Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine – CES Host Introduction

I remember watching the TPN team in 2008 thinking “I have to do that next year”. So I did. Since then, I have been going to the Consumer Electronics Show to interview, review products, and have fun learning about whats out there.

Geekazine has been covering new technology and startup technology for over 6 years. I am always excited to head out to events such as CES to get the scoop on what’s happening in technology.

What We Will See in 2014 – Wearable Technology

4k televisions will be a major draw at CES. Especially with Netflix and YouTube testing the 4k streaming market. I also am expecting the tablet and smartphone market to continue with new apps and accessories to make home living even easier.

But more important, I am expecting wearable technology to be a big impact. So much that I will be wearing my Google Glass throughout CES 2014. When I’m not on camera, you will get a host of pictures and video at events and on the show floor.

Thank You For Being Part of Our Coverage!

Thanks to all the people who helped cover our trip through the crowdfund. If you would still like to help out, let us know! Use the donate buttons to the right.

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