Energize Your Tunes with Sound That You Will Treasure

Nahimic headphones softwareAlready a name in the gaming world, Nahimic has now produced software to take the sound from your computer/laptop to incredible heights. This processing and software is aimed at sound correction. They want to make the sound from your games, music and videos better and to also make it 3D.

All speakers and headphones, no matter how expensive, contain some degree of default, especially when connected to a computer. Nahimic’s software will measure and automatically correct for these defaults, no matter how big or small. They accomplish this via a full database of every device built in. The software is installed onto your computer, and once the listening device is detected, it makes the digital corrections instantly. This technology, which is now available for macOS and directly to consumers, improves the sound of the internal speakers or any speaker or headphones that you use. It can increase the volume over 100% and give a full dynamic 3D sound as if you were in a home theater, rather than on a regular pair of headphones.

This software is due to launch in Q2 2018 and will have an annual subscription fee of $34.99.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.
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