Bluetooth enabled Activity Manager

If you are interested in healthy living and keeping track of your habits this is for you!

The BODYMEDIA Activity Manager captures your statistics in real-time as well as your sleeping habits.

I have used several different sports devices to track my progress for running, biking, skiing, etc but I have never had a device that captured my sleep.  According to my doctor, I need to sleep more and this may be exactly what I need.

You can publish your results on the internet for easy access and overview as well as using their iPhone/Android apps to log food intake and other essential habits.

I had a ton of fun talking to Nic “the intern” and I kept watching his statistics available on the BODYMEDIA web page.  Nic performed a skydiving tandem jump during CES and his statistics were immediately uploaded to the web to show how his body reacted to the jump.  This is really impressive.

Fitness professionals must be jumping and cheering about this device!

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