SnailGames Brings Us Independent Open Source Console Gaming host Nick DiMeo was excited to see Tim Hesse from come by the Tech Podcast Network booth at CES 2015 this year. He and Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis were manning the live studio booth when Tim came by to talk about the latest advances from SnailGames.

Snail Games was the first 3D online game development company in China, and continues to pioneer in the industry after over a decade of success.  Recognized as one of the world´s top game developers and employing a development team of over 3,000, Snail Games endeavors to be the premier creators of virtual worlds, designing rich, engaging experiences for their players.

The company takes pride in its global approach, building relationships with international gaming companies and earning accolades four years in a row with the China Cultural Games Overseas Development Award.  Progressive, inclusive, and completely cutting edge, Snail Games is poised to expand at a rapid rate in online free-to-play games, mobile gaming and beyond.

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