FarCloser Travel allows adventurers to experience a whole new world

FarCloser Travel AdventuresFor some, travel is a simple function of exploring somewhere that is not home. They travel to a city and explore the local hot spots and tourist experiences. For others, it’s a more specialized experience designed to get to experience life in a new location. They find big tours that explore sights that most people never get the opportunity to see. For those adventurers, there is FarCloser Travel a platform that allows travelers to find and book exciting experiences.

There are talented local guides in every location around the world. They know the area like no one else and can provide experiences that are unmatched. But, there are also risks involved. How do you know that the listing you are reading is legitimate? What happens when you wire the money internationally? Did they get it? Most importantly, when you get to the meeting location, will there be anyone there to meet you? All of these examples are real-world and happen more often than is fair to these adventurers. FarCloser Travel makes all of those concerns a thing of the past, giving safety and security to both parties.

For travelers, you now have one place to find and explore in-depth experiences all over the globe. Some can be short, like a 2 day Lake Nakuru Safari in Nairobi. Others can be more involved, like 8 days in Kilimanjaro Marangu in Moshi. Once you find the experience you want, you can pay directly through the platform, and the money is held in escrow. The guide can only get the money once the experience has been delivered. This protects the traveler, their safety, and their money.

For the guide, it brings a new way of discovery for their excursions, allowing these guides to make more money and bring their experiences to more people. It also eliminates the negotiation and trepidation that travelers have to deal with people they do not know.

To learn more about the platform and explore the experiences available, check out their website.

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