Remote Control Your Hearing Aid From Your Smartphone or Tablet at CES

siemens_logoHearing devices are getting better and better all the time. Chris Montera, the Geekymedic, guest host for Health Tech Weekly talked to the folks from Siemens about their new connected hearing aids and how you can control them and use them in association with other devices like your smartphone and tablet. The controller programs for hearing aids give the user flexibility to dial in their hearing aids to each unique and specific situation in which they find themselves.

The best part of using a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone to control your hearing aids is that you can do it without anyone know that you’re doing it or even revealing that you’re hearing impaired. You’ll just look like you’re texting like anyone else and not fiddling with your ears or holding an odd looking remote control up to your ear. The connection is via bluetooth with the MiniTek remote controls which then communicate with the hearing aids via inductive technology.

These devices are available now and can be found with your local hearing health professionals. For more information and to find a local hearing professional, visit


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