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Chug Plug Battery Backup for Macbook Air and Pro Laptops at CES

LenmarLenmar is known for their Undead Power batteries for mobile devices. Now they have come out with a new battery for 13 inch Macbook Pros and the Macbook Air laptop computers. The Chug Plug is a battery specifically designed to connect to the snap-together computer power supply plugs in Apple Macbook laptops. Jenny Simpson from Lenmar Enterprises joins Tech Podcast Network hosts Chris Montera, the Geekymedic and Jamie Davis, the Podmedic to tell them about this new battery technology.

The Chug Plug will give an additional 4 hours or so to your laptop’s battery life so that when you’re on the go, you don’t have to go without your laptop because of a dying battery. The Chug Plug is a “Smart Battery” which means that it can pass through charge when plugged into the wall and if the wall doesn’t provide enough power for some reason, the Chug Plug will use battery power to supplement AC, if needed.

You can check out the Chug Plug for yourself when if comes out this March for the 45 Watt and 60 Watt MacBooks for about $159.00.


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TPN Innovator Pick Award Winner Chug Plug by Lenmar at CES 2014

LenmarThis year at the International CES conference in Las Vegas, the Tech Podcast Network team from TPN.tv handed out their first ever TPN Picks awards to selected products and services that were deemed to be innovators rising above the rest at this year’s show. Here’s the first of our pick segments recorded LIVE on the final day outside the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Chris Davis, Editor for the TPN team comes on with Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane to look at Chris’ pick, the Chug Plug battery from Lenmar.

They were joined by Jenny Simpson from Lenmar to talk about the Chug Plug, which is a battery that provides supplemental power for Macbook Airs and 13″ Macbook Pros. With the Chug Plug, the user can get an additional 4 hours of computer time, allowing them to get more work done on the road while traveling or just around the office without having to be plugged in. This is the perfect addition to the backpack for college students with MacBooks and will definitely be an addition to Chris’ tool kit when he returns to school in the fall.

The Chug Plug should be available in March and will retail for around $159.00. Find more information on the Chug Plug at Lenmar.com.


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Chug Plug Battery From Lenmar Charges Your Mac On The Go at CES

ChugPlug_LenmarAirplanes, long car rides, inaccessible plugs in hotel rooms… and your battery is at 15%, with hours of time yet to kill. Chris Davis from Healthtech Weekly interviews Jenny Simpson from Lenmar about solving these everyday dilemmas. Chris was roaming the floor at the International CES conference in Las Vegas looking for the latest and greatest in tech and gadgets with the Tech Podcast Network team. Find out how you can extend your MacBook’s battery life with Chris Davis and the Chug Plug.

The Chug Plug is the first of its kind; an external battery pack for your MacBook. It plugs into the brick portion of the laptop power adapter that comes with your computer and adds about four hours of battery life. The best part is that you don’t need any extra cables. You charge it up with the other side of your Mac laptop’s charging cable.

Presently, the Chug Plug is only available for the 13 inch MacBook Pro, as well as all models of MacBook Air; however, the company is working on producing a larger model to cover the 15- and 17-inch models of MacBook Pro.

The Chug Plug will be available in March for about $159.


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