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iGrip: Get Your Hold On Most Any Smartphone or GPS

Universal or Custom

The iGrip Universal holders are designed to work with a wide rand of devices – ipods to full size smartphones, with or without a case.  If you are looking to protect a specific device like Blackberry, Apple or HTC Smartphone, you will want to checkout the PerfektFit Holders .

Cell phone hands-free legislation now in many States!

Over the last decade thirteen different states have implemented some type of hands-free legislation. Plus, iGrip has a selection of automobile GPS units such as TomTom, Magellen, Garmin and other popular units.

Interview by Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


DeLorme In-Reach Satellite Communicator

GPS Plus Emergency Satellite Communicator

The Award-Winning DeLorme In-Reach allows you to stay reliably connected wherever you go. You can end and receive text messages, even while out of cell phone range- letting your friends in basecamp or family know that you have crossed a phase line, milepost or difficult portion of your hiking or climbing route. You will get confirmation of message delivery. And most importantly, you can send Interactive 2-way SOS in a real emergency and communicate with responders to make sure that they understand the nature of your emergency.

The system includes global coverage, and is in the $250 price class.


Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.




Ski goggles with built-in GPS and LCD

Ski goggles with built-in GPS that tracks all your stats in real-time?

Too good to be true right?

No, they’re here now! These goggles have an LCD in the corner that shows your speed, altitude, length of run, top speed, and lots more.

It’s small enough to not distract you but big enough to show you exactly what you need. In the future they are planning on integrating real-time information about where your friends are on the slope too. A must-have for avid skiers.

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Nike Plus Sports Watch GPS Enabled CES 2011

Nike has created a GPS enabled watch for runners that is not only simple to use but tracks your runs, and allows you to connect online and share your runs, it tracks where you go and the run times.. Great way to share great running routes with all your friends.

One of the cool features is that once you take it off, you can actually plug it into your computer with the built in USB connector.

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