Intro: Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine for Tech Podcast CES Coverage

Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine here. I hope you all are having a great holiday season. Our season is full of discovery and excitement as we unwrap the biggest gift the week after the new year.

Our CES coverage is the best gift not only to us, but also to all of you. We are planning a major event that includes the return to the NBC Universal stage for 2 – 1 hour shows.

The excitement is building. We hope to see and hear from you as we build up the CES 2011 action!

Name: Jeffrey Powers

Website: Geekazine, Day in Tech History

Years as CES TPN talent: 3rd year

Favorite video from CES: Vuzix from CES2009

Favorite moment from CES: Lenovo after party with Rob Blatt meeting Tom Merritt, Blackfeathers, Colleen from TWIT (now Google) and many other social media stars.

Interesting fact: Before Jeffrey leaves his hotel room, he places his business card on page 119 of the Bible. Why page 119? It’s actually his birth date.

Expectations of CES 2011: I believe we will see a lot of Application TV, as well as tablet computing.