Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Watch, MP3 Player

Motorola Motoactv

Motorola showed off the MOTOACTV fitness watch at CES. This is the world’s first GPS fitness tracker and smart music player.

Wear MOTOACTV on your wrist, or connect to a bike. It will keep track of the calories, steps, and more. If you have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, connect it to the MOTOACTV, and it will track your results.

You can download your information to the computer and put up on the Motorola MOTOACTV website. Share with your friends, and have little healthy competitions.

The built-in MP3 player also can determine which songs affect your exercise. The performance playlist will help you power through. You can also set a “Fit song”, which could help you when you need that extra boost.

MOTOACTV is available in 8 GB ($249) and 16 GB ($299) models.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine