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WOSH makes handwashing available without running water @ CES 2021

WOTA WOSH handwashing systemTetsuya Morimoto, Senior Manager of the Japanese company, WOTA Corp., joined us at CES 2021 to tell us about their new WOSH handwashing station that is ushering in a convenient and efficient new community sanitation system.

The WOSH handwashing station is a small triumph of technology that requires no access to running water. It consists of an upcycled drum, with a reusable self-contained AI monitored water system, sensors and three filtration systems: two activated carbon filters and one RO film which remove impurities and viruses. It can be placed anywhere and does not require any plumbing. The self-contained system recycles more than 98% of the water, returned to the user as clean water. It also includes a smartphone sterilization feature, with a 30-second, deep ultraviolet radiation function.

The company’s ultimate goal is to remove every limitation between people and water. WOSH can be easily installed in cafes, restaurants, offices and other facilities, and the AI system helps it become more efficient with repeated use. Other applications include hospitals, nursing facilities, airports, military deployments, and disaster relief support.

Described as a next level public health product, WOSH is aimed at those who understand the importance of handwashing and take health and sanitation seriously. The system also addresses the challenge of sanitation in developing nations where as many as 3 billion people have little to no water supply infrastructure. WOSH also features a lighted “safety ring” that counts down 30 seconds, to ensure that users wash their hands for the maximum recommended time, making handwashing fun for children, too.

WOTA, which is based in Tokoyo, already has 4 000 pre-orders from several major Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi and is getting ready for a $60 million series A launch. The company plans to bring WOSH to the United States in 2022

Learn more at the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Alcatel-Lucent Emergency Response Vehicle Geeks Out

In this episode, Wayne from Alcatel-Lucent walks Jeffrey Powers through their geeked-out SUV loaded with every item found in the public safety realm, along with E-node B. They downsized it and connected to the emergency band in order to access the internet.

We walk through this SUV and geek out with all the cool items Alcatel-Lucent added. We also look at a special app that can be used for communication and information.

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EmFinders Emergency Locator Service

Todd Cochrane spoke with Harry G. Smeenk, VP of Sales for EmFinders. EmFinders makes a emergency location device, that you wear like a watch. It is made for people who are cognitively and developmentally impaired individuals. like someone with Autism or Alzheimer’s It uses a cellular based solution instead of GPS so it can work inside of buildings. Mr. Smeenk said many times the wearer will go somewhere that seems comfortable to them, which is often inside. It uses the gsm network. They talked about how the clasp is hard to open so the user can’t take it off.

Mr. Smeenk indicated that the way the system works is if an individual wearing the device disappears. The caregiver would then call EmFinder. EmFinder then activates the device and gets a signal. They then send that signal to the 911 dispatcher in the area where the signal is coming from. They also provide information about the wearer to the 911 dispatch. Normally once the signal is sent out it takes on 10-15 minutes to find the wearer. The devices cost $200 and there is a $25.00 monthly charge. It has has been in the market for only a year and is being directed toward consumers, law enforcement and senior institutions. As the population gets older these types of devices are going to become more popular.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien for Geek News Central.

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