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Impulse Neuro-Controller makes you faster when gaming @ CES 2021

Impulse Neuro-ControllerFor gamers, one of the most important things is controlling your timing. Every fraction of a second in response time can be the difference between getting the shot or getting shot. Gamers go out of their way to find just the right mouse and keyboard to be able to speed up their reaction times ever so slightly. But, as Avram always says, you can also speed up the slowest part of your computer – you. One way to accomplish this is with Impulse Neuro-Controller from Brink Bionics.

The Impulse is a fingerless glove that works with your existing gaming mouse to improve reaction times. Rather than waiting for you to click, it literally reads your mind and acts early. It is able to read your impulses (hence the name) from your hand using biosignals. Using an AI algorithm, the glove is able to learn your behaviors and act on them ahead of time.

Just like any bio-feedback device, it takes some time to train. Everyone reacts differently to different stimuli. For example, if you are training a brain control headband, you need to determine certain things to think about and map those thought patterns to specific actions. With the Impulse, you simply set it up for training and plan like normal. The system is able to read your biosignals and connect them with your actions on the computer. Once the connections are made, it is able to work ahead of you to produce results before you are able to click.

The Impulse Neuro-Controller is ideal for players of first-person shooters, real-time strategies, multiplayer online battle arenas, and more. To learn more about Impulse and Brink Bionics, you can head over to their website, which currently takes you to their Indiegogo page, which has a lot of additional information.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Knuckles 5 puts all the drone control you need in one hand @ CES 2021

Knuckles 5 single-handed drone controllerKostiantyn Borysov is the creator of Knuckles 5, a multi-faceted, one-handed drone controller.

Drones are a big business in the U.S. Of the nearly 2 million drones registered with the FAA, about 1.3 million of them are recreational drones. There are currently over 200,000 certified remote pilots. By 2025, it is estimated that the market for commercial drones will exceed $13 billion per year (Stastica). So Knuckles 5 made a prime time entry at CES 2021, with some promising new developments in accessibility and functionality.

Designed initially around the idea of a flight stick, Knuckles 5 utilizes a single 5 button, 3 analog joystick with eight axes, and two modes. The device features two trackballs – one moved by the index finger and the other by the thumb – to control a drone along a combined four axes. Two more axes controlled by a mini-joystick, and another two axes by an IMU (inertial measurement unit) that picks up controller tilt. Using GUI (graphical user interface), it is technically possible to have 19 possible axes or 40 different buttons configured through the custom set up feature – all controllable with one hand. Borysov said the controller also provides for faster drone control than current controllers offer.

Still under development, the controller will be able to potentially control everything from pocket drones to commercial UAVs. And more intriguingly, the controller makes it possible to control two drones at the same time. Knuckles 5 opens up drone flying to people with disabilities, and Borysov is currently seeking people to test the device. While designed for flying drones the controller can also be used for video game play.

Knuckles 5 is expected to be available some time this year, and will retail at around $250 to $300. Visit the company’s website to learn more.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Griffin Technology’s Powermate Bluetooth controls anything on your computer


Griffin Technology, a top company that is known for innovative accessories for personal computing and digital media, shows an awesome little device that doesn’t just look beautiful, but also allows you to use it for almost anything for media production or consumption.

If you’re familiar with Griffin, you might already know about the PowerMate that they had. It’s a Bluetooth device that can be connected to a computer via USB and can be used for multiple purposes. Recently, Griffin unveiled a new wireless version of the PowerMate Bluetooth, which supports Bluetooth 4.0. Currently, the wireless PowerMate Bluetooth is compatible with Mac laptop or desktop that supports Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. It has a power requirement of two (2) AAA batteries included, but you shouldn’t have to change the batteries more than you would an Apple wireless mouse.

Essentially, the PowerMate is a programmable USB controller. There are six actions or movements that it can do; rotate it left to right, click on it once, click and hold, click and hold then rotate it right and left. Each one of these actions, you can assign to a particular keyboard function in all of your favorite programs.

The program is fairly intuitive and one of the software that you would be getting with your PowerMate is a program where you can connect a multiple PowerMates at a time to a single computer. Through this software, you can set several commands in just a few clicks. Unlike with the old PowerMate, the new PowerMate’s sensitivity can be adjusted so you can be as minute or as big as you want to be. No matter what you want to set it to—zoom in, zoom out, brush size adjustments — everything can be done easily by setting it up using the new PowerMate.

If you want to have your own PowerMate Bluetooth, you can get it for only $59.99. Griffin Technology’s PowerMate Bluetooth will be available starting Summer of this year. Learn more information about this wireless programmable controller at GriffinTechnology.com.

Interview by Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast.


Fling iPad Game Controller

The ingenious joystick design from Ten One Design called “Fling” will take your gaming to a whole new level.

The “Fling” will improve your accuracy so much that people are already calling it cheating using it.  I tried it and was surprised how smooth and easy it was to use.

I never thought that something as small and inexpensive as this would be so much fun!

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