Bee My Ears brings market research capabilities to small artists

Bee My Ears Indie Musician PlatformBeing an independent musician can be incredibly difficult. Signed artists have the weight of a publisher behind them, giving them access to tools and processes to expand the reach of their music. Without those tools, indie artists struggle to get useful feedback about their music, as well as finding new avenues for listeners to learn about them. Bee My Ears is trying to help bring some of these tools to the artists that need them the most.

There are three tiers to the platform, with all offering the most important aspect for artists: feedback. Listeners are given access to the music provided by the artists and are then asked to complete a survey about what they have heard. This survey allows artists to know what the public likes and, more importantly, what they do not. This gives the artist the ability to adjust their style to respond to the feedback, hopefully without abandoning what makes them who they are as an artist.

For more detailed information, the upper tiers expand the depth of the survey and, with it, the type of information available. For example, artists can get information on whether or not the music they are hearing would make sense to be paired with particular brands. Some music is obvious, referencing the brand by name, while others are more subtle. For example, the inclusion of MC Chris’s Hoodie Ninja in a Honda Civic commercial was far from obvious but was a good match in the end. You can also gain the feedback of professionals in both the music industry and in advertising, helping to pair music with brands on an even higher level.

Bee My Ears is currently in testing in Brazil, with plans to expand the reach in time. To find out more about the platform, check out their website.

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