Smarter FridgeCam helps to prevent spoiled and wasted food @ CES 2023

Smarter FridgeCam prevent food wasteNo one likes to find spoiled food in the fridge, especially when you are expecting to prepare a meal. Food waste these days is not something that should happen, especially for families with several children, as the price of groceries seems to be increasing on a daily basis. However, it can be a challenge to remember when you bought certain items, and certain to know how long each item lasts. This is where the Smarter FridgeCam and Smarter FoodCam come in.

What is Smarter FridgeCam?

The Smarter FridgeCam is a camera that goes either on the fridge door or the door shelf. It takes pictures every time you open or close the fridge door. Using those photos, FridgeCam will tell you what’s in there and if it needs to be tossed.

The camera then pairs with the app that works with deep learning algorithms that detect what is there and when
it was added. Using that information, the system can determine the freshness of each item and whether or not it’s time to use it up or throw it away. This is great for managing easily spoiled items, such as yogurt and milk, but also veggies that get lost in the back of the fridge.

What is Smarter FoodCam?

The FoodCam is a smart item that goes in your cupboards to help keep track of non-perishable food items. The camera is the smaller sibling to the FridgeCam, but is designed to go into your cupboards, rather than the refrigerator. Because of the warmer environment, the camera uses a smaller battery, since rechargeable batteries lose power in cold environments.

The camera adds to your kitchen management, allowing you to keep track of items such as soups, bread, cereals, and more. These can often be the forgotten parts of our kitchens since they are more hidden away from us than even the items in the fridge. People try to use them well past their expiration date because they simply don’t know when they bought them or when they go bad.

How can you use the data?

One of the connected aspects of the system is Kitchen Sync. This feature allows you to connect various inputs, including the data from your cameras, but also smart speakers, like Alexa. In addition to knowing when it’s time to buy milk because of the expiration date, you can also enter data using Alexa, saying, “Alexa, I need milk” and she will add it to your shopping list.

This feature is great for when you are going to be using more than usual, such as around the holidays. It’s also helpful if you’re about to get into baking, where you would need more eggs, milk, etc.

In addition, the system integrates with Chefling, which Smarter recently acquired. Chefling is an app that helps you find and execute recipes. When integrated with Smarter and KitchenSync, it helps you to use up your food by suggesting recipes with what’s available so your food doesn’t spoil and go to waste.


It will be available for pre-order soon. The cost is $99.00 for the FridgeCam and $69.00 for the FoodCam. For more information go to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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