Karamba Security is preventing hacking into the IoT @ CES 2021

Karamba Security IoT protectionSecuring the Internet of Things is a complicated task. We’ve seen small and large companies, as well as small and large devices, get hacked. Sometimes the hacks happen on the cloud side, but too often they come from the device side. Not too long ago we covered a scenario where DVRs, cameras, and more, were all being used as part of a botnet to create attacks against other networks. Karamba Security focuses on protecting those devices.

The hacker’s main objective is to gain control over the device. Once compromised, the intention of the device can be changed. The new intention could be as part of a botnet, like mentioned above, or even more sinister. Take, for example, a connected camera. The intended usage is for the camera to stream video directly to a cloud server, where you can then login and view the video. But, a hacker might have the intention of seeing your camera, either for anti-security or anti-privacy purposes. Being able to get in the middle and prevent that attack in the first place is where Karamba Security fits in.

Too many companies don’t think about security as an important aspect of the product design lifecycle. Either there are no experts within the company or no time resources dedicated to the project. That’s where security controls and systems from experts fit in. In the engineering world, we tend to want to let experts on a particular topic handle those complicated topics. Security is, by far, the most important and the most useful to let security experts handle.

Currently, Karamba Security is working with a number of clients to integrate their technology into over 12 million connected devices. To learn more about their technology, or to engage the company about integrating it into your own project, head over to the Karamba Security website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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