EveryDose: A passionate solution to medication management @ CES 2022

EveryDose medication managementIf you have ever dealt with a chronic illness, you know that the amount of medication you have to keep track of can be a challenge. Some in the morning, some in the evening, and then sometimes pills in the middle of the day. Trying to remember which pills to take at which time is not easy and usually requires reading every bottle every time. Luckily EveryDose (previously Groove Health) is here to take some of the challenges off of your shoulders.

If you’re a caretaker for someone taking a lot of medications, it can be just as challenging. It gets more frustrating when you can’t be physically near the other person. With EveryDose, friends and family get access to the medication information, as well as the ability to help manage the other person’s medications.

What is EveryDose?

EveryDose is a medication management solution that utilizes Conversational AI to provide personalized support to patients. The platform was created with the belief that every patient is unique and deserves tailored care. Maxwell, the AI-powered medication assistant, is a friend to all and provides the advice, encouragement, and support that patients need to stay on track with their health. The system is changing the way we think about medication management by providing individualized care for each and every patient.

Who is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-powered medication assistant that provides personalized support to patients using Conversational AI. He was created with the belief that every patient deserves tailored care, and he provides the support and encouragement that patients need to stay on track with their health. With Maxwell by their side, patients can finally get the personalized support they deserve!

How does EveryDose work?

EveryDose utilizes Conversational AI to provide personalized support to patients. This means that Maxwell will chat with each patient individually, learning about their unique needs and preferences. By providing tailored support, the app helps ensure that each patient feels supported and encouraged on their path to better health.

EveryDose also gives family members a view into how their loved ones are doing. EveryDose’s Family View feature allows family members to see how their loved ones are progressing and offer support from afar. This way, patients always have a support system cheering them on!

EveryDose provides many benefits to patients, families, and clinicians. For patients, the system offers personalized support, encouragement, and advice. For families, the platform offers a view into how their loved ones are doing and the ability to offer support from afar. For clinicians, the app offers an easy-to-use solution that provides tailored care for each patient.


The EveryDose app is available now for iOS and Android. The best part of the whole thing is that it is free for patients and their families. The company generates revenue through partnerships with medical institutions who also get to use the platform to manage patient medications. To learn more about EveryDose or to download the app, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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