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Boxee: TV Tuner Dongle for Boxee Box

Boxee is showing off the new Live TV tuner is a USB dongle that you connect to the Boxee. Plug your cable or antenna to the dongle, and watch your shows from the Boxee box. There is also a social network option to this device that will help you find shows your friends are watching.

The Boxee live TV tuner USB only works on Boxee box. They have put out version 1.5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but also announced they will be moving away from those platforms to focus on the Over the Top TV device.

Boxee Dongle is $49. The Boxee is available at $179

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine


Live CES2011- Killing Wifi Dead Spots and Exploring Boxee Box

Regardless of your home installation skill, you will have some dead spots in wifi coverage. The new D-Link base station with steerable beam antennas virtually eliminates these zones where coverage drops out. D-Link’s Steve Stanzione steps through the fundamentals of wifi access points and answers questions on placement within the home.

Part 2 of the interview is a close up look at the D-Link Boxee Box – the connectors, the remote, and some of the behind the scenes stories on why D-Link chose to add some features, and leave out others.

Not to be lost in the shuffle, the new product line from D-Link aimed at home and small business security have some cool features for monitoring your home and property.

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Boxee Box Defines Over the Top Set-top Box Functionality

A quick look at the D-Link Boxee Box, a premium quality set top box for OTT Over the Top Video, along with the Boxee remote, which features a keyboard on the reverse side, for quick entry of web sites or configuration.  With consumer friendly appearance and packaging, the Boxee software – already a favorite with tech enthusiasts, gets some premium level packaging and design.

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ViewSonic First to Add Boxee Into TV at CES 2011


Eventually, we will have our Over the Top TV solutions right into the TV. It was only a matter of time before a company like Boxee would start to do this. ViewSonic answered that call with the new DT.

Boxee will be integrated in the TV, plug in Ethernet and go. It also frees up your HDMI 1 port. The ViewSonic TV already has 4 HDMI1 ports, so you can connect up multiple devices.

The TV is expected to be out by June.

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