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The Tactigon wants to ease your computer interactions @ CES 2023

The Tactigon Gesture & Motion ControllerThe way we interact with machines has not changed much over the years. We started with a keyboard and later added a mouse. The mouse was augmented by touch, but only for some purposes. All of this means that the way we use computers today is nearly identical to how we interacted with them 40 years ago. However, the types of machines we interact with have changed significantly, and so it is time that our interactions change too. This is the lofty goal that The Tactigon has in its gesture-based controls.

What is The Tactigon?

The Tactigon is a unique and intriguing gadget. It is a board no bigger than a credit card, equipped with sensors and customizable inputs that allow it to turn any ordinary object into an interactive device with the help of app integration. With no wiring or any particular specific setup, The device seamlessly connects with apps already installed on the user’s mobile device and allows them to integrate the power of motion into their daily computing lives.

What is The Tactigon?

The Tactigon is a unique and intriguing gadget. It is a board no bigger than a credit card, equipped with sensors and customizable inputs that allow it to turn any ordinary object into an interactive device with the help of app integration. The device, when integrated, allows users to interact with their computers or devices without having to touch them.

In addition to the development board, The Tactigon has a fully functional end product called the Tactigon Skin. The controller is held in the hand and allows for simple controls as well as more advanced gestures. Depending on the integrated application, the controls can do different things.

How does The Tactigon change how we use computers?

The Tactigon Skin uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize gestures and accurately interpret them. This allows users to interact with their computers or devices in ways never seen before, like moving objects on the screen in certain directions or performing complex tasks at once in a single gesture. The company’s precision makes it ideal for sophisticated applications that require fine control over the user’s movements.

Furthermore, the product allows you to access digital content with a simple flick of the wrist or turn a page in an ebook in one swift gesture. The Tactigon Skin has been designed to be highly responsive and accurate, ensuring seamless interactions between user and machine so that users can work more efficiently without having to strain their hands.

How does The Tactigon change how we interact with robots?

The Tactigon Skin is not just limited to controlling digital devices but can also be used to control robots and other physical objects. Its accurate gesture recognition allows for precise commands to be sent, allowing for a fluid connection between user and machine. This means that users can make their robots move or perform tasks with a simple flick of a wrist. The controller is also compatible with a range of robots and machines, meaning that it can be used in combination with all kinds of different projects.

The Tactigon Skin is truly revolutionary, changing the way we interact with computers and robots. With its integrated sensors and Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the device offers the best possible data available and helps users to control their machines with smooth and accurate movements. The controller is a man-machine interface that brings the digital world to your fingertips.


The Tactigon Skin is revolutionizing how we interact with our machines, allowing us to use them in ways never seen before. It is a leap into the future of man-machine interaction and promises to make interacting with our computer more natural and intuitive than ever before. The Tactigon Skin allows us to access digital content quickly and accurately, making it easier to focus on the job at hand.

To learn more about The Tactigon, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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Ampy Charges Up Your Devices Just by You Moving Around

AMPY MOVE has found a unique way to help find the energy to keep your smart phone powered throughout the day: your body.

AMPY MOVE is a motion charger that captures kinetic energy from your motion and transforms it into battery power. Co-founder Alex Smith said at CES that one hour of exercise could supply up to five hours of extra smart phone standby battery life. The form-fitting device features an 1800mAH Li-Ion battery and can also be charged from a wall outlet. A second USB port allows the user to charge their smart device from the portable charger.

The product is already available for purchase at getampy.com and retails for $99.

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Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

Motion CL900 Rugged Tablet for Commercial, Industrial


Motion has created a series of scanners and tablets for those in the commercial and industrial areas. Rugged devices for the construction workers, medical professionals and those who need a mobile solution in their jobs can use these tablets to keep up with the work.

The CL900 is one of those tablets. The 2.1 lb tablet contains a 1.5 GHz ATOM processor, 1 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD. The tablet will be available in Q2 for $1000. You can also add other items like Fingerprint readers and mag stripes.

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