BOON Spotlight provides private and personalized shopping @ CES 2021

BOON Spotlight AI shoppingAt CES 2021, Todd Cochrane sits down to talk to Dylan Grey, founder of BOON, an award-winning startup from the UK that is revolutionizing online shopping with psychological research and AI technology.

The company has built the technology to create a personalized shopping experience using a unique combination of psychology and AI. The startup works with online retailers to deliver engaging experiences and increase their conversion rates, while also guaranteeing complete data control and privacy to the user.

BOON Spotlight leads consumers through a set of fun, image-based questions that use filtering and a psychology-backed AI to give meaningful product recommendations. The service uses groundbreaking AI and powerful filtering to shortlist the best products for each shopper, helping them discover their next purchase. BOON’s technology can be used as a personal shopping assistant or a gift finder. Shoppers can instantly replace any of their recommendations to curate a list of top picks. BOON’s AI continuously learns and improves from feedback like this, so each subsequent shopper gets a better experience and better recommendations.

The majority of consumers say they want better control of their data, but that can be a challenge for conventional tracking-based product recommendation technology. One of the benefits of BOON’s technology is that every consumer controls what data they provide and remains anonymous throughout. They took a new approach when designing their AI, building with privacy-in-mind from the ground up. Through the survey questions, users control what data they provide, and all responses are forgotten as soon as the window is closed – no cookies to track you for months on end.

Research shows that BOON’s technology will increase conversions by up to 85%. BOON has found that consumers love the experience: 96% participants complete all the questions once they start, they are up to 85% more likely to checkout, and they have a 35% larger basket size.

Improve your customers’ experience now by connecting with BOON via their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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