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WooBloo SMASH puts a smart projector anywhere you need it @ CES 2021

WooBloo SMASH smart projectorThe last 12 months has created an interesting new reliance on entertainment. Being locked in our homes has forced us to look for new ways to spend our free time. A lot of it has driven us onto services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video because there are large libraries of content to help us survive downtime. But, for many people, this has forced them to watch a lot of content on small screens, like phones, tablets, or laptop screens. WooBloo has a new product, called SMASH, which will help with that limitation.

The WooBloo SMASH is a small, portable high definition smart projector. Because of the wireless capabilities, you can take it into any room of the house and watch your content. Take it into the living room and watch a high-profile movie together, or take it into your bedroom and watch a TV show by yourself. You can even take it into the kitchen and use it to cook with your kids, using tutorial videos on the wall.

Unlike other smart projectors we’ve seen, SMASH has removed the biggest limitation on those platforms – software availability. This is because SMASH allows you to use Airplay and Chromecast to push content from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to the screen. In addition, the projector has an HDMI port to allow you to bring other devices, like gaming consoles and streaming sticks, onto the screen. But, you can also get in-built applications to reduce the strain on your other devices.

When WooBloo SMASH is not in use as a projector, it can also be used as a smart speaker, both plugged in and on battery. This is powered by Alexa, giving you access to all of the features of the Alexa digital assistant.

WooBloo SMASH is available now for pre-order on Indiegogo. For more information, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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MicroVision – The Gadget Professor (TPN Picks Best of CES 2020 Award)

MicroVisionThe Gadget Professor awards his TPN Picks Best of CES 2020 Award to MicroVision.

Over the past few years, the cost of projection technology has come down significantly. That has been paired with the size of the technology getting smaller. On Black Friday 2019, we saw pico projectors being offered for less than $100. However, these devices don’t provide a lot of value for most consumers. That’s because the way we interact with our computing technology has changed, as well.

Most people expect the screens in their life to be touch. Nearly all laptops, definitely all phones and tablets, and even a lot of desktop (all-in-one) computers offer touch input. Projection screens, however, still require external input – that is until now. MicroVision has developed the Interactive Projection Engine – a very small hardware array that allows developers to produce devices with touch-enabled projection.

The demo device we got to see allowed for nearly any standard video input and computing output to connect to a device. We saw the projector connected to a phone with impressive touch recognition capabilities. But, the possibilities are endless, especially when connected to a computer. Even in our portable broadcast studio, this projector would make traveling easier, because it would eliminate the need for monitors.

Imagine being a business traveler, maybe you’re a salesperson. You don’t know what your client might have in a conference room. You don’t want to pack a full projector, but the pico projectors tend to be too dim. This technology, however, is laser-powered, making it possible to use it in standard lighting. We even saw it on our wall in the studio with our lighting and the light of the convention center.

The demo device is available for developers through an application. The company is working with manufacturers to produce commercial products based on the technology.

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Flicks Lets You Watch Movies Outdoors

Dashbon logo TwitterHave you ever wanted to watch movies outside during a backyard party or a camping trip? Dashbon, a start up company that makes mobile audio visual products, can turn the idea of outdoor movie watching into a reality. Flicks, the first product from Dashbon, is available now.

Marlo and Todd spoke with CEO of Dashbon, Andrew Lin, at CES 2016. Flicks is an all-in-one, Bluetooth enabled boombox that combines a high-fidelity audio system with a cutting edge 720p HD LED projector. Use it to stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone or to watch movies via HDMI from your smartphone or media devices.

Flicks comes in two models. The 140WH model has a 140Wh built-in lithium-ion battery, 4 hours of movie playtime, 28 hours of Bluetooth music playback, 28 days of standby time, and weighs 6.17 lb (2.8 Kg). The 280WH model has a 280Wh built-in lithium-ion battery, 8 hours of movie playtime, 56 hours of Bluetooth music playback, 56 days of standby time, and weighs 7.72 lb. (3.5 Kg).

Flicks 140WH is priced at $599. Flicks 280WH is priced at $699. Both are available now through Dashbon.com and also through Amazon.

Todd Aune is bridging the technology gap with The Elder Divide.

Marlo Anderson is rounding up the latest technology news at The Tech Ranch.

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Casio GreenSlim Projector with 3,000 Lumen LED Light

Casio came on to the live show to talk about the Casio GreenSlim projector. At 1.7 inches high, this is a great mobile presentation projector.

There is no mercury lamp in the projector. The GreenSlim projector provides 3,000 Lumens of brightness for this 5 pound projector. They use laser and LED light source. They can get 20,000 hours out of this projector. They are also extending the warranty to 5 years. This will give you a 120 inch projection in any lighted room.

The GreenSlim has an instant-on, instant-off. That means no waiting for the lamp to warm up, so you can turn on the projector and start presenting. With VGA, HDMI and composite input, you can get resolutions of XJ 1024×768 and wide XJ at 1280×800.

The Slim line of projectors also runs with a mobile application called Mobishow – You will be able to wirelessly connect via your mobile device straight to the projector.

The GreenSlim starts at $999, but with the longer lasting light, you can see a better return on investment.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Steve Lee of Waves of Tech


iGo Pico Pocket Projector

The Pico pocket projector got an innovation award at CES2011, and for a reason!

iGo has come up with a great mobile solution for those of you who owns a Flip camcorder.  What’s so great about this combination is that this project is so small that it easily fits in your computer bag.

This solution allows you to show off your videos on the go whenever you want without additional equipment. You can show a 70″ display with the Pico. Perfect for the traveling journalist and hobbyist.

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