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Liddle Speaker: Must-have Bluetooth speaker for music lovers @ CES 2022

Liddle Speaker magnetic speakerOk, so yeah, we know… you can get a Bluetooth speaker just about anywhere, nowadays. They come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, with varying degrees of quality and features. Honestly, you’d think that a tech broadcast like us might even be pretty sick of them by now. But honestly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It would seem that we just can’t seem to get enough of them because we know that each one can provide a different experience depending on the situation.

One thing’s for sure, after learning more about this one, we like what we see. So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is portable, durable, and boasts fantastic audio performance? Look no further than the Liddle Speaker! This speaker is absolutely perfect for all music lovers, thanks to its sleek design and rugged construction. You will love how slick the Liddle Speaker looks, while totally appreciating how easily it fits into your gym bag, backpack, or purse. Whether you’re at the beach, gym, relaxing in your office, or backyard, the Liddle Speaker is essential for music fans looking to take their tunes wherever they go!

What is the Liddle Speaker?

The Liddle Speaker is a must-have Bluetooth-compatible speaker for any music lover. It features a unique, magnetic absorption technology that allows it to easily attach to any surface and it is also integrated with Mag Safe so it can piggyback right onto your compatible phone case. Thanks to its small but mighty design features and excellent sound quality with enhanced bass, the Liddle Speaker is perfect for taking your tunes wherever you go! It is truly essential equipment for music fans looking to take their music everywhere with them.

Who is the Liddle Speaker for?

So, who is the Liddle Speaker for? Well, really, this unique speaker is for anyone and everyone! With its portable design and great sound quality, the Liddle Speaker is perfect for any music lover. So, if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers fantastic audio performances and is perfect for taking your tunes wherever you go, the Liddle Speaker is for you!

The Liddle Speaker is equipped with the newest Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth 5.0 Chip gives a smooth connection while decreasing the number of times your music or podcast is disconnected. And if you are looking for an even better acoustic experience from these little beauts, simply utilize wireless stereo pairing using two Liddle Speakers via a single device for double that ultimate stereo sound. You can also get the most from movie/video time on your laptop and/or cell phone by using the adhesive metal ring to magnetize the speaker to it and create movie surround sound.


You can get a closer look for yourself by watching our full interview and more info by visiting their website, Here. You can also choose your favorite color while purchasing yours for $29.99 on Amazon. And let us know what you think in the comments section.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Jooki keeps kids engaged without screens using NFC ToyTouch @ CES 2022

Jooki smart speakerKids love video games, there’s no doubt about that. However, a number of studies have shown that constant screen time can lead to developmental issues. It can cause issues with blurred reality, social interactions, and more. As additional information has become available, some people have worked hard to develop products that help engage kids with traditional-style toys and games without the need for screens. One such product is Jooki, a combination of toy and music without the screen.

What is Jooki?

Jooki combines toys and characters with music – all things that kids love. Kids can use the characters to choose music and stories from the Jooki player. Simply place the right character on the platform and the corresponding music or story will play. Each token and figurine has a square base so that kids can only place them on the speaker the correct way. This helps kids with matching while also incorporating sounds.

Parents have the ability to choose what is available to their kids. They can record audio, including stories, from themselves and their family to be played on the device. They can also choose to stream music from Spotify directly to the speaker. Then, simply match the character piece with the audio that they want to be played and Jooki is ready to go.

How does it work?

This year, the company introduced the second generation of Jooki speakers. The new model has been enhanced in several ways, including adding new, brighter character figurines and tokens, and more stylish buttons. The speaker also features 5 GB of internal memory and 8 hours of battery life, meaning that it can be used on the go without internet access for a long time. For when you want to give your kids the ability to stream content, the speaker also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios.

The speaker itself features a 360-degree speaker design, so multiple kids and other family members can sit together around the speaker to listen. This gives the ability for a parent or grandparent to sit with the child while a story is being read and follow along. You can even use it to monitor your child’s sleep and nap times!

NFC technology and Muuselabs electronics keep kids away from screens with Jooki. Each character figurine and token has a unique identifier which, when in contact with the Jooki speaker, tells that device what audio to play. Some can be played without the need for internet access, like local stories. Others will require internet access, like music and podcasts from Spotify.


The Jooki generation 2 is available now in various kits. Prices start at $112.99 for a player with 2 standard tokens. The largest kit costs $179.99 for a player with 8 standard tokens and 5 figurines. There are currently 2 other sets available, as well. You can also purchase additional tokens and figurines. 6 tokens cost $24.99 and 5 figurines cost $34.99. To learn more about the product or to purchase one for your family, head to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Altec Lansing Enhances Both Looks and Features of Their Speakers

alteclansing-boomjacketEveryone loves to bring their music on the go and Altec Lansing’s latest take on its Boomjacket model is combining a great look with a ton of options.

The standard Boomjacket has a fabric finish in a variety of colors and features multi-point paring so users can put together their own surround sound setup. Consumers can mount the device if they choose, an option that comes right out of the box, and it offers 50 hours of battery life while also having the ability to charge another device. However, the Boomjacket is versatile as well and can be used in almost any type of setting seeing as it is largely element proof and also floats, making it truly water proof.

The Boomjacket retails at $199, but Altec Lansing also will offer a mini version that prices at $99 and has 16 hours of battery life. Those needing a little more than the standard can grab the Sonic Boomjacket for $300. That model has 60 hours of battery life with a 100 foot wireless range. All three options are expected to be available in the second quarter of the year.

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Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

Amps & Watts Bluetooth Speakers with Power for Mobile Devices

logo_top_amps&watts2Amps & Watts creates premium speakers for use with your mobile devices in and around your home. Now they’ve come out with a series of speakers that not only provide great audio and sound reproduction, they also provide additional power for your mobile phones and tablets while playing great sound. Harry Kalyvas from Amps & Watts came by the Tech Podcast Network LIVE studio at the International CES conference to talk about these innovative speakers.

Chris Montera, the Geekymedic and Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly chatted with Harry about the speakers and got the chance to listen to the powerful sound they produce. Harry brought several different designs by the booth to show off. Among them, small personal bluetooth speakers that are portable and can be taken anywhere in a pocket or a bag. He also brought in a desktop model with powerful sound drivers and bluetooth connectivity.

Visit AmpsandWatts.com for more information on their premium line of speakers and batteries for the mobile connected traveler and office.


Follow-up with more segments from CES 2014 here at TPN.tv and over at the Health Tech Weekly Podcast with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

Connect Wireless Speaker By Sharper Image

One thing Shaper Image  has always been known for is it’s ability to design in-home products that meet the consumer’s demands and needs. One of those demands is to enjoy music while relaxing in the kitchen, the bathroom, the porch, or the bedroom without giving up that valuable counter space.

Their latest Connect Wireless Speaker is no different. The Connect Wireless Speaker plugs directly in your AC outlet and provides quality audio production. The product allows you to listen to music via BlueTooth and also has a built-in microphone so that you don’t miss those important incoming calls. The speaker also includes a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with an estimated 3-4 hours life span.

Don of Sharper Image expects the product to hit shelves in May-June 2012 with a price tag of $49.99, available at major retailers and Sharper Image stores around the nation.

Interview by Steve Lee of Waves of Tech

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