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YubiKey from Yubico Gives You Quick Secure Access to Your Sensitive Information

yubico-logoThe YubiKey from Yubico gives you the ability to login seamlessly and securely with your one-stop secure access key. Yubico is working with the FIDO alliance and U2 tokens to give you web security for your access to a variety of sensitive web materials. The user has a secure user-name and password along with physical USB token, the YubiKey.

The YubiKey can be used with your computers or smartphone. For use in a computer, you can just plugin the USB key into the computer’s USB ports to gain access to your sensitive passwords and usernames. For smartphones, the YubiKey utilizes NFC (Near Field Communications) technology to talk to your smartphone and allow you to surf the web safely. The device offers seamless authentication to your sensitive information online.

The YubiKey is available now on their website Yubico.com and connects with services like LastPass to give you true two factor secure identification and login. It’s available there for $25. The upgraded FIDO enabled version will be coming soon.


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