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Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine – CES Host Introduction

I remember watching the TPN team in 2008 thinking “I have to do that next year”. So I did. Since then, I have been going to the Consumer Electronics Show to interview, review products, and have fun learning about whats out there.

Geekazine has been covering new technology and startup technology for over 6 years. I am always excited to head out to events such as CES to get the scoop on what’s happening in technology.

What We Will See in 2014 – Wearable Technology

4k televisions will be a major draw at CES. Especially with Netflix and YouTube testing the 4k streaming market. I also am expecting the tablet and smartphone market to continue with new apps and accessories to make home living even easier.

But more important, I am expecting wearable technology to be a big impact. So much that I will be wearing my Google Glass throughout CES 2014. When I’m not on camera, you will get a host of pictures and video at events and on the show floor.

Thank You For Being Part of Our Coverage!

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Geekazine at CES13 – TPN’s 3rd Year Live Streaming CES!


It’s that time of year again. Time to get plans in order and get ready for the biggest event of the year.

Holidays? No! I’m talking CES 2013!

Hello, I’m Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and How to Record Podcasts. I am here to let you all know I will be once again going to CES 2013! Just like Geekazine did in 2012. Just like Geekazine did in 2011. Now it’s 2013 and I’m heading out there again!

What I’m expecting this year at CES

I expect the tablet and smartphone imitative will be crazy. Everyone will have an app for these devices or an accessory to connect to these devices. I expect 3D will still be making strides and TV screens will get bigger and thinner.

LTE is being rolled out but it doesn’t mean the next version of wireless is not going to rear it’s head. Your home wireless is going to pass 802.11n (with 802.11ac) and you will soon pass a Gbps mark.

TPN Live Stream of CES

With the booth move to North hall, I expect our live stream will be off the charts. There will be a lot of traffic where we are so our exposure will increase ten-fold.

Never before have I been this excited about CES. With CES being the largest show floor I am hoping to see a lot of innovative technologies and great new gadgets.

Then there are the after parties. Lots of great events where you can meet the cast and characters that cover CES year after year.

This is the cant-miss show of the year and I am excited to be part of it.

Here is the presentation in the video if you would like to follow along:

Oh yeah – check out our link on IMDB – TechPodcast Network Primary Channel

Canon VIXIA: Six New Models With WiFi, iPhone Tethering

Canon Vixia
Canon Vixia

Video content creators, listen up. Canon has upgraded their VIXIA series to include some great new features. These cameras run high end – up to 24MB on AVCHD. They can also be switched to MP4 mode, so you don’t have to convert a video before uploading to YouTube.

Jeffrey Powers talks to Ben Thomas about the VIXIA R-32 and VIXIA HFM-52. These are two-of-six models upgraded to get you better images, and WiFi capability.

The WiFi can also be tethered to an iPhone (via app), so you can push content up on various hosting platforms.

The R-32 is the low end consumer model. They upgraded the stabilization to a four-mode system. You can turn on or off, and when you place on a tripod, it turns off automatically.

The higher end HFM-32 has a LUX rating of 1.2 and a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second. This is great for low-light situations.

Canon also makes a waterproof case for divers to go 100 meters below water.

The R series starts at $349. The HFM-52 costs between $549-$749

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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Jeffrey Powers From Geekazine on CES 2012 TechPodcast Coverage

Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine here. Once again, I hope you all are having a great holiday season. But it gives way to my favorite time of year – TPN’s CES coverage. Once again, we’re packing up the gear and getting ready to head to Las Vegas for a week of hard work, video collection, and lots of networking.

The excitement is building. We hope to see and hear from you as we build up the CES 2011 action!

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Name: Jeffrey Powers

Website: GeekazineDay in Tech History

Years as CES TPN talent: 4th year

Favorite moment from CES 2010: 3 minute video with Andy Dick over at the Atomic Testing Museum.

Interesting fact: Before Jeffrey leaves his hotel room, he places his business card on page 119 of the Bible. Why page 119? It’s actually his birth date.

Expectations of CES 2012: The show is said to be sold out vendor-wise. That means we gotta come in with our guns blazin for over 200 videos.

Zoodles Brings Child Safe to Smart Phones

Mark Williamson from Zoodles joins the TPN Live CES coverage with Zoodles. This is a child safe program that will block them from harmful content. Therefore, they can play games and learn.

The program is also Ad free. The application is also free – you can download from the iPhone or Android app store.

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