Curiato is helping to prevent bedsores and other skin problems

Curiato Smart Bed SheetsIt’s hard to believe that, with all of the technology in a modern hospital, or even in our smartwatches, the part of the body that is completely ignored is our skin. This is despite our skin being the largest organ of the body and the first line of defense that we have against disease and injury. Patients all over the world enter medical facilities for other issues, but develop skin issues while there, all because it is difficult to track. Fortunately, Curiato noticed this problem and has developed a product to help solve it.

The company has developed a smart bedsheet, which is capable of detecting pressure, temperature, and humidity. With those 3 data points, the platform can detect, predict, and prevent injuries like bedsores. While everyone has heard of bedsores, almost no one knows exactly how big the problem of skin issues is. In North America alone, 7 people die every hour from skin issues like bedsores. Yes, you read that right: 7 people die every hour from fairly easily preventable skin issues. However, detection has always been the problem, but Curiato helps to fill that skill gap.

While bedsores may be where the company is starting, they believe that the technology can be used for far more. The intention is to use the platform as a marketplace of ideas and applications. Using the data collected by the existing hardware, other applications can use it, combine it with other data, and make even more powerful platforms. Imagine if the patient management system that helps run an assisted living facility could have Curiato built-in directly. If a patient doesn’t move for an extended period, an ALF employee could be alerted to prevent a permanent or life-threatening injury.

The platform is currently in clinical trials and they hope to begin rolling it out soon. For more information, check out the company’s website.

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