VersaWare helps you eat healthy while saving time @ CES 2023

VersaWare Healthy Eating TechVersaWare is on a mission to help you get healthy and save time. They provide users with a culinary ecosystem that is tailored specifically to their health goals. Their recipe-AI and real-time nutrition breakdowns make it easy to create healthy meals quickly and efficiently. With VersaWare, you can finally achieve your health goals without sacrificing your time!

What is VersaWare?

VersaWare is an AI-powered platform that puts the power of a personal chef in the hands of everyone. Through their AI-based recipe engine, VersaWare helps users create delicious, healthy meals quickly and efficiently. Their nutritional breakdowns help you track your daily caloric intake and easily adjust dietary preferences to meet specific health goals. From fresh ingredients to detailed recipes, to meal plans and nutrition guidance, VersaWare’s culinary ecosystem has everything you need for healthy eating success.

How does VersaWare work?

VersaWare combines the power of AI with physical kitchen gadgets to help you prepare healthy food that tastes great and, most importantly, that you’ll enjoy. This pairing is the secret ingredient to their own corporate recipe. By using smart kitchen items, the platform is able to help you go through recipes to ensure that you are only using the quantity of ingredients that you are supposed to.

Why is this important? Because counting calories only works if you are able to be accurate about it. If a recipe calls for 1/4 pound of ground beef, but you accidentally use 1/3 pound, then the number of calories you will get from the meal is larger. Similarly, the fat intake will increase. Quantifying your ingredients like this allows you to have a very accurate log of your food.

Currently, the company is focusing on two kitchen implements: a smart mixing bowl and a smart cutting board. The decision was made to focus here because they are items that everyone uses and have a large impact. Both items are able to weigh what is put into them and, combined with the information entered by the user about what is being used, the system can calculate an incredibly accurate nutritional matrix for the meal.

Of course, as they are intended for the kitchen, both items are easily washable and waterproof. Both connect to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi to allow tracking and ingredient steps. And, the system was a recipe AI to help you plan out what you want to eat while still being healthy.

Who is VersaWare for?

VersaWare is the perfect solution for busy people who want to get healthy without sacrificing their time. With VersaWare, you can create tasty dishes quickly and easily while also tracking your nutrition intake. VersaWare’s culinary ecosystem makes meal planning simple and efficient, so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the food that you make. Get healthy and save time with VersaWare!

VersaWare products are in a beta phase with a few products in testers’ hands. The company plans to finalize production and bring the devices to market in the Summer of 2023. To join the waitlist or to learn more about the product line, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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