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ViewSonic Shows off Its Tablets and 3D Cameras

Todd Cochrane spoke to Adam Hanin, VP Marketing Viewsonic Corp. He talked about a couple of products that ViewSonic is introducing this year. The first was the Viewpad 7 which is a 7 inch Android 2.2 Tablet. It has both a front facing and rear facing camera. The rear facing camera is in the middle. It is a wifi device, but it does have a sim card slot and if you have a sim card from a certain phone company, it can act as a phone. He also showed off the Viewpad 4 which is a 4.1 inch Android phone device. It has a Qualcom dual core processor and is very fast. It has a 5 megapixel camera and 2G of memory. it is coming in June and should be around $400.

He also showed off the Viewfun 3DSnap camera. It has dual 5-megapixel lens which permits shooting in 3D. It supports a camera resolution up to 12-megapixels in regular 2D. It has an auto-stereo screen, which allows you to take 3D pictures with out wearing the 3D glasses. The included software will convert the picture to red blue which with the included glasses allows you to view the pictures in 3D on any device. It uses a standard SD card. it will be available in Q1 2011 for around $149.99. He also quickly mentioned the Viewfun 3D Pocket which does video and stills. Which is available now for around $179.99. Finally the Viewfun 3D Pocket HD, which does 60 frames a second, 1080p, 3D video and will be available in early Q2 for around $199.99.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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ViewSonic First to Add Boxee Into TV at CES 2011


Eventually, we will have our Over the Top TV solutions right into the TV. It was only a matter of time before a company like Boxee would start to do this. ViewSonic answered that call with the new DT.

Boxee will be integrated in the TV, plug in Ethernet and go. It also frees up your HDMI 1 port. The ViewSonic TV already has 4 HDMI1 ports, so you can connect up multiple devices.

The TV is expected to be out by June.

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