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Omron Brings Modern Blood Pressure Monitors to CES

Omron Healthcare LogoPersonal healthcare technology has come a long way over the years. It’s now easier than ever to track vital health information at home. Omron Healthcare is leading the way in this field with its new line of blood pressure monitors.

Todd and Don met with Ranndy Kellogg from Omron. Ranndy showed off his company’s latest high-tech blood pressure monitor prototype. Key features of this device include:

  • Can be worn continuously and used not just as a blood pressure monitor but also an activity tracker for things like counting steps.
  • Data collected by the device can be transferred to mobile Android or iOS devices. From there, it can be shared with family members, doctors, and other caretakers.
  • Monitor uses standard oscillometric technology validated to the same accuracy as all upper arm blood pressure monitors.
  • Built-in sensor lets users know when blood pressure monitor is in proper position for use.
  • Single battery charge can last up to 14 days, depending on usage.

The blood pressure monitor seen in the video is a working prototype. Omron will take these devices to production then they will go thru clinical studies and eventual FDA clearance. They’re anticipating the testing and clearance time will take about nine months. Once the monitor is ready, it should retail for around $200.

Todd Cochrane is the host of the twice weekly Geek News Central Podcast which can be found at GeekNewsCentral.com

Don Baine is the Gadget Professor and he holds classes at TheGadgetProfessor.com.

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Omron Healthcare Heart Rate Wrist Monitor

Omron Heart Rate Wrist Monitor
Omron Heart Rate Wrist Monitor

Monitor your heart rate anywhere you go, whatever you do with the Omron Healthcare Heartrate Monitor. Ranndy Kellogg from Omron took a few moments to talk with Jamie Davis, the Podmedic at CES 2013 in the Digital Health Pavilion.


This amazing little heart rate monitor can be worn on the wrist instead of the chest bands used by many fitness places in the past. This is a strapless continuous heart rate monitor with optical sensors that read the blood flow in your capillaries and calculate your heart rate for you. It can be worn all day long with up to 8 hours of battery life for continuous monitoring during workouts. With periodic monitoring during workouts, battery life can last over a week.

Monitoring Heart Rate Improves Fitness

Checking your heart rate during workouts makes those workouts more effective. Even when walking, if you’re pace is not vigorous enough to stimulate a rise in heart rate, there is not as much benefit to the activity. To really see that benefit, you need to get your heart rate into a target range that burns calories and to do that, you must use some sort of heart rate monitoring technique or tool.

Video by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).