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Cadillac User Experience (CUE) – Showstoppers at CES 2012

Cadillac Cue
Cadillac Cue

While at CES Showstoppers, we stopped by Cadillac for the customer user experience (CUE). This is Cadillac’s in-car NAV and computer system. The Cadillac CUE is a full infotainment and interface. It will start in the XTS and ATS, along with the SRX in 2013.

This is Cadillac’s “centerpiece” of future interiors. Along with the side dash, they remodeled the drivers dash. Capacity multi-touch display, haptic feedback (tactile feel to pushing a button) and other great advancements through the touch system.

Another interesting change is where the glovebox is – under the button panel. All in a stylish interface.


CastIV iPhone, iPad, Tuner Mounts for Musicians – CastIV Sidekick – CES 2012


There are many smartphone-tablet holders out there. CastIV is one of them, but they look to add a little more than just a stand.

Geared toward the musician, the CastIV sidekick allows you to put your iPhone or iPod in eyeshot so you can practice your tunes. Even a Korg guitar tuner fits well in the sidekick. Just place the belt on the strings, push together and clip with the mount.

If you would rather have the iPod, Android device or iPhone on your microphone stand, well, they make an interchangable clip so you can cuff it on the stand, put the device in place and start playing.

For those iPad or other tablet owners out there, you can also get the Tab station – a mount for your iPad that connects to a tripod or microphone stand.

The Guitar Sidekick and smart station are $24.99, with the Tab station for $34.99


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and TechPodcasts

Jeffrey Powers From Geekazine on CES 2012 TechPodcast Coverage

Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine here. Once again, I hope you all are having a great holiday season. But it gives way to my favorite time of year – TPN’s CES coverage. Once again, we’re packing up the gear and getting ready to head to Las Vegas for a week of hard work, video collection, and lots of networking.

The excitement is building. We hope to see and hear from you as we build up the CES 2011 action!

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Name: Jeffrey Powers

Website: GeekazineDay in Tech History

Years as CES TPN talent: 4th year

Favorite moment from CES 2010: 3 minute video with Andy Dick over at the Atomic Testing Museum.

Interesting fact: Before Jeffrey leaves his hotel room, he places his business card on page 119 of the Bible. Why page 119? It’s actually his birth date.

Expectations of CES 2012: The show is said to be sold out vendor-wise. That means we gotta come in with our guns blazin for over 200 videos.