Oomi Hits CES 2015 With Home Automation Gateway

OOMI-home-automation-security-privacyOomi home automation president Chris Hall stops by the TPN.tv Tech Podcast Network Live booth at CES 2015 to chat with Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic about their recent new releases. Oomi makes your home smarter, easier with a home that looks after itself, intelligently. Oomi provides you a smart home solution that you can install yourself, simply. A smart home that you can control, anywhere. A home that learns how you use it, automatically.

Chris demonstrates the ease of pairing the Oomi Cube base station to a mobile device or tablet. Once you live in the smart home you have a home that’s perfect when you wake up. You have a home that’s perfect when you walk in the door and a home that manages itself, gets to know us, and makes life much easier. It’s not a new idea, but smart homes haven’t actually been smart before. That changes now.

Introducing Oomi, the first smart home system that is truly easy to setup and that is truly intelligent.

Oomi is the first smart home system that is truly easy to setup. It’s also the first that learns how you use your home and then manages it for you.


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