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4-channel podcasting on iPad, iPhone, and Mac with Griffin Technology’s StudioConnect HD

Griffin Studio Connect HDProduce your audio podcast from home or remotely from your iPad or computer with StudioConnect HD. Griffin Technology—a leader when in accessories for home, mobile, and technology—recently launched an exciting new product that will bring your podcasting into a new level.

The StudioConnect HD is an all-in-one audio interface with two TRS/XLR combo inputs, where each inputs is its own individual channel, allowing the StudioConnect HD to support multi-track recording. Each inputs also has its own gain knob and phantom power. At the back of the unit are a 5-pin MIDI connection, a USB MIDI connection for USB keyboards, and balanced stereo output for studio monitors. The StudioConnect HD is compatible with iOS (30 pin & Lightning) and OS X (USB), with future support for Windows. Plus, you can use not just your laptop or iPad, you can also use your iPod Touch or iPhone, making it even more convenient when you air your audio podcast.

Using the two stereo inputs, you can record 4-channel audio by selecting which instruments you want to use from the left and right stereo inputs. This also allows you to use multiple instrument or microphones at the same time with this USB 2.0 device. And with only $199.99, you can already own this audio interface starting this Fall. Learn more about StudioConnect HD and see how it can take your podcasting into a new height.

Interview by Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast.


PowerMate Bluetooth Gets TPN Innovator Pick Award at CES 2014

griffin_powermate_bluetoothThis year’s TPN Innovator Pick from Daniel J. Lewis is the Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth from Griffin Technologies. Heather from Griffin joins Daniel and Geek News Central host, Todd Cochrane for a look at this computer control device. The PowerMate bluetooth is an update of their corded PowerMate which connects via USB. Now with bluetooth connectivity makes it an indispensable tool for video and audio editors out there.

PowerMate Bluetooth is the wireless programmable controller that replaces extra keystrokes with a simple twist or a click. It scrolls. It scrubs. It clicks like a mouse. And it’s user-configurable, so it can control practically any Mac application out there.

Find out more about the PowerMate Bluetooth at GriffinTechnology.com.


Griffin Mic Connect: Use Any Microphone with iPad

Griffin Mic Connect
Griffin Mic Connect

Stopped by the Griffin booth and found out about their newest device – the Mic Connect. This is a box that will take any XLR micorophone and connect it to an iPad. The Mic Connect runs on AA batteries and has a +48 switch. That means it will supply the phantom power to a microphone so you can use whatever you choose.

Griffin Mic Connect (Griffin Mic Connect) also uses the 3.5 mm jack instead of the connector. That way you are assured you can use whatever iOS or Android device to record podcasts, music or other audio.


The Griffin Mic Connect is $39.95 and the mount is also $39.95.

Also check out the Griffin Studio Connect

Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.com

Griffin Studio Connect with Approved Lightning Adaptor

Griffin Studio Connect
Griffin Studio Connect

Griffin announced at CES it was the first to get accepted as the first 3rd party device to use the Lightning connection for iPad. The Studio Connect is an iPad adaptor that allows users to connect USB devices, microphones or stereo inputs so they can record and edit on the iPad.

The stand allows the iPad to perch in a angle for easy reading. You can simply connect the iPad and use external speakers to watch a movie or play a game.


The Griffin Studio Connect will be available this summer for $149.

Ion Guitar Apprentice – CES Back Channel


Part of the Backchannel, we saw the Ion Guitar apprentice – the worlds first teaching device. It works with any guitar app, but they will have a guitar app for the device.

Guitar Apprentice
Guitar Apprentice

We also saw the Piano Apprentice – Plug your ipad into the keyboard. With the app, you can learn how to play piano Price: $99

Also out it the Drum Master, and Drum apprentice. $99 for the apprentice, $149 for the Master.

Griffin Stompbox and the “slap”

The Griffin Stompbox is a must for guitar players, whether you are a professional or amateur.

I wish I could play the guitar and use the cool features in this device.  I had to look on in awe as I watched the people coming and going playing with the stompbox at CES.

The stompbox allows you to use your iPad to change guitar effects. Griffin uses the iPad app “iShred Live” with its stompbox.  This device is available soon for $99.99.

I also got to see the “Slap” for the first time. Its an wrist band, which makes a wrist-watch of your iPod nano. The “slap” is available now on Griffin’s website.

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