iStaging is bringing the conference feel into the virtual @ CES 2021

iStaging virtual conference platformVirtual reality, and its flat-screen equivalent, have seen an increase in popularity in recent years. One of the places that we have seen this technology take a strong position has been in real estate. The ability to virtually explore a new house, apartment, or condo ahead of a visit can help prevent spending time seeing a place that doesn’t fit your needs. iStaging started in that space, but has recognized a new need and is applying its technology to this new market.

The new market in need of virtual space technology is trade shows, like CES itself. Some shows have taken a simplistic approach, where it’s more like browsing a standard website. Some shows, though, have looked to keep the feeling of an in-person event while still being virtual. That is where iStaging’s new offering is really standing out. The app creates virtual meeting venues and experiences by putting control in the hands of the owner.

The system is designed to give full control to the conference owners. There are no hard and fast pre-existing layouts that you are forced to conform to, making it different from in-person events. You can create DaVinci-era open-air amphitheaters for presentations. You can create custom presentation spaces for each exhibitor. You can even create a virtual meet-and-greet area, where people can walk around and meet other attendees. In fact, you could even create a “chill zone” featuring music, artwork, and more.

Obviously, nothing is going to replicate the feeling and energy of a traditional conference in every way. However, with technology like iStaging’s virtual expo venues, we can get as close as possible. If you are planning a virtual event and are looking for a VR-style experience, you can learn more about features, processes, and pricing by heading to the iStaging website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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