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United Healthcare Puts Dance Revolution in Schools

Dance, Dance Revolution Classroom Edition
Dance, Dance Revolution Classroom Edition

Kids need to dance and play. We’ll find out what United Healthcare is doing about that in this report from CES 2013 in Las Vegas.


Brian Landwehr, Director of Innovation and R&D for United Healthcare chats with Jamie Davis about the latest initiative to combat childhood obesity from United Healthcare. They are funding a pilot program for multiplayer, school based versions of the popular dancing video game, Dance, Dance Revolution. It’s already changing lives for the better.

United Healthcare is partnering with Konami, makers of the popular dance game, to bring the classroom version of Dance, Dance Revolution to a number of schools that already have a relationship for health curriculum with United Healthcare. This type of initiative can have a positive effect on the whole family and, indeed, the community.

Healthcare Changes One (Dance) Step at a Time

Healthcare systems can reach out to people where they are and find ways to innovate in order to encourage and promote fit activities and behaviors. Kids are already playing video games. How do we take those existing activities and make them more health focused? Helping people become fit through activities in which they already participate helps create habits and lifestyle changes that will last throughout the patient’s lifetime.

Video by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).

Omron Healthcare Heart Rate Wrist Monitor

Omron Heart Rate Wrist Monitor
Omron Heart Rate Wrist Monitor

Monitor your heart rate anywhere you go, whatever you do with the Omron Healthcare Heartrate Monitor. Ranndy Kellogg from Omron took a few moments to talk with Jamie Davis, the Podmedic at CES 2013 in the Digital Health Pavilion.


This amazing little heart rate monitor can be worn on the wrist instead of the chest bands used by many fitness places in the past. This is a strapless continuous heart rate monitor with optical sensors that read the blood flow in your capillaries and calculate your heart rate for you. It can be worn all day long with up to 8 hours of battery life for continuous monitoring during workouts. With periodic monitoring during workouts, battery life can last over a week.

Monitoring Heart Rate Improves Fitness

Checking your heart rate during workouts makes those workouts more effective. Even when walking, if you’re pace is not vigorous enough to stimulate a rise in heart rate, there is not as much benefit to the activity. To really see that benefit, you need to get your heart rate into a target range that burns calories and to do that, you must use some sort of heart rate monitoring technique or tool.

Video by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).

Bodymedia Fit Link Armband Fitness Tracker

Bodymedia Fit Link Armband
Bodymedia Fit Link Armband

There are a lot of fitness devices debuting at CES but how’d you like a fitness monitor that not only tracks your steps, your heart rate and also your sleep patterns?

Stay tuned for the Bodymedia Fit.


Erin from Bodymedia Fit tells Jamie Davis, the Podmedic about the Link Armband tracker and monitor. It’s a bluetooth wireless device that tracks your calories burned, steps taken, your physical activity and your sleep, all with over 90% accuracy. It takes all of those measurements through four different sensors on the back of the device that rest against your skin. It transmits that information to an online activity app or your smart phone so you can track your data and find out how you are doing.

Good for Fitness Experts and Newbies

This device helps both the athlete and people just starting out by showing them which activities are more productive at burning calories. With the online system or using the mobile app, users can match calories burned against calories eaten to monitor your progress towards a goal. The Bodymedia Fit Link Armband also integrates with other apps and fitness devices.

Check out the Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale video from CES, too.

Video by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).

Jamie Davis and Health Tech Weekly Attending CES 2013

I’m Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from the brand new Health Tech Weekly podcast (HTWeekly.com). Coming up in January I’ll be joining the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 coverage team from the Tech Podcast network for the second year, focusing on medical technology and digital health products. Together with the other tech podcast network hosts, we’ll be covering the consumer electronics show so you’ll feel as if you were there yourself!

Join us here at the Tech Podcasts Network for the best in live coverage from CES 2013. You’ll be glad you did!

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Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Watch, MP3 Player

Motorola Motoactv

Motorola showed off the MOTOACTV fitness watch at CES. This is the world’s first GPS fitness tracker and smart music player.

Wear MOTOACTV on your wrist, or connect to a bike. It will keep track of the calories, steps, and more. If you have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, connect it to the MOTOACTV, and it will track your results.

You can download your information to the computer and put up on the Motorola MOTOACTV website. Share with your friends, and have little healthy competitions.

The built-in MP3 player also can determine which songs affect your exercise. The performance playlist will help you power through. You can also set a “Fit song”, which could help you when you need that extra boost.

MOTOACTV is available in 8 GB ($249) and 16 GB ($299) models.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine


Bluetooth enabled Activity Manager

If you are interested in healthy living and keeping track of your habits this is for you!

The BODYMEDIA Activity Manager captures your statistics in real-time as well as your sleeping habits.

I have used several different sports devices to track my progress for running, biking, skiing, etc but I have never had a device that captured my sleep.  According to my doctor, I need to sleep more and this may be exactly what I need.

You can publish your results on the internet for easy access and overview as well as using their iPhone/Android apps to log food intake and other essential habits.

I had a ton of fun talking to Nic “the intern” and I kept watching his statistics available on the BODYMEDIA web page.  Nic performed a skydiving tandem jump during CES and his statistics were immediately uploaded to the web to show how his body reacted to the jump.  This is really impressive.

Fitness professionals must be jumping and cheering about this device!

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CES Countdown 2 FCC Chairman

As a part of our Tech Podcast Network coverage of CES 2011, we are featuring a daily countdown of interviews, activities, tech zones, conference tracks and keynotes that will be included in our live coverage.

As a part of our Tech Podcast Network coverage of CES 2011, we are featuring a daily countdown of interviews, activities, tech zones, conference tracks and keynotes that will be included in our live coverage.