Crazy Cool New Sport, You Can Go Big or Huge

Furrion mech robotEverybody loves robots. And what’s better than a robot? An absolutely humongous robot. But make no mistake, this large, robot-looking mega machine is not a robot. It’s a Mech.

Along with their other product lines here at CES 2018, Furrion is highlighting their Exo-Bionics Division while presenting Prosthesis. This is the world’s first, purposely built, off road racing Mech. Standing 15 feet tall, it is a human piloted machine that is intended for competitive sport. With its four (huge) legs, it was designed with the experience of the pilot in mind. None of the controls are automated. There are no gyros. It is completely dependent upon the skill of the pilot.

With this flagship project, they are looking to form a full fledged league, called The X1 Mech Racing League. At this stage, they are perfecting the Mech, and figuring out the format of the competitions, as there are many directions that they can go with the sport. As they learn more and figure out all of the capabilities of the machine, they will be able to fine tune the actual sport.

The next stage is to start seeking investment partners and sponsors, as well as professional athletes to get in there and actually start bringing up the performance level of the machine from an engineering and pilot skill perspective. And as they continue to develop the technology, they can move forward towards improvement of mobile electric power sources.

For more information, please check out their website.

Interview by Jacob Cannon of FIRST Looks.
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