and a growing interest in the US market. The company’s commitment to quality, durability, and affordability has resonated with parents and children alike, making them a trusted brand in the industry.

Conclusion: A safe, fun, appropriate approach to tech for kids

myFirst’s commitment to providing real tech for kids’ empowerment is a commendable initiative in the tech industry. By bridging the gap between adult-oriented technology and children’s needs, the company enables children to explore their potential, express their creativity, and engage responsibly with technology.

Empowering children with real tech devices and a safe social platform not only prepares them for the digital future but also allows them to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving world of technology. By providing a safe and user-friendly platform for children to engage with technology and social media, myFirst is empowering the next generation to become responsible digital citizens. Their commitment to quality and affordability ensures that children from all backgrounds can benefit from their innovative products.

To learn more about myFirst or to purchase one of their products, head to their website or check out their Amazon store.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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YubiKey keeps your online data safe in an easy way @ CES 2023

YubiKey multi0factor authenticationAs time goes on, the internet gets to be a more dangerous place. It seems like every day we read another story about another data breach or ransomware attack because simple safety precautions were not taken by users or network administrators. And while you may never be able to change someone else’s behaviors to make yourself safer, you can make changes to your own security to help prevent others from putting you in harm’s way. Our favorite tactic to protect ourselves is by using a YubiKey by Yubico.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Before we can discuss the YubiKey itself, we need to discuss what multi-factor authentication is. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of confirming someone’s identity by using two or more independent pieces of evidence. The most common type of MFA is something you know and something you have. Something you know would be a password or PIN number, while something you have can be your phone, biometric identifiers like fingerprints, or the YubiKey itself.

The benefit of MFA is that it makes it much harder for someone to gain access to your accounts and information, as they now need two pieces of evidence, rather than just one. This significantly reduces the chance of someone being able to access your accounts and data without your consent.

What is a YubiKey?

A YubiKey is a physical key fob or USB device that serves as a second factor of authentication. It contains an embedded secure element that generates and stores cryptographic secrets used to generate one-time passwords (OTPs). When inserted into the computer or scanned using near-field communication (NFC), it sends the OTPs to the authentication backend. It is designed to be a very quick, easy, and secure way of authenticating yourself on your accounts or accessing data.

When combined with traditional username and password login credentials, a YubiKey provides an additional layer of security that makes it much harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access to your accounts and data. This highly secure form of two-factor authentication is becoming more popular due to its convenience and effectiveness in protecting user accounts. By adding a YubiKey to your security arsenal, you can be sure that the data stored on your online accounts are safe and secure from malicious actors. It’s an easy and effective way to protect yourself and your data.

How YubiKey is protecting the web

In addition to personal uses for a YubiKey, there are a lot of other places where the device can be used. For example, a lot of the corporate hacks we see could have been prevented by a secure MFA system. Even if a company uses text-based MFA, a SIM can be cloned by a determined hacker and access can still be granted. In addition, it prevents the terrible new trend of “zero trust” in corporate IT where they always assume that you’ve died unless you verify otherwise, destroying computers simply because you forgot to log into the VPN or some other process.

The company also puts a focus on global concerns. For example, they have provided devices to the Ukrainian government to help secure their governmental infrastructure. There was no requirement for them to do this, but they felt it was important enough to the country and the world to do what they could to help out.


YubiKey devices are available now for various uses, including USB-A, USB-C, NFC, and more. To learn more about the product line, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Apollo brings full automation to ADT’s commercial offerings @ CES 2023

ADT Commercial Apollo security robotIt seems like every day we hear about another industry that AI, robotics, and automation are coming to improve. Fast food service has gotten better with more automation in the kitchen. Manufacturing has been helped immensely by robotics and automation, making the jobs in factories safer and less physically intensive. However, one place that we didn’t expect to see robotics, at least not today, is security. However, ADT Commercial has a new robot security guard called Apollo.

What is Apollo?

Apollo is a humanoid robot that is intended to augment traditional security guards in an office, retail space, or any other commercial property. It is part of the company’s new EvoGuard initiative, which seeks to infuse high-tech capabilities into ADT’s commercial security offerings.

A large part of a human security guard’s job is to observe their surroundings and report on what they see. This can be done by walking the premises and looking for things that are out of place, or by sitting with a wall of screens watching an entire property at once. If something out of the ordinary is observed, the correct people are alerted. This could be another member of security, the property owner, or even the police.

Apollo is capable of doing all of this, without any of the restrictions of a person. The robot can travel around a property easily looking for changes in the environment, or even recognizable issues. Once an issue is recognized, it can report back to a security supervisor and a human can take over control of the robot to go and investigate further. If warranted, the agent can then notify someone on the grounds, the property owner, or the local police.

One of the interesting features of Apollo is the virtual reality option. Using a VR headset, the supervisor is able to essentially become the robot. They are able to see through the perspective of the robot and manipulate it as if they were there. This includes moving its hands, opening or closing doors, checking windows, etc. However, if the supervisor is unable or unwilling to use the VR experience, the entire thing can also be controlled from the system’s computer-based dashboard.

This is actually the reason why Apollo is humanoid. If the purpose was merely to observe and report, then it could have been designed to look like a trash can. However, because it is intended to be able to be used remotely to accomplish goals, the company let it was important to make it with a wider range of motion. But, since all of our environments are designed for humans, it was decided that Apollo should be humanoid, as well.


Apollo is currently in use through partnerships with three test partners. Using their feedback, the company and its design partner are able to make adjustments before it becomes available for a wider audience, hopefully during quarter 1 of 2023. To learn more about Apollo or ADT’s other commercial security offerings, you can check out their website.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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The future for BenjiLock is secure and brighter than ever @ CES 2023

BenjiLock Biometric SecuritySince we first encountered BenjiLock in Eureka Park in 2017, the company has changed a lot. Those early days were at a tiny booth with a non-functioning prototype. Before we got to see them again, the company had been on Shark Tank and partnered with Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary. O’Leary put together a partnership to help Founder Robbie Cabral bring the product to market with manufacturing, sales, and more. Today, the company is looking at its next phase in life, including helping to support other startups at CES.

What is BenjiLock?

BenjiLock is the world’s first biometric padlock with a traditional key. The importance of having a biometric padlock allows you to go to the gym without having to carry anything with you. We’ve all had a phone fall out of our pocket or had to go look for our keys later on. With the BenjiLock, you can safely leave your items in a locker without having to carry a key.

The importance of having a physical key allows for a backup. Batteries die – and always at inopportune times. With other smart padlocks, if the battery dies, you’re possibly out of luck. You’ll have to cut the expensive lock off and throw it away. However, with the physical key, you’ve got a way to open the lock in that situation.

BenjiLock also now offers a wider range of products. The line now includes a biometric deadbolt and biometric bike lock, offering the convenience of unlocking your door or bike without keys. BenjiLock hopes to revolutionize home security, bike safety, and more with its innovative technology. By expanding the ecosystem, more people in more situations can go about their days without the need to carry as many keys.

BenjiLock at CES 2023

This year, the company took a different approach to CES. Rather than having its large blue booth on the show floor, Robbie spent his time helping to bring awareness to other startups exhibiting at the show in Eureka Park. BenjiLock sponsored the startup pitch event on the CTA Stage with Canon, allowing BenjiLock to help new startups get their start by giving them a platform at CES. BenjiLock was able to use its resources and experience from standing out in Eureka Park just six years ago to give back and help other startups get their big break.

This event was in partnership with the CTA Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Consumer Technology Association, the organization that oversees CES. The event was intended to showcase the best startups and entrepreneurs in technology, giving BenjiLock a chance to help out where they originally got started. Their support of the CTA Foundation really shows how far they’ve come since their first appearance at CES in 2017.

BenjiLock has gone from a small startup with big dreams to an established company ready to give back. The company is continuing to innovate, bringing biometric technology to the masses in a way we’ve never seen before. Robbie Cabral looks forward to what the future holds as the brand continues to grow and expand their product line. BenjiLock has come a long way since 2017, and with its support of other startups through initiatives like this partnership with the CTA Foundation, the company is setting itself up for even more success in the years to come.


The entirety of the BenjiLock product line is available now through the company’s website, as well as Amazon, Ace Hardware, and more.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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ATBHASH is using blockchain to provide safety and security @ CES 2023

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of companies implement platforms based on blockchain technology. However, these platforms are often not enhanced by the permanent and unalterable nature of the technology. But, there are a lot of places where blockchain technology can be of use, and Parisian company ATBHASH is implementing them for safety and security purposes.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary form of distributed ledger technology that enables secure and efficient transactions without the need for an intermediary. It is a decentralized system that keeps track of data across a network of computers, using cryptography to ensure the integrity and security of all transactions.

Put simply, blockchain is a digital ledger system where records or blocks are secured by cryptography and can be shared across a vast network of computers. Each block contains a timestamp, transaction data, and the digital signature of the previous block – creating an unchangeable chain. This makes it virtually impossible to modify or delete any data stored on the blockchain without having access to every node in the network.

The immutability of records stored on the blockchain provides a robust platform to store data securely and transparently. It is widely considered to be the most secure form of ledger technology, with potential applications in a vast range of industries from shipping and logistics to finance and healthcare. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize how we do business by eliminating intermediaries, reducing transaction costs, increasing trust between parties, and streamlining the process of transferring assets.

ATBHASH for construction

The company began its blockchain journey in the construction space. By using blockchain technology, the company was able to produce a platform that creates a way to track a building project without the risks inherent in digital data. The platform is called CEERTIF. As the project proceeds, all steps are logged into the system. This gives auditors and inspectors a detailed and step-by-step insight into the building project.

Because of the blockchain backend, everyone involved can be assured that the data has not been changed within the CEERTIF platform. However, if it has been changed, then an audit log is available to show every change and when it happened. This way there are no questions about the integrity of the data being presented – a problem that happens normally in construction.

ATBHASH for domestic violence victims

Using the same core technology that made CEERTIF possible, ATBHASH has launched another blockchain product called NANSHE. This product focuses on the victims of domestic abuse rather than the construction industry. Using NANSHE, victims can safely and securely present evidence of domestic abuse.

The safety and security of the platform is the most important part in this case, as victims are often scared to come forward because of the potential backlash from reporting the crime. The platform, however, allows them to do so in a way that the abuser cannot find out about, and therefore cannot respond to.

In addition, because of the blockchain technology, there is no way for someone to hack in and change the data or delete it entirely. This is because blockchain data is immutable. This protects the victim’s safety and ensures the authorities can pursue the case without fear of loss.


Both platforms – CEERTIF and NANSHE – are available t use now. To learn more about the company and its products, head over to their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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LapLok protects your laptop when you work on-the-go @ CES 2023

LapLok Tech SecurityIf you travel as often as our team does, you know there are a number of issues that pop up regularly. For example, one day you could be working in a hotel office and the next you’re sitting at a table in a coffee bar. But, one thing always remains the same – how do you secure your computer? There are Kensington-style locks, but so many laptops today don’t have a lock port (including the one I’m using to write this). This is the space that LapLok is looking to fill.

What is LapLok?

LapLok is a near pocket-sized security system for anyone who uses their laptop out in public. This could be writers who need to be seen writing at Starbucks or travelers trying to get work done at the airport. Wherever you are, so long as you’ve got a flat surface, you can secure your laptop.

The device works fairly simply. You attach a mounting bracket to the back of your laptop, ideally before you go out. The bracket goes on with a strong 3M adhesive that will hold it in place in nearly all situations. Then, when you’re ready to lock the computer, you attach the base to the bracket and clamp it to the table. Once locked in place, it will only open with the PIN you’ve programmed.

In addition to the base locking system, there are other security accessories that can be added. The most prominent add-on that we saw was to also secure your purse or laptop bag to the underside of the table. Now, with a single device, you can deter the casual grab-and-go thief.

But, what happens if someone does grab the laptop and tries to get away? The LapLok has a built-in alarm that sounds. The alarm is loud and annoying enough that they didn’t want to demonstrate it at the show. Obviously, the idea of the alarm is to deter the theft, but also to alert everyone around in the event it happens.

Who is LapLok for?

With the increase in work-from-home and work-from-anywhere mentality, many people are working while out of the office. Because of this, companies have been issuing laptops to employees who previously may not have had one. So, with working from anywhere growing in popularity, the LapLok is really for anyone.

The most common use case is for people who travel a lot. Travelers often find themselves working in strange places. But, these days, many of us do. Even around town, I find myself working from restaurants and coffee shops – even gaming centers. Being able to secure your laptop to go to the bathroom is a great ability, but securing it while you’re sitting there is just as important – possibly more important.


LapLok is in a late prototype phase and TechLok, the company behind the product, is taking pre-orders now. The expected retail price of the device is $80, but in pre-order, you can get the whole productivity bundle for $7, though quantities are limited. To learn more or pre-order your own, head to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Sedimentum brings privacy, safety and security to your home @ CES 2023

Sedimentum Private Aging in PlaceAs we get older, it gets more difficult to live on our own. In addition to actual hazards, family concerns can make it even more difficult – for us and our families. Making sure our siblings and children are comfortable and safe can add stress to someone trying to live their lives as normally as possible. Fortunately, thanks to Sedimentum, we’ve now got technology that can take both of those stresses off of the aging population to allow them to live on their own longer than before.

What is Sedimentum?

Sedimentum is a company dedicated to making it easier for the aging population to live on their own longer without having to give up their safety and comfort. The company makes a platform that allows an individual to age in place while providing themselves with safety and their families with security. They are not the first to offer these abilities, but they do appear to be the first to place a large focus on the individual’s privacy, as well as their safety.

The platform itself is designed to be able to monitor a home with only a few small devices around the house. In fact, to be able to track and monitor the inhabitants and to learn their schedules, the system does not even require that there be a device in every room – only the ones that are most frequented. The company will help design the system for the house and then install the entire setup for you – no need to understand any of the more detailed aspects of the system.

Using these devices and the technology within, the system is able to put together a profile of the people living in the house. Using that data, it is able to look for breaches of the patterns. These changes can indicate a number of things, including injury, illness, and more. It can also detect falls and other physical differences.

Once a change is detected, different responses can happen. The person can indicate that all is clear, and nothing will happen. Otherwise, a call can be made, either to emergency services or a local family member. From there, someone can check in on the person in trouble.

How is the Sedimentum system private?

Unlike most systems like this, Sedimentum does not power its learning and monitoring system on cameras. Instead, it does it with other, less obtrusive sensors. This allows people to live their lives normally without fear that family, friends, or strangers might see them. Also, they needn’t worry about someone looking in on them visually when they are at their most vulnerable.

While this might seem like it would hinder the ability of the system to learn and detect patterns and behaviors, the company says that they are just as capable of making sure your loved one is safe and secure without the cameras.


Sedimentum technology is available in parts of Europe now and will be launching in the US soon. To learn more about the system and how to get signed up for yourself, you can check out the company’s website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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SECURAM Systems: Wi-Fi-enabled biometric home smart lock @ CES 2022

SECURAM Systems smart securityEvery aspect of our lives is getting smarter. From our cars to our lightbulbs, we have the ability to turn things on and off, lock and unlock devices, and open and close our doors. One company that is getting serious about connecting one of the most high-profile aspects of our homes, our door locks, is SECURAM Systems, which has introduced a new smart lock for the home.

Who is SECURAM Systems?

SECURAM Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of safe locks, announced that it has won the Mark of Excellence Award from the Consumer Technology Association for its EOS Smart Home Lock. The touch-to-open lock can be controlled with your smartphone and comes with a host of features to make your home more secure, including Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in alarm.

The company’s products are designed to give you peace of mind and security in your home, whether you’re there or not. The company’s commitment to quality has earned it the trust of major banks and financial institutions around the world, which rely on SECURAM’s safe locks to protect their valuables.

What does the SECURAM Smart Home Lock offer?

The SECURAM EOS Smart Home Lock is a touch-to-open lock that can be controlled with your smartphone. The Wi-Fi-enabled lock comes with a built-in alarm and is designed to make your home more secure. It contains a number of features that we have come to expect from connected locks, such as a keypad and biometric sensor. But, it adds some features that are missing on other products.

First, it is a fully connected lock. That means that you can access the state of the lock remotely. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, you can verify that you have locked your door even after you’ve left the house. If you forgot, you can fix it remotely, as well. Plus, you can unlock it if someone is there and is having trouble getting in.

Most interestingly, the company has directly addressed the lack of a physical key. Normally, the key is a backup in the event the battery fails or the sensors stop functioning correctly. In the case of this lock, the company has added a hidden 9-volt battery contact on the outside. With that, you can power the lock for a short burst in order to get in. The biggest drawback is that no one carries a 9-volt battery, and most people don’t have one at all (outside of a smoke detector).

What are some other features of SECURAM’s home security suite?

In addition to the SECURAM Smart Home Lock, the company also offers a line of new products in its home security suite, including a garage door controller, a smart light switch, and a siren that detects intrusions. These products are designed to give you peace of mind and security in your home, whether you’re there or not.

The SECURAM Garage Door Controller lets you control your garage door from your smartphone. The controller is Wi-Fi-enabled and comes with an app that allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world. You can also set up alerts so that you’re notified when someone opens or closes your garage door.

The SECURAM Smart Light Switch gives you the ability to turn on and off your lights remotely. The switch is Wi-Fi-enabled and can be controlled with your smartphone. You can also set up schedules so that your lights turn on and off at certain times of the day.

The SECURAM Siren is a battery-operated device that detects intrusions and sounds an alarm. The siren is designed to alert you to potential danger, whether you’re home or away. The siren can be placed anywhere in your home, and it comes with an app that allows you to control it remotely.


SECURAM Systems is dedicated to making our homes smarter and more secure. With its new line of home security products, they are helping us do just that. To learn more about SECURAM Systems’ EOS Smart Home Lock or any of its other products, visit the company’s website or Amazon store.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Everykey: The device that replaces your keys and passwords @ CES 2022

Everykey multi-platform securityDo you ever feel like you’re carrying around a bag of bricks when you have to bring your house keys, car keys, and wallet with you everywhere you go? What about all of the passwords that you’re required to remember? And worst of all, they’re constantly changing because your company wants you to change it every 45 days. And they’re getting longer! How in the world are we supposed to keep track of all of these things? Everykey is here to help eliminate as many of these issues as possible.

What is Everykey?

Everykey is a Bluetooth device that replaces all of those items! Using military-grade security, it unlocks your phone, laptop, tablet, house door, car door, and other access-controlled devices when you are nearby, then locks them back down when you walk away. The system also generates secure passwords for your website accounts, then automatically logs you in when you visit a website. If you lose your Everykey, don’t worry! You can remotely freeze it so no one else can use it.

The Everykey team was started by a group of graduates from Case Western Reserve University. They were inspired to create the product after they saw how much time and hassle people go through every day just to keep track of their keys and passwords. Everykey is their solution to this problem!

How does Everykey work?

Everykey uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with the devices that you’ve authorized it to unlock. When you’re in range of a compatible device, it will automatically unlock. When you walk away, Everykey will automatically lock it again. It also uses 128-bit AES encryption to keep your passwords safe and secure.

To get started with your device, all you need to do is download the app and create an account. Then, just pair your Everykey with your devices and start using it! It’s that simple.

How does Everykey compare to its competitors?

Everykey is the only Bluetooth device that can unlock your house, car, and other access-controlled devices. It also has the added security of password generation and website login automation. Other competitors include key fobs, RFID tags, and passwords stored on phones or computers.

Key fobs are small plastic devices that you carry with you to unlock your car or house door. They’re often used in place of a traditional key and are available from a variety of brands such as Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage. However, they can be easily lost or stolen, and some models require you to remove them from your keyring in order to use them.

RFID tags are similar to key fobs but don’t have any physical form. They can be attached to your keyring, placed in a wallet, or worn around your neck on a lanyard. RFID tags use radio waves to unlock devices and are available from brands such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. However, they can be easily scanned by anyone who is close enough, and some models require you to have the tag within inches of the device in order to unlock it.

Passwords stored on phones or computers are vulnerable to hacking and theft. If someone gets access to your phone or computer, they can see all of your passwords without having to crack any encryption codes. Everykey eliminates this vulnerability by using military-grade security that is impossible for hackers to penetrate.

Who is Everykey for?

Everykey is for those of us who have trouble remembering passwords. With its 2 factor authentication, you can eliminate the need to remember your passwords. Instead, you can simply use the key. It is also for those whose passwords change all the time. When your password changes for work, or your email, you’re still protected and your workflow doesn’t have to change. But, Everykey is also for those who carry too many keys. The device is designed to be able to help secure your home, car, and more, with partnerships with other security products.


Everykey is available now on the company’s website. To learn more about the company or the key, or to purchase your own, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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