Granthika brings continuity management to authors of fiction

Granthika Fiction Author ToolsFor authors of fiction, several issues can make the experience challenging. Some of those issues end up making the final work frustrating for the reader. We’ve all gotten into reading a book series or watched a television series in which a known fact, about a character or a location, is contradicted – not because of plot development, but because of the difficulty of maintaining the details of a universe that doesn’t exist (did Michael Scott go to college or not?!). For those writers who want to prevent this issue, there is Granthika.

Normally, writers keep a notebook or a separate document with the individual details of the development of the world or universe being created. However, no one is ever able to maintain all of the details. When did two characters first meet? Who started working at Dunder Mifflin first: Jim or Pam? These types of questions can take the reader or watcher out of the action, but Granthika can help prevent it. Using natural language processing, the software can essentially read a book and begin to build a timeline and fact database for the author.

While this is great for a solo author, it has a particular value for a universe with multiple authors. It doesn’t matter if it is two authors working together on a book, or an open-source universe like Isaac’s Universe, created by Isaac Asimov and contributed to by authors all over the world. When a rule is created, or experience documented, that data can be shared with the other authors, to prevent continuity issues or storylines based on false accounts.

Granthika is currently in an open beta phase, and an author can try it out today. To get in on the beta, or to find out more about the software, check out the Granthika website.

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