TPN: The On-Air Team Grows Larger

More products, More Coverage from the Tech Podcast Network.  And more bloopers.

This is the sixth year of CES coverage by the Tech Podcast Network. And in addition to the live stream coverage that we will be providing from our booth on the show floor, viewers (and listeners!) will have some new personalities adding their perspective on the events.

More Personalities: Familiar faces Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central, Andy McCaskey of SDRNews, and Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine are joined by some new on-air personalities: Esbjorn Larsen of Mr. Netcast, Tom Newman of Fogview,and Karl Susman of Westside Gadget Guy.

Guaranteed Comedy: Nothing makes CES video coverage more interesting than doing it live for the entire show. You can be sure that the on-air interaction with guests, passers-by and the live audience at CES is going to have some interesting moments. As we mix it up, teaming seasoned TPN hosts with new guys, are going to make our fair share of on-air bloopers. And.. you heard it here first… I’ll bet that Todd, Jeffrey and Andy get caught more often than the new team.