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Higher Orbits: Using space to engage students in STEM @ CES 2022

Higher Orbits space-based STEM educationFor generations, people across the globe have looked into the night sky and dreamed that some part of them would one day be able to go there. Over the past few years, the ability to purchase a ticket to physically travel to space has become a reality, though the costs are still incredibly high. However, for some, the ability to have a piece of their legacy in space is still a realistic possibility, thanks to the educational program at Higher Orbits Foundation.

What is Higher Orbits Foundation?

Did you know that there are over 1,000 satellites orbiting Earth right now? Higher Orbits uses this and other space-related facts to engage students in STEM education. They believe that space offers an infinite number of opportunities to learn, and their programs are designed to help students build the skills they need to succeed in life. Their first program (Go For Launch!) was a huge success, and they are excited to continue engaging students in science and math education!

What is Go For Launch?

Higher Orbits’ Go For Launch! program is a week-long camp that introduces students to the basics of rocket science and spaceflight. Students will learn about the history of space exploration, the physics of space travel, and the challenges of living and working in space. They will also have the opportunity to build and launch their own model rockets. Most interestingly, students have the opportunity to design an experiment that could be built and sent to the International Space Station!

This sounds like an incredible experience for any student interested in STEM, but Higher Orbits doesn’t stop there. They also offer programs for educators, to help them bring space into their classrooms. These programs are designed to engage students of all ages in learning, whether they want to be astronauts when they grow up or not!

If you’re looking for a way to engage your students in STEM education, Higher Orbits is a great option! They offer programs for students of all ages, and their camps are affordable and fun. To learn more about Higher Orbits Foundation, visit their website at higherorbits.org!

How can Higher Orbits help my students?

Higher Orbits Foundation’s goal is simple – they want to engage as many students as possible in STEM education. They believe that space provides an infinite number of opportunities for learning, and they are committed to helping more students explore those opportunities. With your help, they can continue reaching more classrooms and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers!

Higher Orbits offers a variety of programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of your classroom. From learning about satellites and space travel to working on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Higher Orbits has a program for your class! They also offer scholarships to help make their programs available to all students.


To learn more about Higher Orbits Foundation, to find out how to participate in a camp, or to get involved with the program, head to the organization’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Picoo: World’s first game console designed for outdoor play @ CES 2022

Picoo game consoleIn a world where technology is constantly pulling us indoors, Picoo has created a game console designed to get kids outdoors and active again. The system is a portable, screenless console that requires no access to Wi-Fi or mobile networks during playtime. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, as it eliminates the need for any connectivity. It is also Bluetooth enabled, so parents can use the accompanying app to control gameplay.

How does Picoo work?

Picoo is comprised of two main parts: the console and the controller. The console attaches to a belt worn by the child, while the controller can be used either in hand or attached to a stick for further reach. Both are water-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor play in any weather condition.

Games on the console are designed for gross motor skills development, social and communication skill-building, creativity stimulation, and imaginative play. The style of gameplay helps to foster something that traditional videogames cannot: discovery. Because the kids are outside, they are exploring and discovering new aspects of their world. This exploration encourages and improves imagination, which is the key to personal development.

Being outside and moving around is also great exercise, something that can be lacking in kids’ routines. This has been even more evident in the past few years with things shut down in parts of the world. Exercise will help with physical development as well as building strength.

With over 25 games currently available (and more being developed all the time), Picoo has something for everyone.

Who is Picoo for?

Picoo is for kids aged three and up. It’s a great way to get younger children active and engaged in outdoor play, helping them work on essential skills and have some fun along the way. By eliminating the screens, the game becomes more about playing rather than focusing on something external. This helps to foster social interactions that get lost in traditional video games.

Because of the wide range of games that come with the console, plus the additional games that are available, Picoo really can be enjoyed by everyone. While asking most adults to go outside and ply tag results will result in confusion and answers of no, this product can provide the perfect way to break down that barrier and get adults running around like children having fun outside.


Picoo is available now in a variety of options. The primary kit is the Starter Set, which includes 4 Picoo controllers, 5 games, 4 helper cards, and 2 USB-C charging cables. The included games are Lightning Bolt, Whack-a-mole, Zombierun, Hide-and-Seek, and Kaleidoscope. Many more games are available to extend the fun.

For educational and group settings, Picoo can be purchased in larger sets. Rather than 4 controllers, the educational set comes with 12 controllers, plus the accessories to make them work, including games and chargers.

All of these options are available now. To learn more about the product, the games that are available, and purchase one for yourself, you can go to their website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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Jooki keeps kids engaged without screens using NFC ToyTouch @ CES 2022

Jooki smart speakerKids love video games, there’s no doubt about that. However, a number of studies have shown that constant screen time can lead to developmental issues. It can cause issues with blurred reality, social interactions, and more. As additional information has become available, some people have worked hard to develop products that help engage kids with traditional-style toys and games without the need for screens. One such product is Jooki, a combination of toy and music without the screen.

What is Jooki?

Jooki combines toys and characters with music – all things that kids love. Kids can use the characters to choose music and stories from the Jooki player. Simply place the right character on the platform and the corresponding music or story will play. Each token and figurine has a square base so that kids can only place them on the speaker the correct way. This helps kids with matching while also incorporating sounds.

Parents have the ability to choose what is available to their kids. They can record audio, including stories, from themselves and their family to be played on the device. They can also choose to stream music from Spotify directly to the speaker. Then, simply match the character piece with the audio that they want to be played and Jooki is ready to go.

How does it work?

This year, the company introduced the second generation of Jooki speakers. The new model has been enhanced in several ways, including adding new, brighter character figurines and tokens, and more stylish buttons. The speaker also features 5 GB of internal memory and 8 hours of battery life, meaning that it can be used on the go without internet access for a long time. For when you want to give your kids the ability to stream content, the speaker also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios.

The speaker itself features a 360-degree speaker design, so multiple kids and other family members can sit together around the speaker to listen. This gives the ability for a parent or grandparent to sit with the child while a story is being read and follow along. You can even use it to monitor your child’s sleep and nap times!

NFC technology and Muuselabs electronics keep kids away from screens with Jooki. Each character figurine and token has a unique identifier which, when in contact with the Jooki speaker, tells that device what audio to play. Some can be played without the need for internet access, like local stories. Others will require internet access, like music and podcasts from Spotify.


The Jooki generation 2 is available now in various kits. Prices start at $112.99 for a player with 2 standard tokens. The largest kit costs $179.99 for a player with 8 standard tokens and 5 figurines. There are currently 2 other sets available, as well. You can also purchase additional tokens and figurines. 6 tokens cost $24.99 and 5 figurines cost $34.99. To learn more about the product or to purchase one for your family, head to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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GXC makes virtual learning feel more like being in person @ CES 2021

GXC educational platformOne of the accidental and unplanned themes of 2020 was definitely remote learning. Whether it be schools trying to virtualize their lessons or corporate conferences trying to maintain their engagement, the struggle has been intense. Tools like Microsoft Teams have worked, but they’re far from perfect because education is not what they were designed for. Fortunately, both schools and corporations now have GXC to improve the experience.

Because the GXC Education Platform is designed specifically for education, it’s able to bring back some of the capabilities teachers and students miss from being together, without the chaos of meeting platforms. Obviously, the system is video-focused, but also maintains a lot of the written aspects of traditional learning. For example, during a class, the system has the ability to write, organize, and share notes about the lesson – specifically related to that lesson. The notes are timestamped to the video, so you can get back to the point in the video where you created it. There is also class-specific messaging, which allows the students to communicate with one another without disturbing the class itself.

For international students, there are a number of language features. The first is a dual view subtitle option. It shows the video on the top of the screen, with timestamped, searchable transcription on the bottom. Those transcriptions can be viewed in the natural language of the video or translated into other languages. The translations can be done by professional translators or can be done automatically using the system’s neural network machine learning system. The AI translations can be done live, in near real-time.

The GXC Education Platform is available to educational institutions or corporations. Core features can be had for about $2 per student per year, with additional capabilities being available. To learn more about the platform or to request a demo, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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ProMytheUs talent discovery promises a fulfilling future @ CES 2021

ProMytheUs talent scoutingVedica Jha, from Case Western University, is the founder of ProMytheUs, a talent discovery software tool. With research showing that 8 in 10 people are unsatisfied with their job and career paths, the tool promises a way to a more fulfilling future by helping people identify what they’re really good at, and connect with schools and jobs best suited to them.

ProMytheUs was inspired by sports talent scouting. Jha and her cofounder, both math majors, wondered why no one scouted for math talent the same way they scouted for baseball and basketball talent. Their platform initially focused on identifying mathematically skilled talent and has now expanded to 27 different fields of expertise.

Their talent identification is aimed at 7 to 22-year-olds, Jha says, because it’s much harder to tell someone who is older that they might want to change their academic or career path. Parents, by default, are their secondary market, although there is obvious potential for integrating into business markets.

The goal of working with youth and young adults is to find talent early and help them nurture that talent. While there are many personality-based tools like Myers-Briggs or strengths finders, Jha says there are no other talent-based software tools that can identify a person’s core talent, something that you’re naturally good at

There are three parts to the ProMytheUs process. The first part is the Find My Talent tool, a 3-8 minute assessment that helps the user identify or confirm their talent. After that, they can proceed to register their talent or register any of the 27 available categories if they don’t feel the one identified is accurate. Although their current rate of accuracy, Jha says, is 95%.

The third part of the process involves a series of questions the individual can answer about themselves, with a section for Testimonials from friends, teachers or family to share statements and stories about the individual, and an Evidence section, to upload things that showcase the person’s talent.

ProMytheUs seeks to be a one-shot stop for talent, and provides four different avenues of access, for students, educational institutions, companies, and recruiters, who can all access the talent database for their different needs.

The project is two-thirds completed. Users can currently find their talent on the platform and receive a talent report that includes two different scores that they’ve built a mathematical algorithm for – their secret sauce – that provides recommendations for the user. The final third of the project is called the Talent Lifecyle Plan and is being designed to give people a future projection of their talent progress based on milestones and suggested resources.

To learn more visit the website or call 312-989-4089 to connect in person.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Hello Genius bridges the learning gap for parent and child @ CES 2021

Hello Genius Early LearningThe idea of Hello Genius is a genius idea! When a child is in public school, the parents aren’t always aware of the true nature of what the child is learning. Hello Genius is an app-based learning system that is designed to build greater connectivity between parents and their young children through a personalized learning experience.

Founded in 2020 by Jack Lee, CEO, and Lee Daley, the chief strategy and marketing officer, the idea for Hello Genius was inspired by the desire to better understand their children and connect with them as they learn. Hello Genius believes that all children learn at a different rate of speed and at different levels. Children are more receptive to learning if it is done with something they are interested in or care about. At that early age, they aren’t normally driven by the average curriculum but rather by something they are truly interested in-something that captivates them.

The Hello Genius software platform is driven by the principles of non-linear adaptive learning and natural development during the child’s early formative years from ages 3-10. As the child explores, the system will adapt to feed or satisfy the particular interests and potential of each child.

There are two apps available, one for parents and one for children. For children, the system adapts with a tailored learning journey while revealing their interests and preferences to their parents through quantitative and qualitative data.

For the parents, the app provides a set of features to help parents support their child as they learn and grow, also encouraging the feeling of safety and security of their children being online. One feature is a live activity feed and the capability for parents to share topics in real-time and receive content from their children, which may also have messages, voice and video call functions, and push notifications.

The software platform uses AI and machine-learning algorithms to build the child’s profile based on valuable data and insight, helping parents to get a deeper understanding of the child’s growing interests and talents. The app management feature provides parents with the ability to regulate a safe mode as the child engages on the Hello Genius app. This safe mode allows the child to engage with other third-party applications, selected by the parent, apart from the main app, and thereby reassuring the parent’s desire for safety and security.

The cost of this app is less than the price of a cup of coffee, only $0.99 a day. Hello Genius is currently only available in English, but there are plans for expanding to multiple languages in the next 12-18 months. Hello Genius is offering free subscriptions for the remainder of 2021, along with a lifetime membership to the parent community who download the early release of March 1, 2021. The early release platform is available on any iOS or Android device. For more information go to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Global Tutoring Hub aims for mastery through personalized learning

Global Tutoring HubHailing from Barbados, Michael Husbands, CEO of Global Tutoring Hub, was motivated to create his company because of his daughter’s learning challenges. When his preliminary searches for some solutions for his hands-on learner didn’t net anything helpful, he knuckled down to create a solution that worked for his daughter as well for others who learned like she did – which turns out to be most of us, since the majority of learners, Husband’s research showed, are visual learners.

Tutor Now was the first iteration of the service, providing one on one tutoring online. After that became more popular, Global Tutoring Hub was born, offering a personalized and adaptive learning experience for young adults and adults, based on each user’s learning style.

Global Tutoring Hub takes the subscribing institution’s content and breaks it down into visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic components which are then delivered on their Podium learning platform. Students, meanwhile, take a learning styles test before they start, and Global Tutoring Hub customizes their learning experience based on the student’s personal learning style, with no two users having the same learning experience.

Content can also be modified by the tutor and content developers based on real-time user feedback. If students are continually struggling with a particular area in a course, administrators can address the issue by redesigning content for better delivery and understanding. Additionally, tutors are trained to look for areas where students are struggling and make suggestions or guide learning based on that real-time feedback.

The platform also provides companion learning material based on each user’s style and preferences, from note-taking to studying techniques. Global Tutoring Hub is also working to re-engage mature learners with their user-friendly, personalized learning service for continuing education and older students looking to upskill or reskill for new job markets. While they generally work with colleges and universities, the platform can be employed for businesses, as well.

Global Tutoring Hub’s ultimate goal for students is mastery. If you get the fundamentals right, Husbands believes, people will move at a much faster rate, ultimately reducing the amount of time it takes for them to accomplish their learning goals. Global Tutoring Hub wants to create the type of user engagement where students feel they’ve truly achieved something, which in turn inspires a greater desire to keep learning.

The company is starting to bring more partners on, with the idea that they will become a knowledge hub, aiming to become a place where anyone can find the best course that suits each person, in the style of learning that suits each best.

To learn more, go to Podium or visit Global Tutoring Hub.

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More Mileage From Your Old iPad

d-red logoMounting an older iPad in a customized frame is a great way to extend the life of the device and at the same time provide a toddler with a unique toy that builds all sorts of skills. Building skills in numbers and letters, learning to draw, or just having fun, this is a sure fire way to keep little kids engaged for hours of constructive play. d-Redshop has developed an entire family of custom apps for the iPad that can be built into the frame, and then connected via Bluetooth. The company has a number of iOS based products. The toy applications are found at MyLearnToys.com.
TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Daniel J. Lewis, The Audacity To Podcast.



Algebra or Mortgage ? A Graphing Calculator Makes Things Clear

It may be  for home work or working up the finance package for a home. And now it’s in full color !

Either way, the Casio Graphing calculator line that has been upgraded and introduced at CES 2011 is a sure winner. Mike Reiners notes that Casio was the innovator of the graphing calculator over 25 years ago. Mike is a full time teacher in Minnesota, and comes up with some novel ideas to challenge his students, using the capabilities of the graphing calculator. The secret to the long battery power of the unit gives you over 140 hours of capacity on 4 AAA batteries.

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