A New Soundbar with Beautiful, Crisp Sound

ZVOX AudioIt seems every time you turn around nowadays, there are new TV’s and new sound bars being unveiled. Each boasting of the newest features and cutting edge technology. So when we tell you that we ran across another new sound bar at CES this year you’ll probably think, “No big deal, right?” Well, in this case you’d be wrong. ZVOX Audio came up with a solution for millions of viewers who have a hard time differentiating the dialog from the rest of the soundtrack in their shows.

In speaking with CEO Tom Hannah, we discovered that there is an epidemic in this country of people who can’t understand what is being said on tv. This is due to a few factors. First, sound mixing technology has changed with the emphasis being on drama, not voice quality. Second, television sets keep slimming down leaving no room for good speakers. Third, there are 95 million baby boomers in this country who listened to their fair share of loud music at concerts and through headphones.

The ZVOX AccuVoice speaker has hearing aid technology built in, making it much easier to understand what’s being said. Even at low volumes, the technology brings the voices forward without affecting the rest of the soundtrack. Customer reviews include high ratings and kudos for meeting expectations in sound quality.

The AccuVoice speaker is currently available for $249 from ZVOX and Best Buy.

Interview by Allante Sparks of PLuGHiTz Live Special Events for the Tech Podcast Network.

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