Sharvy: The digital solution to shared spaces in a company @ CES 2022

Sharvy resource managementIn these times of chaos, many companies are turning to telecommuting as a way to keep their employees safe. However, with so many people now returning to the office, it can be difficult to find an open parking spot, a desk in the office, or an available conference room. Sharvy is here to help! It’s is a digital solution that allows employees to reserve parking spaces, workstations, and cafeteria spots in advance. This will make it easier for employees to find a spot when they come into the office, and will also support new hybrid working methods.

What exactly is Sharvy?

Sharvy is an all-in-one application that allows employees to book a parking space, a workstation, and/or a spot at the cafeteria. Sharvy is available as both a desktop and mobile app, so it can be used anywhere. The goal of the company is to make it easier for employees to reserve spots and support new hybrid working methods.

Sharvy can manage resources such as parking spaces, workstations, and cafeteria spots. This gives companies a better look at what is being used and what is not to reallocate resources. For example, if the company sees that the parking garage is almost always full, they can move more employees to work from home. Or, if a conference space isn’t being used, it can be converted into a recreational area.

Sharvy is for anyone who works in a company with shared spaces. This includes employees, managers, and executives. Sharvy can help companies manage their resources more efficiently and make it easier for employees to find open spots when they come into the office thereby increasing their productivity and making it a more enjoyable environment to work in.

How can offices put Sharvy to use?

There are many different ways that Sharvy can be used in an office. Sharvy can help with:
One of the biggest issues that Sharvy can address is parking. With the platform, employees can reserve a parking space in advance. This will help to reduce the amount of time spent looking for a spot to park, which can be very frustrating and cause them to start out the day in a bad mood.

Space within the office can also be at a premium. For example, desk space in an open floor plan can be an issue. Sharvy allows employees to book a workstation in advance, which will help to reduce the frustration of not being able to find an open desk, an issue that often leads to drops in productivity. Another resource in offices that is scarce is conference rooms. Everyone wants one at the same time, so some end up without. Sharvy allows you to find an open room or book one ahead of time so you can plan your day efficiently. No more hoping that there is somewhere to present the next big idea.

If your company has a cafeteria environment, you might also struggle to find space in there. Lunch meetings have become a normal part of the business day, especially for those in sales. Being able to reserve part of the cafeteria in which to have your meeting can remove some of the stress of a lunch meeting.


Sharvy is currently available to companies as both a desktop and a mobile app. Prices are determined per managed resource, as opposed to per user. To learn more about the platform, to get a demo, or to sign up, you can go to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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