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Foodetective: API unifier for food & bev. business software @ CES 2022

Foodetective management integrationFood business owners have a lot on their plate. Not only do they need to worry about the food itself, but they also need to manage their technology stack and stay up to date with the latest software innovations. Foodetective is here to help, as they are the leading API unifier for food and beverage businesses of all sizes.

What is Foodetective?

Foodetective is a web platform that integrates all your software and systems into a single portal. This allows food business owners to manage their entire tech stack in one place, reducing operational inefficiencies and improving business insights. Foodetective also has a directory of businesses that showcases customer-facing services.

With Foodetective, you can manage your entire tech stack in one place, reduce operational inefficiencies, and improve business insights. Stay connected with your data from your pocket – updated information will automatically synchronize on connected apps. Get listed on their directory and benefit from their lead-generating platform that showcases your customer-facing services.

How does Foodetective work?

These days, every vendor, from your soda distributor to your food supplier, all use different systems. This means that to place orders, track shipments, and track invoices you need to be all over the internet. When you combine those systems with the data from your point-of-sale system, employee management system, and everything else you need to run a business, you can spend most of your time hoping between interfaces trying desperately to remember passwords.

Foodetective’s API connects to all of your software and systems, automatically synchronizing updates across connected apps. This means that you can use a single system to see how much beef you have used this week and order more beef from your supplier. You can then compare the cost to the sales to ensure there is still a manageable profit on the menu items you sell and figure out which ones you don’t sell enough of. This is a huge benefit to businesses no matter the size.

The platform even integrates with the delivery platforms, like Uber Eats and DoorDash. If a restaurant delivers using both of them, they can receive data for both platforms in a single interface, making it easier to fulfill those orders on time, as opposed to flipping between unrelated devices for each platform.

Additionally, Foodetective offers lead-generation services that help promote your food business to new customers. As a customer of the platform, you get listed in their system, giving you news ways for customers and vendors to find you.

Why use Foodetective?

Food business owners need every edge they can get in order to be successful. Foodetective helps businesses stay up to date with the latest software innovations, manage their technology stack more efficiently, and generate leads for new customers. In a nutshell, Foodetective is an essential tool for any food or beverage business owner looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.


To learn more about Foodetective and how it might help your food and beverage business, check out their website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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The Beeing B-BOX makes beekeeping at home safe and easy @ CES 2021

Beeing B-BOX beekeeping boxUrban farming may be a concept that is foreign to many people, but it is quickly growing in popularity. From people turning their yards into full gardens that can produce food to full indoor hydroponics cabinets like our friends at Natufia, the idea has gained a lot of attention in recent years. But, one area that is gaining in popularity is beekeeping. The process can be rewarding but difficult, but Beeing is making it easier with the B-BOX.

Beeing produces a new style of bee box that is designed specifically for the urban farmer. Appropriately named the B-BOX, this box has a large focus on safety. It helps to maintain the simplest and safest interaction between humans and bees. This is because bees are not domesticated animals, meaning that they have no reason not to hurt someone, so always be careful (even with the safety precautions in place).

The B-BOX is also designed to make the experience exciting. The entrance point for the bees is just over 7 feet from the ground, making it perfect for watching without a heightened chance of getting stung. The side of the box also has a transparent side panel, so you can peek in and see what’s going on. Of course, since bees only feel safe and at home in the dark, the panel has a cover that should stay in place under normal circumstances. Honey collection is also made easy, with panels across the top that slide up and out.

In addition to the B-BOX, the company produces a number of connected devices to help manage your colony. Using sensors within the box, you can detect issues early, before they negatively impact the health of the bees.

The B-BOX is available internationally, while the connected devices are currently only available in Italy, with a wider rollout in the works. To learn more about the B-BOX, head to the Beeing website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Kitchen Tech for the 21st Century

Some Radical Thinking on Home Appliances


Our homes are a fertile ground for engineer’s imagination. The basic functions of heating food or keeping it cool and fresh are now being re-imagined with advances in digital control and solid state technology.


For the past 120 years, our vision of the ice box or oven heat box has been exactly that.. a box. Whirlpool research is challenging that mental image with some exciting concepts- returning to gathering around the cooking fire or making the food storage and stocking a part of the room decor. Not a box in sight, and on the horizon for introduction as early as 2020.

TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews.com