Boss Insights is bringing investment data to private companies

Boss Insights Private Investment DataFor almost any company to grow, investment is a key to success. For public companies, investors can easily get the information they need to make an informed decision because their information is, by definition, public. However, for investors to get information about a private company, they need to interact directly with that company. It also means that they are subject to the information that is presented to them. Boss Insights is bringing the benefits of public information to private investors.

Using data connectors, Boss Insights can hook into a wide variety of data producing platforms, such as accounting software, customer relationship platforms, and more. By combining this data, the platform can provide similar insights into a private company that investors would need to make a smart decision. Investors often compete with one another, especially when choosing to invest in a high profile company. That competition can cause investors to over offer funds, take less equity in trade, or simply make hasty offers. With the edge that data can give to these investors, they can prevent those hasty decisions.

For startups, working with Boss Insights can also provide a lot of value. Not only does it bring attention and trust between investors and the company, but it can also reveal information to improve their operations. In the startup world, most people have multiple roles, and people can be in a position for which they have less than optimal training. Some of that knowledge gap can be filled by an AI-powered platform that reveals cracks in the foundation or places for improvement. If it is a red flag for an investor, it should be a red flag for the company’s management.

Boss Insights is available now for startups and investors to use. For more information on the platform or to sign up for an account, head over to their website.

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