Captivated by the Invasion with the Head Monster

Monster SuperStar speakersThis year’s Monster Takeover was nothing short of a Sound Invasion and we were so excited to be front and center for all of the fun at CES 2018! It kicked off with the press conference that showcased the new and exciting products for this year. Then, during the show itself, getting to see everything in action at the Monster Booth in Central Hall, including the Pure Monster Sound that has been integrated into the Volkswagen R. Also at the booth, we were lucky enough to chat with Peter Miller and then see Iggy Azalea when she stopped by to say Hi to the press and take a brief tour of the booth.

But the definite highlight of the show for us was getting to speak with the Head Monster himself, Noel Lee, before the Monster Concert featuring Joe Perry and Friends. After Noel took a few minutes to address the crowd at the pre-show cocktail party and give a first-hand look at the whole lineup, including the Expanded Blaster Family, he took a few minutes to sit down with us to discuss the new Monster SuperStar Series. With the S200 speaker in hand, Noel discussed the features that makes this line of speakers outstanding. For example, V Sound, which plays from both sides of the speaker to provide an all encompassing sound at any angle, and Monster Talk which allows you to request any song (or genre) from any of the streaming services, or from your own playlist, instantaneously. And we love the aesthetics of the line. They fit in with the Blaster Series just like family, which is exactly how Noel and the entire crew at Monster make us feel.

If you’d like to be a part of the family as well, pick out which SuperStar(s) would best fit into your lifestyle, starting at just $59. Take it from us, you will love the way they sound!!

SuperStar S100
SuperStar S200
SuperStar S300

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.
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