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Sennheiser: Innovative sport earbuds with biometric sensors @ CES 2024

Sennheiser MOMENTUM SportThe fitness industry has witnessed a technological revolution in recent years, with innovative tools emerging to enhance workout tracking and performance. A notable development in this domain is the advent of sports earbuds equipped with biometric sensors.

Great audio and biometric tracking together

Sennheiser, in collaboration with fitness company Polar, has developed what they term the “world’s best sport headphones” – the MOMENTUM Sport. These earbuds are uniquely designed with two biometric sensors – a heart rate sensor and a core body temperature sensor. The integration of these sensors enables fitness enthusiasts to track their workouts with greater accuracy and depth. By monitoring heart rate and core body temperature, users can gain valuable insights into their performance and exertion levels during exercise.

The sensors are strategically placed inside the earbuds, leveraging the unique characteristics of the inner ear. The inner ear, being quiet, dark, and muscle-free, provides a stable and consistent environment for biometric readings.

These sports earbuds offer a level of versatility and convenience not found in traditional fitness tracking devices. They can be used independently or in conjunction with a sports watch, accommodating a variety of athletic activities and personal preferences.

The earbuds also boast several additional features that set them apart. These include wireless charging, noise cancellation, and a built-in 3-axis accelerometer. The accelerometer allows users to control their earbuds even when wearing gloves or ear warmers, simply by tapping their cheek.

Set to be released in April, the MOMENTUM Sport earbuds are priced at $329. While this may be considered a premium price point, the extensive feature set justifies the investment for fitness enthusiasts seeking superior audio quality and comprehensive workout tracking capabilities.

MOMENTUM True Wireless 4: A blend of affordability and quality

The company also introduced its new MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 earbuds. These earbuds promise a premium audio experience at a price point that balances affordability and quality. The decision to set the price at $299 reflects Sennheiser’s commitment to delivering value to its customers without compromising on the quality of the product.

The design of these earbuds has been enhanced over its previous models, particularly the antenna design, resulting in improved connectivity. This is a critical feature for wireless earbuds, as a stable and reliable connection is vital for a seamless listening experience. Moreover, the earbuds come with a noise-canceling feature, ensuring that users can immerse themselves in their music without external distractions.

Conclusion: Great sound and features from Sennheiser

In conclusion, the introduction of the MOMENTUM Sport earbuds with biometric sensors marks a significant advancement in fitness technology. These earbuds offer a comprehensive solution for workout tracking, with features such as heart rate monitoring and core body temperature sensing. The strategic placement of biometric sensors ensures accurate readings, while additional features like wireless charging and noise cancellation enhance user experience.

The new Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 earbuds, priced at $299, present a compelling option for audio enthusiasts. With their enhanced antenna design, noise-canceling feature, and numerous other improvements, these earbuds are set to deliver a superior listening experience. Their affordability broadens their reach to a wider consumer base, ensuring that more people can enjoy the high-quality audio that Sennheiser is renowned for.

As for availability, the earbuds will be accessible on the Sennheiser website, allowing customers to easily purchase these earbuds directly from the manufacturer. Sennheiser is also actively engaging with its audience, promising to provide more information as the launch date nears.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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WAVS Custom earphones: Custom-fit for transformative audio @ CES 2024

WAVS Custom in-ear monitorsCreating custom-fit earphones using 3D scanning technology has revolutionized the way we experience audio. At CES 2024, we spent some time with Ric Hoke, the energetic inventor of WAVS Custom, who has revolutionized the 3D scanning process for creating custom-fit earphones. The WAVS Custom app has immensely simplified the scanning process, completely eliminating the need for a visit to an audiologist for a fitting, and making it simple and convenient to get the best earphone fit.

WAVS Custom app brings custom fitting 3D scanning tech right to your phone

The WAVS Custom app is key to the snug customized fit of the company’s earphones and in-ear monitors. Using the their patented mobile 3D scanning technology you can perform the scanning process anytime, anywhere, with your phone in under 90 seconds. The app collects biometric data that is turned into a 3D model, which is then used to create a set of custom-fit earphones tailored specifically to the shape of your ears.

Unlike traditional 3D scanning methods that require scanning around the head, the WAVS Custom process uses the data collected from your face ID, which consists of infrared dots, making the 3D scan as quick and simple as taking a photo.

From your phone to your ear: These custom earphones offer state-of-the-art comfort and quality

After the 3D model of your ear is created, it goes to the WAVS Custom lab for processing. The company has perfected their 3D printing manufacturing method to ensure that the earphones are biocompatible and comfortable. The earphones are sleek and fit naturally in the ear, creating a fantastic seal and comfort.

The earphones are equipped with advanced audio technology and features, and can be used with a Bluetooth hookup or directly connected to a device. Additionally, WAVS Custom is releasing a first-ever custom fit, custom design gaming headset for mobile gaming and the Quest.

Conclusion: WAVS Custom brings custom Fit and clear audio as close as your phone

Custom-fit earphones created by 3D scanning have transformed the way we listen to audio, providing a personalized and immersive experience. The way WAVS Custom has transformed 3D scanning technology has revolutionized custom-fit earphones that can now be designed for everyone, satisfying different preferences and budgets.

Each set of WAVS is digitally processed and handcrafted here in the USA, and the company prides itself on providing a state-of-the-art product and a personalized experience for all their customers through their open-door approach to doing business, where every order is personal to them.

WAVS Custom earphones and in-ear-monitors range in price from $199 to $699, depending on the number of drivers and the level of customization desired – and there’s a lot of customization possible, from a variety of attractive colors and finishes to an Eddie Van Halen design.

You can learn more about the WAVS Custom patented 3D Scanning technology, and get an inside look at these high tech earphones and in-ear monitors at the WAVS Custom website where you can also ask questions, check out the FAQ and order your own custom audio gear.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Conversation Clear Plus aims to improve people’s hearing @ CES 2023

Sennheiser Conversation Clear PlusHearing products have come a long way in the past few years. Not too long ago, hearing products were very specific technology (aka hearing aids) with a specific look, feel, and behavior. They were controlled by a small number of companies that required a doctor’s appointment, a fitting, and a lot of money – often thousands of dollars. But, for most people, they were still uncomfortable and signaled that they were “old.” But now, technology companies have entered the fray and created new products that address the hearing problem in exciting ways. The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus is a new entry that aims to improve conversations in loud environments.

The problem with hearing

For many people, the problem with hearing isn’t about volume, it’s about context. Being able to hear in a private environment can be easy, but hearing in loud environments, such as CES itself, can be a challenge. The problem with traditional hearing aids, though, is that they generally amplify sound indiscriminately. So, if your issue is that you cannot focus on the voice of someone speaking to you in a loud environment, traditional hearing aids are going to make it worse, not better.

On the other hand, being able to use complicated algorithms to control volume and equalizer settings, you can amplify local sound while filtering out distant sounds. This means that you would be able to hear conversations with people who are close to you, or close to the headphones, without having to try and mentally filter out the rest of the noise in the room.

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus

Sennheiser is known for its audio technology. Whether it be the handheld microphone we use for our interviews or the headphones we use to monitor the recording, Sennheiser makes a lot of audio products. In fact, a lot of the audio equipment we use for our events outside of the studio is from Sennheiser. This is because of the reputation they have for quality.

With that, they have taken their knowledge of mics, headphones, and equalizers and put them into the Conversation Clear Plus. This product is a hearing product intended specifically to help those who have trouble differentiating local and distant voices. It is accomplished by using a small microphone array to listen to the environment and make live adjustments dozens of times per second. By sampling and adjusting so frequently, the device is able to make transitions between volumes and settings less obvious and more natural.

The best part is that they do not look like hearing aids. Instead, they look like regular Bluetooth earbuds. This can help people who are worried about hearing aid stigma feel more comfortable wearing them in public. Plus, they actually can be used as Bluetooth earbuds, so it’s not even that far off.


The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus is available now for $850. To learn more about the product or the company’s other audio products, including headphones and earbuds, head over to the brand’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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AfterShokz offers get great sound and unparalleled comfort @ CES 2021

AfterShokz bone-conducting headphonesMost of us couldn’t get through the day without our headphones. At work, we use them for conference calls and to listen to our favorite podcasts and music. Away from work, they get us through everything from long workouts to helping us fall asleep, and they are invaluable in helping us escape when uncle Billy brings up politics at family functions. For these reasons and more, they are truly on our list of essential items. But let’s be honest, it’s almost impossible to find that perfect pair that fit properly, especially when we tend to use them multiple hours per day. Headphones crush your ears and make it impossible to hear anything that is going on around you. Earbuds are never the right size and some of them are downright painful. And just like your favorite pair of socks, there’s always one of those little silicone tips that has gone off in search of a better life. But luckily, technology keeps forging on to find us a more perfect personal listening experience. And AfterShokz may have done just that. We were very happy to be able to meet up again with Donnie Coryea, Retail Marketing Specialist at AfterShokz, during our coverage of CES 2021, to find out what’s new with them.

Although most of the gamers that follow our coverage most likely already know about them, we know that the average consumer probably does not. AfterShokz makes open-ear, bone conduction headphones. What? Stay with us, it’s actually really cool. The thing that sets them apart from regular headphones is that they are designed to not go in or on your ears. They sit just outside of the ear and the bone conduction technology delivers the sound right through your cheekbone and directly to your inner ear. This technology allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while using them. They are great in office settings where you may need to hear the phone or be available for your manager and co-workers. They are also great at home where you might be awaiting a delivery or need to keep an ear out for the kids. They can also help you stay safe during outdoor activities and workouts. And gamers are falling in love with them because they are able to play for longer durations without their ears bothering them. No matter how you choose to use them, they really do fit into daily life much better than a standard pair of earbuds. You can leave them on while shopping or dashing through the airport and keep your music on or make a call. Or, in the case of our production team, they can answer a question from the green room without having to awkwardly pull aside the earcup from one side of their headphones and then try to get them set again.

With four different models to choose from, there is something for everyone. All are Bluetooth and offer a level of water resistance. Batter life starts at 6 hours on the Air and OpenMove models and it goes up to 8 hours on the Aeropex and there is 16 hours of talk time for the new OpenComm Headset with Noise-Cancelling Boom Microphone.

Another thing for you to love about AfterShokz is the price. It starts at just $79.95 and tops out at $159.95. So whether you are looking for endurance, lifestyle or communication, there is a set that is perfect for you. You’ll also find a nice little assortment of accessories on the AfterShokz website. My personal favorite are the colorful After-Sockz. If you get yourself a pair (and are able to keep one from getting irretrievably lost in the abyss), be sure to upload a pic of them in the comments here or on any of our social media sites.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Soul Blade earbuds want to help improve how you run @ CES 2021

Soul Blade runner earbudsMany of us always take our music with us. Whether we have over-ear or on-ear headphones, or in-ear earbuds, a lot of people carry some sort of personal audio product with them all the time. However, one group often struggles to find earbuds that work for them – runners. The new Soul Blade true wireless earbuds helps to address the concerns of runners, while adding capability for others.

The standard consumer earbuds tend to not be designed to stay in during intense motion, such as running. Specific devices tend to treat a symptom, like running a strap behind the head to keep from losing it. The Soul Blade earbuds address this problem the way older sport buds once did – with little blades inside the ear to hold them in place.

But, this isn’t where the Soul Blades really set themselves apart. The truly engaging feature of these earbuds is the health features. Built-in to the earbuds is a collection of health monitoring sensors, which can be used to track running form and vital stats. The system is even able to provide warning before injuries.

When there is an area of your form that requires improvement, a voice will chime in through the earbuds and let you know. Some of the capabilities aimed at running form include head angle, body tilt, and stride distance. At the end of the run, the connected SOULFIT app can give you detailed information about your form and any mistakes you may have made. You can also see visual representations of potential injury. You also get more traditional information, such as time, speed, calories burned, as well as a map of your run.

The Soul Blade true wireless earbuds will be available around the start of Q2 2021, and will retail for $199. To learn more about the company and its full product line, you can head to the Soul website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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HearNotes Earbuds Bring Both Fashion and Fidelity to Your Audio

HearNotes is bringing revolutionary lossless audio technology to completely wireless earbuds at CES2015!

hearnotes-earbudsFor high-end audiophiles and people who crave both fashion and fidelity in their earbuds, HearNotes has brought you a solution. It is actually the most elegant solution we’ve seen in quite a while. No more bulky, blocky over the ear headphones, no more wires to get tangled or broken, HearNotes breaks the paradigm.

Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic got the chance to stop by the HearNotes booth while at CES2015 to chat with founder and CEO Patrick Donohue about the genesis of the product and the key design features that set these earbuds apart from the pack. From the packaging and charging box to the innovative and exiting design, we think the HearNotes earbuds will be the next big thing in audio later this spring when they’re released!

Make sure you follow Jamie’s picks and coverage over at HTWeekly.com and the Tech Podcasts Network live CES 2015 coverage over at TPN.tv during the show where our entire CES team will be bringing you the best, the most innovative, and newest tech gadgets to you from the conference! And don’t forget to check out his shows for at NursingShow.comMedicCast.tv, and the brand new Health Tech weekly show at HTWeekly.com.

Custom-Molded In-Ear Headphones at Home from Decibullz

Decibullz Custom-Molded In-Ear Audio

Kyle Kirkpatrick from Decibullz.com joined Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and Chris Montera, the Geekymedic on their Tech Podcast Network LIVE coverage from the International CES conference in Las Vegas. On the final day, Jamie and Chris were excited to check out the custom-molded in-ear earbuds from Decibullz. You mold them and create them at home using your microwave oven.

The brand new Decibullz Contour earbuds are turning heads, literally, at CES 2014. This is the newest version of their popular earphone. This new earphone is the best earphone they have ever created, with better sound, better seal, and better fit. Plus, they are even easier to mold! This new design makes it easier than ever for users to create a perfect fitting and great sounding earphone. The team at Decibullz has combined their customized molding material with a specially selected silicone tip. The soft tip aligns the earphone in the ear canal and creates a comfortable sound-isolating seal. The tip works in conjunction with the molding material that conforms to the concha (bowl part of the ear) to keep the earphone secure and comfortable.

The Contour Earbuds from Decibullz.com are available in March. You can pre-order them for a cost of $49.00. Pick up your own custom molded earbuds now!


Follow-up with more segments from CES 2014 here at TPN.tv and over at the Health Tech Weekly Podcast with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

Nesting Earbuds – Safety and Convenience

DigInnoLogoIf you have earbud style headphones, it’s a sure thing that they spend a lot of time tangled up in gym bag, briefcase or purse. Digital Innovations introduced us to a patented earbud winder / carry case that protects the headphones and keeps them available and untangled for immediate retrieval.  The holder is made out of soft and pliable silicone material with a rubbery feel that makes it easy to wind the headphone cords and stow the actual earbuds in the interior. Extracting them tangle free is available with a single pull. Price class $10 from Digital Innovations, Inc. TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Daniel J. Lewis, The Audacity To Podcast.


ClarityOne: Fighting EM Fields Deliver Great Sound

Six Patents -12 Years of R&D

In any speaker system, the last thing that you need is something that introduces distortion into the system at just the instant that you want the purest sound into your ears. Traditional systems attempt to compensate for poor match between amplifier and speaker with crossover networks or active processing. ClarityOne Audio’s new system insures that the harmonics that give music its richness come through the system The net result is a set of earbuds that produce pure, clean,undistorted sound from your phone, mp3, iPod and audio book so you hear everything other earphones leave behind.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


Do it Yourself Custom Ear Molds with Sonomax


As a musician and a Podcaster, I know how getting earbuds that kill exterior sound can help. Not only to cancel out other sounds, but save your ears from harmful noises (if you control the volume). That is where Sonomax eers come in.

They create do it yourself custom molds.

There are two types of kits – a single driver and a dual driver earbud ( separating Bass and Treble). You put the kit in your ears, pop the tops, wait four minutes and voila! You have a custom set of earphones.

These earphones will cut down the decibel level significantly. Therefore, if you are doing something in a noisy area, these earbuds will protect.

I have yet to try them out while drumming, but I can tell you they are perfect when I had to go outside to shovel the blizzard we had. I could focus on the task and not be distracted by anything else.

Prices only start at $199. Custom ear molds from the doctor’s office cost $1000 – $2000. Therefore, this is a pretty good deal.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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